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True Stories of a Connoisseur Part 2: The Keyhole

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hi again,
this is the 2nd of my true stories about solo pleasure...for a little background about myself see part 1....
a few years ago i had a friendship with a very special girl.
we did not have a 'relationship' in a classical manner, nor did we have a 'sex affair' (at least not at that time of my story). we just were friends, recently doing several things together like going to a restaurant or visiting a museum.
by that time i was in my early 30th and she was of a similar age, a very attractive lady with half-long brunette hair and a very nice figure. she had a very tasteful way of clothing, always quite sexy, but never too much.
She loved tied leather trousers and high boots, which both made her even more sexy.
as far as i knew, she had several relationships with men, but obviously it never was 'mr right'.
by the time of this story she was living together with a man, but as she told me, it was the 'last decade' of their relationship...different interest, loss of intimacy etc...the usual thing after a few years of being together.
one day i was (the first time) at her apartment for a visit. her friend was on a business trip, so we were alone. having snacks, drinking, talking...it was a very nice evening with an harmonic understanding between the two of us...with even some kind of verbal intimacy, as she told me about her problems with her friend.
at one time - after she had started to play a new music tape and given me a very special deep glance - she apologized for the restroom.
i don't know what came up to me...but as soon as she had closed the bathroom door...i followed her, kneeled down in front of the door....and peeked through the keyhole. i hadn't been to the bathroom before, so i didn't know the room, didn't know what to expect...
but what i saw a few seconds later, after my eye got focused was breathtaking!
right in front of my view, just about 2 ½ meters away was the bowl...and there she sat with her legs slightly parted...and....again within seconds there were no doubt: she masturbated!
she had a strange technique that i never had seen bevor or after that:
she used both hands and had the pointer fingers of her hands located just right and left of her clit. and she moved her hands/fingers up and down in the rhythm of the music that could be heard from the living room.
i was fascinated and got soooo aroused that a got an instant hardon!
the rhythm of the music did not vary during the whole piece...and so didn't the rhythm of her masturbation. a fast and steady rhyhtm, performed with both hands beside her clit...
i also could see her face clearly in front of me: she had the special 'glance to nowhere' ...looking straight on, but nowhere...and within 3 or 4 minutes (the first music-titel was still running) she started rocking...opened her mouth, closed her eyes and threw her head backward...and even with the music running i could hear one deep moan....she orgasmed!
there was no way for me to bring myself to relieve too...everything went to fast...so i just rubbed my bulge from outside my pants, which did not give me enough stimulation for cumming....but i was really hot 'as hell'...
i could watch her during her climax with rocking and heavy breathing... until she finally calmed down again. than she took one hand, pressed it to the area of her pubic hair ...and started to pee...which also seemed do be a very pleasurable feeling...according to her face expression.
when she wiped herself clean, i could see that she gave her pussy an extra wipe because it obviously needed to be dried....
then she stood up...a last beautiful peek on her nice body with a neatly trimmed pussy hair...than her 'secret part' disappeared again in a small white slip.
now it was time for me to return to the living room, where i pretended to look through her music collection. shortly after my return, she also entered the living room and came right to me. to my delight, she embarrassed me from behind, pressed her body against mine and told me something like 'you are really a good friend for me...thank you...'
feeling her body with the knowing, that she just have had a big orgasm minutes ago made me crazy...but of course i couldn't tell her anything and it was not (yet) the right time for us to start a sexual relation...(that's another story....)
so, shortly after that a left her and drove back home.
guess what i did, when i came there.....??????



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