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Two Firsts

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My best friend Melissa and I were both thirteen at the time and I remember it as if it had just happened yesterday. We were both fully into puberty and all we did was talk about boys and our bodies. Several times we took our talks a bit further and did some exploring with each other. Then, one Saturday afternoon Melissa's mom was called into work which was rather unusual. Her dad was already at work. All her mom told us as I visited was 'don't burn the house down.'

Shortly after she left we started our exploring. We completely undressed and laid on her bed and started kissing. We both knew about tongue kissing and we did that for a few minutes. Then Melissa suggested we play with each others tits. At one point I touched her nipple and she told me that it made her feel tingly between her legs. I continued touching her nipple and then the other nipple. I could really tell she was getting excited. I asked her to touch mine and she did. I quickly felt what she was talking about around my pussy. I said, 'let's see how this feels' and I put one of her nipples into my mouth and played with it with my tongue. Melissa didn't want me to stop. She then did the same to my nipples.

We spent quite a bit of time rubbing and tongueing each others nipples and then Melissa asked if she could touch my pussy. I told her yes and she started to squeeze the outer lips of my pussy. She also pulled lightly on my pussy hair. This was not doing much for me until I felt her fingers enter the inside of my lips. We were both amazed that I was so wet and Melissa concluded it was because of what we were doing. She began moving her fingers around and you could hear the wet sounds. Then by accident she rubbed over my clit. I immediately felt sensations going through me and all around my pussy. This really felt good and I told her to keep rubbing in the same spot. It probably took about three minutes but I finally had an orgasm.

I will never forget that first time that I felt the physical sensations. It was wonderful and I remember the expression on Melissa's face. She asked me what happened and I said, 'let me show you' and I stuck my fingers into her pussy and started to rub. I quickly found the little fleshy knob that I now know was her clit and I just knew that this was the spot. I continued rubbing and Melissa was pushing her hips up and down and saying stuff out loud. She also grabbed her own nipples and twisted them until I thought she would hurt herself. Melissa then had her first orgasm. Melissa said that we should get a shower because we both smelled. We took a shower together and felt each others bodies some more.

We continued to remain good friends as we got older and then both of us graduated HS and went off to college. Our communication became less and less. We both got home last June and we were now twenty years old. I drove over to her house and she was home alone. We talked for quite awhile and vowed not to stop our communication and expecially our long-time friendship. Melissa then brought up our sexual experience of seven years ago. We talked about how it was so wonderful and the first time for both of us.

I then saw that look in Melissa's eye and I just knew what she was thinking. I smiled at her and that was all she needed. Melissa took me by my hand and led me to her bedroom where we re-enacted that day seven years ago and a bit more. Once again, it was wonderful. Neither of us had ever had a sexual experience with a girl or woman other that our first at thirteen. Melissa asked me if I would like to do it again before we leave and go back to school. I was thrilled with the idea and immediately told her 'yes.'



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