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True Story When in High School, With Sis

Posted by: Author: Age: 38, 17 at time Posted on: 1 comments
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Wondered if I made her religous


Well I don't even know where to start. I was 17 at the time. My half sister was 13. We lived in a old river house built in 1924. The upstairs consisted of two rooms. My stepdad was working on my sisters room (he had torn down plaster and was replacing it with sheetrock) so my sister wasn't sleeping in there for about three weeks.

Mom had put a cushion down on the floor, but my sister said it was uncomfortable, so she asked if she could sleep with me. I actually didn't even think of anything sexual. I just said sure.

The third night we were sleeping in the same bed. I must have had a really good dream or somthing because my dick was hard as hell. It was sticking out of the hole in the boxers I had worn to bed. I really don't know if my sister had pulled it out or if it had just popped out.

I was facing toward her. I just layed there after I was awake. Apparently she thought I was still asleep. I cracked one eye and seen her hand moving back and forth toward my dick. Like she was building up courage to touch it. Then she did. I about freaked. It felt so good.

She did this three times and then she just grabbed it and jerked it a couple of times. That was it for the night.

This continued for about a week. I never got a wink of sleep (That hand of hers was just keeping me awake) Then I built up the courage one night when she was touching my dick. I acted like I had just awoke. She moved really fast to turn over and just layed there. I kinda whispered to her 'hey were you just playing with' No answer.

Then I reached around and felt her up. I said 'well if you get to feel me, I get to feel you' Her response was a moan and she pushed her butt toward my hand that at the time was rubbing her smooth mound.

We spoke no words at all. She reached around and grabbed my dick I fingered her pussy. In my head I wasn't thinking (my this is your sister, stop....) But instead 'man this is the first pussy I ever felt.'

I had seen some porno's though. They were like training videos.

Well to shorten this. She is now married, me too, this was many years ago.

She is like super duper religous. Well her husband is anyway. Maybe she just goes along. But after many years of him trying to make me confess my sins (I'm agnostic) I figured she would have told him and then I would be ....well let's say, not very good.

There are a few more stories. But I can't reveal them here. My sister, as far as I know, hasn't said a word to her husband. Please let me know if you think I made her a religous fanatic. Which she is now. Or maybe a sex fiend in hiding.

Thank you



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