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Twin Sisters

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Twin Sisters
I was so happy to find your site and read about people masturbating, especially women. As a woman I have always enjoyed masturbating and I really believe lots of other women also enjoy it but are not as open about it as guys are. I hope this will encourage other woman to be more open and share their experiences.
I discovered around age 12 that rubbing my pussy caused some really great feelings. I don't remember exactly what I was doing when I figured that out or when but I do know that for several days I would play with myself when I would to go to the bathroom to pee.
As much as I wanted to there was no way I was going to be able to relax and lie in bed at night and play with myself. You see I have a twin sister and we slept together. I finally decided if I was going to be able to masturbate without slipping around and doing it in the bathroom I was going to have to tell my sister about it. That night after we went to bed I asked her if she ever touched herself down there. She admitted she did. I asked her if it felt good when she touched herself and she answered yes. I found out she had been doing the same thing in the bathroom that I had been doing. I suggested that we touch ourselves while lying in bed together. So we immediately slipped our panties off and lay there with our legs spread playing with ourselves. While we were doing it my sister started grunting as if something was wrong. When I asked her what was wrong, she said nothing was wrong. That it was feeling good and all of a sudden it felt really great, much better than it did when she first started.
After she calmed down she lay there listening to me as I played with myself and all of a sudden it hit me. I felt like my pussy was on fire and all of a sudden my entire body started jerking and it felt like my pussy exploded. I was making so much noise my sister put her hand over my mouth. What a delicious feeling. Neither of us realized it at the time but we had just had our first orgasms.
From that night forward we would masturbate and tell each other how it felt. We even started taking a flashlight and getting under the covers and looking at each other. We spent lots of nights looking at the other one's pussy comparing our little slits which were beginning to become covered with hair. I would watch her play with her pussy until she came and then she would get under the cover with the flashlight and watch me. One night we decided to see how it would feel if we rubbed each other. Me being the more aggressive twin, I told my sister to spread her legs and let me play with her pussy. I stuck a finger inside her vagina as I rubbed her clit and pretty soon she had a wild orgasm. She was thrashing about on the bed making her usual grunting sounds. She told me as much as it felt good doing it herself, it felt even better with me doing it to her. I was ready to find out so I spread my legs and she got down under the cover between them and started playing with my pussy. After it was over I agreed with her that it did indeed feel better when someone else did it to you.
We masturbated each other almost every night after that. One night we decided to rub our pussies together to see how it felt. We got some Vaseline and rubbed on ourselves and spread our legs and got our crotches together and started rubbing. It was more difficult to achieve and orgasm that way but we did it. Our pussies were a mess when we finished. As we got older we started inserting things into our pussy. We had never heard of vibrators or dildos at that age but we made our own. We took a paper towel roll and stuffed it with paper. We found some condoms in our parents' night stand and we took one and rolled it over the roll. In spite of a flat end it worked pretty good once we got it inside our vaginas.
It was always amazing to me how twins who are so much alike can also be so different. When my sister would cum she just grunts real lightly. She doesn't make much noise at all. I almost scream out when I cum. I am a loud cummer. My sister always had more intense orgasms if she had something stuck in her asshole. Me, I always felt that something stuck in my asshole was distracting and took away from my orgasms. She liked it when I rubbed her clit directly. I preferred for her to just kind of circle my clit, touching it ever so lightly. I preferred to have something stuck in my pussy when she would be massaging my clit. I like the feeling of being filled, and the larger the better. She preferred to cum just from stimulation on her clit and with nothing in her vagina. As we got older we noticed more differences. She has more hair around her pussy than I do. Except for the hair our pussies look almost identical except when we get excited. When excited my pussy lips look larger and more swollen. My clit looks a little larger than hers when we are excited.
We never had oral sex together because neither of us wanted to put our mouth on the other one's pussy. I will tell you that we did a lot of tit sucking however. We both enjoyed sucking the other one's tits and we enjoyed having our tits sucked. We continued masturbating each other until we were around 20 years old. Even though we had started dating boys we still masturbated each other often. The night before my wedding is the last time we did anything together. My sister married a few months after I did. We are now in our 50s and it has been over 30 years since we have done anything but I think about it a lot and I really miss doing it with her. The older I get the more I seem to think about doing it again with her. We have both been married for the past 30 years and have grown children. We have never even talked about it all these years. I have been thinking about it a lot lately and I get wet every time I remember the fun we had together. I masturbated earlier today while thinking about her. My sister called last week and she and her husband are coming to spend a week with us next month.
One day while our husbands are out fishing or doing something I am going to suggest to her that we do it again for old times sake. I will really be disappointed and embarrassed if she says no. If she agrees to it I will let you know how it turned out after all these years.* * * * *
[Here's the follow-up to the above, written and posted here a month later....]
The days leading up to my twin sister's visit were filled with nervous anticipation. I was, as always, eager to see her, but this time her visit was even more special. At least I was hoping it would be. As I indicated, during the last few years my mind had been filled with thoughts about the things she and I used to do together when we were young and foolish. Don't ask me why after all these years I desired to relive those intimate moments with her again because I don't know the answer to that question. All I know is that I did.
It isn't because I am unhappy or bored with my marriage because it is anything but boring. I love my husband very much and sex with him is better than it was when we first married 30+ years ago. I will admit that we don't have sex as often as we once did. But, in short our sex life is great. Sure I masturbate but that is just a preview of things to come, hot, kinky sex with him. My husband has a saying about sex that he likes that goes, "Sex is not dirty unless you do it right." And believe me he does it right. But apparently I wanted very badly to do those things again with my twin sister that we had done when we were teenagers because every time I thought about it I would become extremely excited. I would always end up masturbating as I thought of all the naughty things we once did. And my orgasms seemed to be more intense when I would recall them.
Never the less, she and her husband finally arrived for their visit. They would be staying with us for a week. The first two days things were pretty normal. We spent lots of time talking and bringing each other up to date on things that had happened since we last saw each other. We did our usual shopping and just had fun being together again.
Before her visit I could not decide exactly how I was going to bring the subject up. Should I drop some hints or just blurt out and say, "Wouldn't it be fun to masturbate together again." I finally decided that the first time we were alone together I would pull up your site and since the first portion of this account [above] was already posted on SOLO, I would let her read what I had written. On the third day of their visit I had my chance. Our husbands left early that morning for a daylong fishing trip. My sister and I were still sitting at the breakfast table in our nightgowns drinking coffee when I told her I had something I wanted her to see. We went to the computer and I pulled up your site. I found the one titled, "Twin Sisters." I clicked on it and then asked her to sit down and read it. She had read only a few lines when she laughed and said, "Sounds like what we used to do." The next words out of her mouth were, "It's us. Oh my gosh I don't believe it. It's really us."
I stood beside her chair and gently ran my fingers through her hair touching her neck as she continued reading. When she finished she looked up at me and I knew by the look on her face that everything was going to work out just as I wanted it to. She had that same naughty look that she had so many times when we were teenagers. She smiled and said, "Well, you know what they say. Twins sometimes think alike and it looks like we do. It has been on my mind a lot lately and I too have wondered what it would be like to do it again. Every time I masturbate I think of the fun we had together."
That was all I needed to hear. I reached out for her hand and led her to my bed. I slipped her gown off her shoulders and down over her body and just stood there looking her her naked body. She reached up and pulled the straps of my gown over my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. We stood there totally naked looking at each other for a few seconds and then we hugged each other tightly, our breasts pushing together. I could feel her erect nipples against my breasts. I could feel her pubic hair as it brushed against me. We both giggled like two teenagers and said in unison, "Let's do it."
I might add that both of us have kept in pretty good shape over the years. Naturally age is taking its toll but our bodies are still in good shape. We are both 5'7" and weigh within 5 pounds of each other, a respectable 135 and 140. We both have shoulder length dark brown hair. I wear a 36D bra and she is a large 36C. I can also tell you that her naked body looked just as exciting to me as it did when we were teenagers. We put our arms around each other and kissed each other full on the lips. It was a long passionate kiss, one that I will always remember and cherish.
I will not go into all the details of what followed but I will tell you this. We started with me masturbating while she watched me. I knew from the second that I touched my clit that I was going to cum quickly. I cannot begin to describe how intense my orgasm was. I then watched her masturbate to orgasm. It was just like we were kids again. I then lay back and spread my legs so she could play with my pussy. The excitement of what we were doing and my earlier orgasm had me so wet that juice was running out of my vagina and down over my asshole. Her fingers on and in my pussy was as much a thrill as it was the first time she ever touched me down there. She brought me to three orgasms before she stopped. I then sat between her legs and started playing with her pussy. She was just as wet as I was. I brought her to four orgasms with a large dildo stuck as far inside her asshole as I could get it. We later masturbated each other some more. We spread our legs and put out crotches together and rubbed each other to orgasm. I cannot begin to tell you how many times we orgasmed that day but it was many. Our bodies were a slippery mess when we finally got out of the bed to bathe. My twin's thick pussy hair was matted with our combined juices as was mine. There were even wet spots on the sheet, evidence of just how aroused we were.
She still has more hair around her pussy than I do. She stills grunts lightly when she cums and I still do a lot of very loud moaning and groaning. She still enjoys having something stuck in her asshole when she cums and I don't. Between my pussy and her asshole, the dildo that my husband purchased a few years back got a good work out that day.
While we were still lying in bed we talked about what our husbands would say if they could see us like that. I have never told my husband about the things she and I used to do and neither has she told her husband. We decided they would be just a little shocked but would not be upset and would probably want to join in the fun with us. But we also agreed that it was something that we wanted to keep just between us. She did agree, however, that I should write to you about our "reunion".
I found out that she still masturbates often and I am sure she will masturbate when she reads this on your site. I know I will. I don't know if we will ever do anything again, but I would certainly hope that we will. Being intimate with her again after all these years has certainly fueled my masturbation fantasies.
We did not have another opportunity to be alone during their visit. I don't know if we would have masturbated together again if we had had a chance. I'm sure this would make for better reading if I told you we did the 69 and ate each other's pussy, but we didn't. We never have and probably never will. Not that anyone cares but I do not consider myself to be bi. I would never consider touching another female's pussy and masturbating her to orgasm. I don't condemn a woman who has oral sex with another woman, it's just that I do not care to do it. But doing what I did with my twin sister just seems so natural. It's almost like doing it with myself.****
Now, here's how I like to masturbate when alone. I have tried many different ways of masturbating and my two hands are very hard to beat. First of all let me say that I do not like to rush. I always make sure I have lots of time and I like to be totally nude. I like to be naked because there are so many places on my body that I can stimulate. I will start by massaging my breasts, paying particular attention to my nipples. I also enjoy running my hands over my stomach and hips and through my pubic hair. Once I am good and lubricated I will usually take the fingers of my left hand and hold my lips apart while I massage my clit with the fingers of my right hand. I proceed slowly. I will tease my clit for a few seconds and then run my fingers down and insert one or two in my vagina which always gets them soaking wet. I then slowly work my fingers back up to my clit. Occasionally I will insert one finger in my asshole but not very deep. I also like to rub around my little pee hole. I keep teasing myself until I am to the point of almost having an orgasm and then I will back off and let my body cool down some. I keep bringing myself almost to the point of orgasm until I can't stand it any longer. I then start rubbing my clit really fast until I cum. And it is a mind shattering orgasm when I finally do. Sometimes I will insert a dildo in my vagina before I have an orgasm. This seems to make my clit stick out more, plus I love the feeling of being filled when I orgasm.



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