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Trail Riding

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Riding dirtbikes will never be the same again.


I've been riding dirtbikes for most of my life and throughly enjoy the rushes from riding and jumping and what not. But last weekend I got a new kind of rush while out riding.

A group of friends and I were at a nearby riding place just outside of town. Its just a woodland place, not many hills, just trail riding. Luckily my friend Jim had enough bikes for loaners so we could all ride. Anyway, for some it was their first time to ride. One of them was a pretty girl I know fairly well from school, we'll call her Ashley, she`s blonde, about 5'7', with pretty green eyes and beautiful perky boobies (i'm not sure what size).

We were riding, and when we were all taking a break I offered to take Ashley further up the trail because she was having some trouble still with her bike, plus I was planning to kinda flirt and put the moves on her to see if she wanted to go out. (I had no idea it would go this far today)

So she agrees and we head on up the trail. After a while she stops, and when I go back to see if she was ok she asked if we could rest, she was feeling light headed. So we stopped and took a break, after sitting a while we got to talking about school and stuff when I realized she must be feeling better because she was smiling and playfully hitting me when I'd say funny stuff, she also confessed to liking me 'before'. I asked if she was feeling better and that we should get back, and she said to be honest with me she had to stop, because of all the vibrations the motorcycle was making her really horny. That shot excitement through my body and I could feel blood rushing to my cock. She smiled and said I'm not kidding.

A little after that, there was that awkward pause. I stood up and started to get ready to leave, and she walked up to me and looked down and said that she must not be the only one aroused around here. So now I feel my face getting hot from embarassment and my cock growing harder and beginning to pulse, she leans in closer and I go in and we peck on the lips really quick. After seeing each others reactions we dived back in to about two minutes of tongue wrestling kisses, and I soon realised we had our arms around each other and my hardon pressed hard into her and she wasn't pulling away.

By now I am extremely horny and no longer thinking clearly. I slid my hands down and felt her ass, it was squishier than it looks. After I saw she wasn't insecure by this action I slid my hand up her side and began to caress her right tit. Still no attempt to end this makeout session. So I settled there and kept massaging her beautiful tits, and kissing her, when suddenly I felt her grab my cock through my riding pants and squeeze it tightly. We stopped for air and she said she wanted to see my penis, or something like that. I needed to be relieved.

I can't remember perfectly as my adrenaline was pumping so much. I was probably grinning and I looked down at her boobs and she looked at me naughtily, and then she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up, enough to expose her cute little belly. She said right, after you, and smiled. So I pulled my shirt over my head as quick as I could. After that she did the same and was wearing a sports bra and then put her hands on that, and looked at my pants and smiled again. I looked around and after feeling convinced that no one was around I bent down, undid my riding boots, stepped out of them, and then pulled my pants to my ankles and then stepped out of them, and looked at her, her mouth was wide open in complete shock.

Being naked outside, this horny, in front of a girl I like almost made me cum right then and there, but my cock just pointed straight up and pulsed with my heart. She then looked around too and then pulled off her sports bra and after seeing my reaction walked towards me. I was staring at her tits when she grabbed my cock and slowly started to stroke it, and then kissed me again and I slid my hands up her tummy to her boobs, and started playing with her hard nipples. I pulled her in close and pushed my hard, hot cock against her stomach and grabbed her ass and she moaned a little, evidently outrageously horny too. I went down the back of her pants and squeezed her bare ass and then moved to the front. When I felt no pubes I realized she was very clean shaven, not even any rough stuff, and I found her slit, it was soaking wet. I pushed my middle finger between her two flaps and found, what I thought to be her clit and started massaging it in circles. She moaned and stroked my cock as I did this. Soon her knees gave way and she would have fallen if I hadn't caught her. I sat her down in a little patch of grass near us and sat beside her. She smiled and said that was amazing, and then pulled her pants to her ankles and spread her legs, showing me her beautiful pink vagina. I smiled and leaned in and kissed her and started to finger her with two fingers as she stroked me some more.

After a while she lubed up my cock with saliva from her mouth, which felt amazing, and then stroked me to an awesome orgasm. I shot several loads of cum on to myself and all over her hands. I fingered her until she moaned and said she had come again.

We cleaned up with my shirt and got our clothes back on. Everyone came riding up as I was putting my shirt on and they asked what we were doing, and later asked why my shirt was all wet. We smiled and said we needed a break and I got hot and sweaty. Later, I apologized to Ashley, I felt horrible, like I rushed and forced her into stuff she didn't want to do. She grabbed my butt really hard and whispered in my ear that she loved every minute of it, and that we need to do it again, and thanked me with a kiss.

Thanks for reading my story, sorry it was so long, I got carried away with details. Happy Masturbating!



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