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Truck Driver Caught Me & Joined In

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Another True Story-This did actually happen to me


I was driving along the motorway and needed a quick piss, so noticing a sign for the Services in one mile, I drove off and into the car park.

After visiting the toilet, I returned to my vehicle and had a cigarette. Noticing the time, I realised I would be home quite early, ahead of schedule. Having recently moved in with my partner, I was very happy in almost evry way, but the only thing I missed were the private times: watching porn and having a leisurely wank.

I remembered there was still a fair amount of porn on the D: drive of my laptop and really wanted to watch some and jerk.

The open car park seemed a bit risky, but towards the edge was a small wooded area where trucks and vans parked up.

I drove there and parked my car between two large empty trucks, shielding myself from view, so I could enjoy a very private viewing and wank.

It's not easy to watch porn with your laptop resting on your knees and pleasure yourself at the same time, but I found if I sat at a sort of right angle, I could do so.

The film started and I began to 'pull my pud'. I didn't want to rush. It had been a few weeks and although the sex in my relationship was very good and frequent, masturbation is a very special thing and I was determined to make this a good one.

A couple of minutes had passed, when I noticed something strange. The angle of the laptop screen directly faced the driver's window of the truck along side me and I could see a feint reflection of this.

What I saw was the truck driver staring straight at the screen with his window down.

My instinctive reflex was to turn round. In a flash I managed to quickly return my cock to my trousers, reposition the screen and turn my head to look straight at the truck driver.

I made apologetic gestures towards the trucker, hoping he'd realise I hadn't intended him to see and to hope he wasn't either shocked, offended or angry by what he had seen.

After a tense couple of seconds (seemed like an hour), he gave me the broadest smile I'd ever seen and a huge thumbs-up gesture.

Happy I'd not got myself in any trouble, I was just about to start the engine and drive off when the trucker opened the door to his rig and jumped out. He walked towards my passenger door.

I was relieved to have already centrally locked the car, a little afraid he'd perhaps wanna 'teach me a lesson' for inadvertently flashing him. But he just stood there.

I cracked open the electric windows a little and he smiled and said 'Can I jump in and watch it with you?'

Shocked, a little wary, but also suddenly quite turned on by the idea, I opened the door and the guy got in.

He was over six foot, chunky not chubby, unshaven for a couple of days and quite handsome in a blue-collar sort of way.

He smiled, so I opened up my laptop again, pressed play and positioned the laptop between us, so we both had a good view of the action.

As the hot porn video (a mmf with double anal etc) continued, he started to make lots of comments about fucking the girl and how he wished she was here and we could be doing that to her.

I noticed a bulge in his workgear and it made me feel so horny to think I was sat here with a turned-on trucker.

Breaking the silence he said 'You can carry on with what you were up to before'

Realising what he meant and that he'd seen me jerking off earlier, I looked across and he just smiled.

I moved my hand down to my zipper and tentatively began to unzip when he added 'In fact, I think I'll join you'

Before my zipper was even half way down, he yanked his huge hard cock right out of his trousers and was fisting it, spreading what looked like copious amounts of pre-cum up and down his thick veiny shaft, making it glisten.

I was soon doing the same and continued to making the lewdest possible comments on the on-screen action.

I was so turned on to be sharing my 'hobby' in this way.

He stopped and looked over at my cock. Boldly he asked straight out 'Can I hold it?'

I nodded and his massive, rough hand grabbed my dick and after a couple of squeezes, he started to pump away.

I didn't even ask, seeing his huge inviting cock just lying there, I returned the favour and soon we entangled in a bizarre way, jacking each other wildy and breathing hard.

The trucker began to groan loudly and felt his cock tense up in my hands, knowing what this meant, it triggered me to do the same and still pumping each other very hard we both came loudly and almost at the same time.

Our clothes and hands were sticky and covered in huge amounts of cum and he started to laugh.

'Wow' he commented 'I really needed that'

I grabbed a couple of tissues and we cleaned up quickly.

'Cheers, mate' he said as he opened the door and climbed out.

I turned my attention to the laptop and noticed that at some point it had fallen to floor by my feet and the screen had closed, ending the film.

Neither of us had noticed this as it happened. I smiled as I picked it up and turned to put it on the back seat.

His engine started and as he first reversed, then started to move away he gave two long toots of his truck's horn and as I looked up, he was giving another thumbs-up from his window.



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