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Two Guys in Men's Room Strokin'

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I work in two departments at the school division administration office. The main job I do is manage the in-office print shop and the other is part-time with the computer techs office as an in-house tech (as the office is located in another of the firms buildings).

Anyway, one of the assistant superintendants (who is also really my boss) and I are good pals both at work and outside of work time. Just yesterday, he calls me into his office as I was walking by and says 'Listen, would you like to go to a concert tomorrow night. The wife and I have tickets, but we can't go now. If you want them they are yours. The tickets will get you into the venue and you will be sitting in the corporate box that my brother's company owns.'

So, I thought about it for a few seconds and said 'sure, I'll take them.' He said he'd bring them in with him the next day (today). I walked off to my work station and right away called up a good friend of mine, Betsy, to see if she was free to join me (I didn't feel like going and not knowing anyone or having someone to talk with).

Anyway, I had a voicemail from Betsy later in the day and she said she'd go and to call her that night to make plans.

I got into work this morning late, had a meeting with a supplier we use in the print shop and when I walked past the reception area, Alison (the receptionist) says 'Oh Jim, Brett wants to see you.' I thanked her and went on my way to my work area and then to Brett's office. He wasn't there but his secretary told me he had to go to one of the schools and handed me the tickets, which he had left with her to get to me.

I raced straight home after office hours ended today and grabbed a quick shower then changed for the concert. As I was walking out to my car, I called Besty (as we had arranged the previous night) to tell her I was on my way and would be at her house in twenty minutes. When I pulled up, she was already waiting by the curb and climbed in. We went and caught a quick dinner near to where the concert was and then walked down to the venue.

Once inside and through the line, we searched out the way to the boxes and found the one we were sitting in. As we walked in, this one guy from the group gets up and says 'Hiya, I'm Rob, Brett's brother, he told me you were coming.' Then we met the others and chatted until the concert started.

Well, as you may know, in those corporate boxes you get just about anything and everything you want and it's all free. So, after drinks and even snacks the old bladder was full. I excused myself and left the box to find a men's room. I ended up in the main concourse area and finally found some washrooms. For the longest time through the evening I had been feeling very horny and was also feeling my cock was hard. I don't know why though, hadn't been thinking of anything sexual at all. Once at the urinal and doing what I had to do, I slightly stroked it and it responded. Just then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed to my right a guy standing a couple of urinals over looking in my direction.

So, I looked over and it was this Mike guy, one of Rob's pals I had met in the box. He took out his cock (to piss also, why else would he be there). But he didn't step to the urinal though, instead he started to stroke his hardening cock right there in the open for me and any other guy that would walk in to see. As he was, he says 'I see you feel the same way as me, judging by that monster of a boner you got. Sorry for looking.' I laughed and said 'Oh no probs, yeah I do feel awefully horny' and started to jerk off also. We did this for who knows how long, but was probably only a few minutes. Then suddenly we heard the door creak and four men's voices.

We both looked at each other and said 'Must be intermission!' Rob, never let up stroking or even tried to hide his erection, looked over and said 'Quick let's get into the stall and one of us hide by kneeling on the toilet.' So we went in and he locked the door and then stood there as if he was using it. Then more guys came in and we just stayed where we were and didn't say anything. Once the room cleared out and it was just the two of us again, he picked up the pace on stroking his cock and I did also and it wasn't too long after that we both came. We ended up shooting all over the toilet seat and the floor. We wiped up the remaining cum off our dicks with toilet paper and put them away. After we washed up, we went back to the box and caught the second set.

After the show ended, Besty and I were walking to the lot where I had parked, she said 'what happened to ya back there, you were gone for a long time?' I looked over and said 'Well, it was very busy in that men's room and I had to wait'. I think she bought it. If only she really knew what happened!

I dropped her off at home and waited til she was inside before carrying on. As I pulled away from in front of her house, I suddenly started to think about stroking off with Rob and became hard again. As I drove, I ended up pulling my hard cock out again and slowly stroked it all the way home. Even doing it at at least three traffic lights with cars on either side of me. I got to my street, turned into my drive, stopped and came all over my hand and the steering wheel and the seat too.

All in all, it was a fun night!!



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