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Two Weeks (2)

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After our little river escapade Emma and I walked back to my house completely nude and care free. It wasn't too bad, I live in a small neighborhood and most people were still at work. We walked in and I handed her a towel.

Emma: So what are we going to shop for tomorrow?

Me: Well since you are horny as hell I'm going to take you to a sex shop!

Emma: Wouldn't be that awkward?

Me: What would be awkward?

Emma: Well for 1) two women shopping for sex toys. 2) Being seen by people entering and exiting with bags from said sex store and 3) For being family!

Me: No. You shouldn't be embarrassed by your sexuality or wanting to increase your sexual pleasure. Also you and I have always masturbated together ever since you taught me.

Emma: I don't know... Well what are we going to watch?

Me: How about we watch a porno! Bring our self's to some orgasms then we'll go to bed, how doe's that sound?

Emma: Sounds great!

Me: Pick anyone and turn off the lights.

As she puts in the movie she turns off the lights she turns around. In pitch black with the only light source is the tv I see something glowing. Her nipple piercings are glowing!

Me: Ha, ha, ha those are so cool!

Emma: What?

Me: Your nipple piercings glow in the dark! that's hot!

Emma: Yeah! they also have some for your pussy.

Me: I might have to get my nipples done.

As the movie is playing we start lightly rubbing our clits Emma's eyes are glued to the tv. Mine are going back and forth between the tv and her nipples. We started to go a little faster and I moved and laid back on the arm of the chair and faced Emma. She looks at me and does the same.

I start rubbing faster and harder while watching her beautiful tits move up and down in her heavy breathing. I pinch my nipples and start fingering my pussy as I look up and down Emma's stunning body. When I noticed her pulling hard on her nipple piercing and is fingering her ass hole.

She start moaning and groaning and wincing in pain and pleasure. At the sight of this I start cumming *fap, fap, fap, fap* my pussy starts contracting around my fingers and out shots a hand full of white cum. I look at it at my hand and instead of eating it like I normally do I reach over and insert my fingers into Emma's pussy. This instantly sent her over the edge.

Emma: Aw mmmmmmmmm god... yes! tug on my other piercing!

I pull on her piercing.

Emma: Ohhh... pull o-out

I take my fingers out and she erupts! her pussy starts squirting pussy juices all over me. From my stomach to my face I get nothing but warm cum all over. I sit there in awe.

Me: How did you do that!?

She lays there in complete exhaustion and starts giggling.

Emma: Wow... What do you mean?

Me: Your pussy just shot cum all over me. I'm covered in your juices... You taste great by the way!

Emma: I've always been able to squirt and thank you! here let me help you clean yourself up.

She takes two fingers puts them in my pussy. I gasp in pleasure as she drags her fingers from my pussy to my clit up to my stomach giving my little orgasms. She licks her fingers clean.

Emma: mmmmmm!

She then gets closer and starts sucking my nipples clean.

Emma: You're right I do taste good.

Me: I noticed you like anal play and pain?

Emma: I love fingering my ass an I do love a little pain. Well I'm exhausted where do I sleep.

Me: You can sleep with me there's no sheets on the the guest bed.

As we crawl into bed we snuggle and fall asleep spooning and greeting ready for the next day.

More will cum.



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