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Trick or Treat

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Best halloween ever


I want to share my last halloween story with you. My parent's have a cottage up North that sits in the bush and is very spooky at night, so I decided this would be the perfect place to have a party. I called two of my girlfriends from there to see if we could get together and have a party. Debbie said her parent's would let her spend the night, but Annie's said no. When I finally got there I called them and met Debbie, we talked about how to get Annie to join us and agreed to get her to sneak out of her bedroom window, it took some doing but she came.

When we got to the cottage Debbie went looking for some movies to watch, came back with a smile on her face and put the disc to play. When the title displayed it read big cocks and tight pussies. Annie and I gasped in surprise, our eyes couldn't get bigger. We saw some of the biggest cocks you could imagine and to think these were my parent's movies. Debbie was the first to admit she would like one in her pussy, I was getting wetter by the minute and Annie just sat and stared until there were tears coming from her eyes, tell me she wasn't horny.

Well we kept on giggling and getting hornier by the minute till the movie ended, that's when Debbie asked what we thought. I said it was hot. Annie said it didn't do anything for her although we knew different. It was getting late so we decided to go to bed. Annie went first. Debbie got this idea to go outside and look in Annie's window and scare the shit out of her. I thought it would be fun so we snuck outside and peeked in her window, what we saw blew our mind's, there was shy Annie spread eagled madly masturbating.

Debbie said she can't get off that easy and off we went to her bedroom walking silently until Debbie opened the door. There was Annie about to cum caught red handed when Debbie asked her what she was doing, when she said nothing Debbie ripped the sheet off her and grabbed her hand sniffing it and said what's this you want to cum, we'll make you cum. With that she grabbed Annie's hand's and tied them with her discarded panties above her head, she was helpless. Debbie tore her clothes off and got on the bed and straddled her. I was in total shock when she told me to get a big feather that was there and tickle Annie's pussy. I was so horny by now I went to get it and started tickling Annie's pussy lips and asshole as she protested in vain.

Her pussy liked it because cream was dripping down her ass. Annie kept getting teased and was begging to cum but we wouldn't let her even though Debbie was rubbing her clit. I kept tickling her pussy and she just started oozing juice. Debbie pulled her legs wider apart and made her cum shaking the bed and us on it. Seeing this I knew it was my turn, I've never felt so naughty and horny as I dove my fingers into my pussy and fucked it for all it was worth. Annie was released from her panties and started to finger Debbies pussy. It didn't take long for Debbie to cum on Annies fingers. I didn't think a woman could produce so much juice. Finally Debbie knelt on the floor and brought me to an earth shattering orgasm with several rubs of my clit. Even though we haven't see each other since I've fantasized about it a thousand times, trick or treat.



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