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Treehouse Jacking II

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This story is a follow-up to my 'Treehouse Jacking' of 8-13-03 which is about myself and a friend of mine all alone in our treehouse one summer afternoon when we both were 12 years old.


Being a boy myself, I loved to watch one of my friends as he either masturbated himself or being masturbated by me or one of the other boys in our group. For a boy that has never had the privilege to participate or view this event has missed out on one of the great joys of boyhood, as it is very erotic to say the least. This particular event is about my friend, named Charles, who was 12 years old at this time, and so was I. All through my boyhood, I looked on as my friends/playmates/brother/cousins jacked their dicks and experienced their orgasms (both wet & dry), and of course, we did each other quite a lot during these masturbation sessions which was very enjoyable. It was always a thrill for me to be involved in mutual masturbation of any kind, regardless of the number of boys present for this activity. Anyway, this particular event really stands out in my mind, even though it happened fifty years ago in 1953.
Just the two of us were up in our treehouse in my backyard on this spring/summer afternoon having some real boy fun. Of course, boy fun in this incidence is 'Jacking-Off' as many times that we can stand it. Although both of us are twelve years old, he is a few months older than me, and he can already ejaculate several strong squirts of cum, even though I cannot ejaculate at this time, as I had about 4 or 5 months to go before I shot my first little load. I believe he said that he started squirting soon after his eleventh birthday. I was the first to get jacked-off this afternoon as Charles gave me a real intense orgasm, he really knew how to do it good (all of us had plenty of experience in this department) so after I recuperated a few minutes, it was my time to jack him off, so the main story begins.
He was already naked, like myself, as he got comfortable, all stretched out in full boy glory with high expectations of really feeling good with his four inch erect penis pointing straight up with a small black bush right above it, and a nice set of cuddly pinkish balls dangling so freely between his thighs. I got as close to him as I possibly could and squatted down on his right side so I could use my right hand to jack him off with and still be facing him to watch all of his facial expressions and body movements as things progressed. I wrapped my fist around his uncut boner and started to stroke his dick real slow and gentle at first. So as I began, Charles had his eyes open as he looks at the action of his foreskin sliding back and forth on his hard shaft with his balls juggling all around. I guess after I made 30 to 40 strokes to his pecker, he sort of drifts off to his own little world of pleasure as his mind is concentrating on each stroke that I'm giving to his hard goober. Charles was not as quick on the trigger as I was either, as it usually took about five (5) minutes of continuous stroking by me to bring him to his orgasm, although I could orgasm myself in two minutes or less. This jacking process by my right hand is graphically evident on this 12 year old boy's face, as all of his features look tightened and scrunched together like he is about to sneeze. As his pressure continues to mount, he begins to twitch all over with his neck muscles standing out in relief as his breathing quickened to a trembling shortwinded pant which was like; h-huff, p-puff, h-huff, p-puff, h-huff and as i took my left fingertips and caressed his ball sack, I could see the skin on his balls start to thicken and constrict at the same time as I know he could feel his young testicles move and squirm like they had a life all of their own. He opened his eyes again, watching in amazement as his boy scrotum pulled up close alongside the base of his hard as a rock penis, which looked mostly like one tight single pod as they were so close to his goober, as it won't be long now. Charles at this point, was just like a thoroughbred race horse as it lunges toward the finish line, as his lean muscles are very taut and almost quivering as he pants for breath with his open jaws as I caress his drawn-in testicles at which time Charles sucked in his breath and held it between his lips, and as I continued to stroke him, I felt a tremor ripple through his stiffened cock as it reached it's maximum stiffness and size and at the same time he released his pent-up breath in a loud puff, as he hissed in an urgent voice, 'here it comes' as a white spray of milky semen shot into the air and before I could move my head quick enough, the farthest clot hit me in the face as I felt it pelt me on the cheek, as I removed my hand from his penis and let it freely spasm and squirt all over the place as it made little strands of pearls all the way from his navel to his shoulders. We all know that a little semen goes a long way under force and in this case, although he was only twelve (12) years old, he was already shooting a man-size load of the stuff. Charles continues to shiver and writhe with his legs twisting & Kicking with his buttocks clenching like fists as some more semen gushed out of his goober, propelled in quick drops by his deep-down penis spams as he was enjoying his orgasm so, that he still thrashed about in his 'Orgasmic Seizure' while alternately blowing and gasping for air through his ruffled lips. He grabbed his penis and continued to squeeze and milk it as more sperm surged from it flowing on his knuckles, down the hollow of his thumb and wrist to his sparse pubic hair and while he was still breathing hard, he pulled my head down to his body and in a madness of passion, he kissed me on my forehead while I ran my fingers through his hair and I said to him, 'It was good, wasn't it'? Charles barely could give a whimpering testimony of pleasure as he had absolutely surrendered and confessed his vulnerability as the those primal utterances issuing from Charles's throat between gasps and swallows of air were far more eloquent than any composition ever sang. The animal energy of the last minute was awesome and profound, here was the true boy, his virile instincts bared open for me to see and enjoy and as a minute or two passed, he didn't move, no sound, except this twelve year old's rasping breath, it's slow decrescendo back to his normal respiration.
Although I did mutuals with a numbers of boys while growing up and I enjoyed each and every occasion, this experience with Charles and many other times as well, I will never forget, as it brought me the most awesome, profound pleasure & enjoyment to make another boy feel that good, while feeling some of what he's feeling with my goober hard as a rock again, waiting for Charles to come back down to Earth and 'Jack' me off for my second time around this afternoon and several more times to follow for both of us until we're sexually spent.



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