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Tutoring Travis

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I just turned twelve two weeks before school started and was mostly average I guess except that I am far above my friends in math. I am always in 'gifted' classes for math. Even now my mom has to take me to the community college for classes. So when I was in seventh grade I was with all my friends in middle school someone would drive me over to the high school every day to take a trig class. I can't say I liked going there. I was still short compared to some of the other boys and girls my age and now I was in class with even bigger kids. When I was in grade school I was taken to the middle school for algebra and I wasn't bothered by it much but the high school just seemed to scare me more. I remember the first day I was just dropped off at the school office and after signing in and some other stuff I was just given a room number and a few instructions and sent off to class as the bell rang. I felt like the whole school was staring at me as I walked the halls. I was scared at the maturity of every one. My eye level seemed to be at chest level or worse with most of the boys and all I could see of the girls were the huge breasts and revealing clothes they wore. I was shocked to see many of the guys sporting facial hair. I managed to find my room and walked in as the bell rang and sat in the first seat I could find.

I soon fell into the routine. I heard all the whispers about me being just twelve in high school and everyone thinking I am a total genius (I am not)but I wasn't really picked on by anyone. The worst was just being embarrassed by some of the girls calling a cute little boy and stuff. The room was arranged with tables that two sat at each one. The first day I saw another boy that also looked to be my age, although he was just a little bigger than me, and I assumed was gifted and maybe I could make friends with. The next day and after that I would sit next to him trying to make friends so I wouldn't feel so lonely. I found he was shy and didn't talk much. After two weeks all I could get from him was that his name was Travis, he was an only child like myself, he hated math, was 15 years old and in ninth grade. It didn't seem odd to me at first that he was close to my size. He never started a conversation with me until we got our first exam back and he failed and my paper showed over 100% with extra credit. Until then I was still assuming he was gifted but after class he walked with me to where I was picked up outside and practically begged me to help him pass trig. I wasn't sure how I could help since I only saw him in one class but we got each others phone number and he called me that night. He said he was grounded until his grade came up to a C and math was the only hard subject for him. Our parents arranged for his mom to pick me up after school and my dad would pick me up from his house on his way home from his work three days a week. It worked out good and in a few weeks Travis and me were good friends. I found out that his mother was very protective to him and spoiled him. He had cancer when he was 12 and had to go through radiation and chemo therapy and had to repeat seventh grade. We never talked about his size much but I figured he was small because of the cancer, which was true. I asked him once what kind of cancer he had but he avoided answering me.

We got our second test back one Friday afternoon and Travis got a B. I was happy for him but a little disappointed that maybe I wouldn't be going to his house after school anymore but they were there to pick me up as usual. His mom thanked me over and over, called my mom and offered to take us out to a local steak feed place. Travis was not grounded anymore and I was also invited to sleep over at his house. Of course I wanted to. I not only never had a sleep over but I was glad that a 15 year old would want me to be his friend. Till then I wondered if I was just his tutor.

After going to his house after dinner the evening went normal. We played video games mostly. About 9 o'clock his mom announced it was time for his bath.

Travis turned red and begged to skip one night so we could keep playing. He wouldn't say it but I knew that he was embarrassed that he was still made to take baths instead of taking a shower. I knew because my mom still made me take baths and would announce it to the world. I think I took three showers my whole life until I was 13. Travis tried to get his mom to agree by saying it would be impolite to leave me alone while he took a bath but his Mom just said if that was a concern we could take a bath together. Now I was embarrassed. I had just started to sprout a few hairs above my penis but I was still basically bald there and though I knew my balls were getting bigger and penis was about 4 and half inches hard it was not going to be as big as a 15 year old. I was curious about puberty and actually wanted to see what Travis was like but I didn't want him to see me. As much as I was embarrassed, Travis became angry which surprised me. He tried to argue with his mom that we couldn't bathe together because of his problem. I didn't know what that was but it was interesting. They argued a little bit but his mom won by stating that I was going to found out sometime anyway so I could find out tonight. I could tell Travis was real uncomfortable and I really wanted to help defend him but I didn't know how and his mom was also this no nonsense obey me or else type of mom. He was given the option of taking a bath with me or having my parents pick me up and still taking a bath. Till then I was ignored but Travis looked at me with the look of what did I want to do. It was my first sleep over. I didn't want to go home and was willing to do just about anything to stay. I figured it couldn't be too bad to take a bath with another boy. We could just do it quick and get it over with, we didn't even need to look at each other. I said I wanted to stay. Travis just replied, 'OK, I guess you'll find out sometime.' I didn't understand it but I thought he must have some weird growth or scar on his butt or something. His mom sent us upstairs to his bathroom and we were told we better not come out for at least a half hour.

Travis started the water running and turned to me and stared right at me and told me if I ever told anyone what I would see he would kill me. I thought he was serious and I suppose it showed how scared I was because he changed his mind right away and just made me promise to never tell anyone. I didn't know what about but I agreed. He said 'OK, I may as well do this now'. He turned his back to me and quickly took off his T shirt, socks and then his jeans and stood waiting in his tighty-whities. He also made me promise not to laugh. I did. He also made me get undressed, I think so I wouldn't run away when I saw whatever weird growth he had on him. I stripped naked and told him I was naked. He waited and I finally told him whatever it was I didn't care and it couldn't be real bad. He took a deep breath and pushed his underwear down and turned around. At first I didn't see anything unusual. He then told me that his cancer was in his testicles and they had to remove them. I then saw he did not have any balls or even a ball sack. It was just a penis, about my size and bald like me. I then saw that he was crying, not outright but tears were coming down his cheeks. I felt really bad. I never heard that you could get cancer there. I promised him again that I would never tell anyone. He thanked me and we got in the water which was not quite full yet but he soon turned it off.

We sat in the tub looking at each other. I felt awkward and didn't know what to say. I just wondered what it would feel like to not have balls or if he would be able to make babies, if his penis got hard and have sex and stuff. He started to tell me all about his cancer ordeal in more detail. I felt really bad when He told me his father died from the same thing when Travis was 4 years old.

I didn't know about testosterone and how it made boys mature then but Travis told me about it. It explained why he was so much smaller than the other boys his age. He had to wait till he was 16 to get hormone injections to help him grow. I didn't have any sex ed since the fourth grade and that was about three classes of pretty basic stuff. I started asking Travis about all kinds of stuff since he seemed like a pretty good expert. He also seemed relieved to get the central topic off himself. We must have talked well over an hour because his mom came into the bathroom and wondered what was taking us so long and it was after 10:30 and she wanted us in bed by 11:00. We hadn't even touched any soap yet and she could tell because the water was still clear. I was a bit embarrassed but I watched as she quickly shampooed his hair and then mine. I tried my best to cover my privates from her. She then made him stand up while she took a cloth and soaped him from head to foot, even his privates. Till then I could see that it was always soft but when he stood up and she rubbed it, it stood at attention, answering my question whether it still got hard. She then ordered me to stand up. I reluctantly obeyed and she did the same to me even my privates which was also hard by this time. She told us to rinse and dry off and come downstairs and get a snack. She left, taking our clothes off the floor. She said she would wash them so I would have them clean tomorrow. It was then that I realized I hadn't any pj's. I usually slept in my briefs but I wasn't sure what boys normally did on sleepovers. I followed Travis' lead as he just dried off and wrapped the towel around his waste and went downstairs.

We had a snack and we were sent to bed. I still wondered what I would wear. His mom had my underwear. We would share Travis' bed, which was a full size bed. When we got to his room Travis gave me a pair of his underwear to put on but he was just bigger than me enough that they wouldn't stay on. He then told me that he usually slept bare anyway and if I didn't mind we didn't have to wear anything. I just agreed since I really didn't have much choice.

We laid in bed a while and talked. He thanked me for staying over and not wanting to go home. We talked more and the subject turned to his cancer again and I finally got the courage to ask him how a person could tell if he has cancer in his balls. I was a bit worried that it could happen me. I was even more worried when he told me that it shows as little lumps on your balls and it hurts a little. I had lately been taking more interest in my own balls over the last few months and played with them every day. I knew they were getting larger by the day and weren't these perfectly round little peas anymore. They became more oval and there were other things there that I never noticed before. I started to feel them again for any lumps. I was sure I felt some. I told Travis about it. I was worried enough to ask him to feel them to see if I had cancer. He agreed, pull back our covers, turned on his bedlight and started to play with one and then the other. I felt my penis get hard too. He had his hand cupped over it and it it was rubbing it and I felt a wonderful sensation I didn't expect. I never really masturbated before, except a little playing in the bathtub or my bed at night, but never even close to an orgasm or anything. Travis told me he thought everything felt normal but he didn't take his hand away. He asked me he he could feel my balls more, that he hadn't felt any in a long time and wondered what it was like. I said ok. He kept feeling one and then the other. He then asked me if I could make semen yet and I really didn't know. He asked me if I ever jacked off. I wasn't sure what that meant. I heard it before and knew it had something to do with a guys dick but that was it. I said I didn't know if I did or not. By this time my boner was getting real hard and sensitive. It would usually stick straight up in the air when hard and Travis' hand was forcing it flat against my belly. Travis told me if I didn't know what jacking off was then I never did it. He told me he would show me how if I would let him do it till I would cum. I asked come where? I was real ignorant then. He said I'll show you and started to gently stroke my penis up and down with his fingers. He asked me how it felt. It felt better than anything in my life and I told him. He did that about five minutes when I felt my penis get even harder and throb and I felt some slippery stuff spreading over the head. I didn't know where it came from. He grabbed it with his fist now and rubbed faster and faster. I couldn't help squirming around. Suddenly my body exploded. I couldn't believe what I had just felt. I felt two small squirts of clear cum dribble out and cover Travis' hand and my hard penis. Travis moved then and got a closer look. His face was just a few inches from my penis and ball, I could feel his breath. He continued to play with my balls a little while longer and my penis soon became soft and then hard again. I told him it was the best thing I ever felt. I asked him what came out and he explained it more. I asked him if he would ever make semen and he said yes after he got hormone injections but he wouldn't make any sperm. I wondered if that meant he could never feel like I just did and I asked him about that and he said he got the feeling just no cum yet. I asked if I could see and he told me I could make his do it since he made mine. I was hoping he would let me. I wanted to feel his dick and see what it felt like between his legs without nuts. I was afraid to ask but I wondered if he didn't have balls would he have a hole there like a girl. I know that was stupid but that's what I thought. I started to feel around there and it was weird without balls, not even peas. There was also no hole there like a girl. I started to do what he did with my thumb and a fingers. When I felt it getting harder and saw him breather harder just like me I used my fist. He soon was arching his back and squirming around like me, but nothing came out. We soon went to sleep and we jacked each other off the next morning too.

We stayed friends and I kept coming to his house after school and we often slept at each others houses. I was shooting cum real good about 6 months after and was as tall as Travis too. I was starting my growth spurt and I felt bad that Travis stayed pretty much the same size. Soon after he turned 16 he was allowed his hormone injections and he grew like crazy. I don't know what they gave him but he grew over and inch every month for a year and a half when they stopped the pills he was taking. His dick got huge, maybe normal for an adult but big to me when I was 13. He also shoots a lot of semen but we checked each others out under a microscope one day and I had loads of sperm and he had none. He went off to college last fall.



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