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Traffic Jams Can Be Fun

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This was a few months ago now, though I remember it very clearly :)

My boyfriend and I were going to see a movie and had already met up with a few friends. Another friend we'd invited along had to be picked up, so my boyfriend and I went along to pick him up.

The traffic near the cinema was really bad, and as soon as we'd pulled out of the parking lot, we were stuck in traffic. We sat chatting for a while, slowly creeping forward every now and again, but not really getting anywhere.

I knew he'd been horny all day, and I was too (he jokes that I always seem to be). I leaned over and kissed him, sneaking a quick rub up the inside of his leg. He laughed a little and said if I was horny, I would have a play with myself.

I laughed back and told him I couldn't with all of these people around us (we were in a double lane). He then was prompted to say nobody would see, it's not as if they were paying attention.

I quickly came around to the idea, adding to him 'you just like the risk involved'. He nodded and with a quick glance at his bulging jeans, I slowly unbuttoned, then unzipped mine. He stole a quick glance at me, before looking back at the road. Noticing that we weren't moving anytime soon, he looked back.

I gave him a short peak at my lacy panties, then quickly covered up. I love teasing him, so I did it again. He asked to see my pussy, but I shook my head and slid my hand down inside my panties. I started to stroke at my completely soaked pussy, just rubbing my wetness onto my lips and giving out a soft moan. My boyfriend gave me a pleading look; he wanted to see my fingers in me. I continued teasing him, and myself, giving a little attention to my clit, then back to my lips.

I noticed his hand at the bulge of his jeans and his eyes fixed on me. I tugged down my panties a little, to show off the front of my cleanly shaved pussy. He leaned over and pushed his hand into my panties, past my clit and dove two fingers into my pussy. I moaned again and grinded against him.

I knew it'd be hard for him to do what he wanted to do with my jeans on, so I tugged them down a little.

Once again, we crept forward in the queue and nobody paid attention to us.

He rubbed his fingers over my wet lips, giving my clit a quick stroke, then dove back into my pussy with 2 fingers, curling them upwards towards my g-spot. I was grinding against him, wanting him to finger-fuck me hard, but he only teased me more, his hand drifting back up to my clit. I was asking him to finger-fuck me, I wanted it BAD. He smiled and continued rubbing at my clit.

I'd had enough. I pulled down my panties a little, opened my legs and showed him my clit. He pushed two fingers into me, but I begged him for three. He obliged, pushing a third one in. He didn't move his hand, only gently moved his fingers around inside me. I was grinding against him, wanting his fingers to fuck me.

He started off slowly, pulling them out of my wet pussy then slowly sliding them back in. He pushed them in deep and yanked them out, then slowly pushed them in again and again. I knew what I had to do if I wanted that hard, deep finger-fuck.

I picked up his hoody from the back seat, draped it over my lap and pulled my panties and jeans all the way down. I gave him a little peak as he licked his fingers clean then pulled it over my lap again.

We crept forward in the traffic jam, everybody around us so oblivious to everything going on in our car.

My boyfriend snuck his hand under his hoody and up my thighs to my waiting, aching pussy. He rubbed at my clit hard whilst I leaned over and kissed him. Three of his fingers dove back into my pussy as we kissed. I could taste my wetness on him and ran my hand down to his crotch. I rubbed his hard cock through his jeans as his fingers fucked me hard.

He stopped. He told me he wanted to watch me fuck myself instead. He took his fingers from my pussy and I sucked them clean for him. He nudged forward in the queue as I stroked my clit. I moaned for him as I teased myself.

Alarmed, he called my name and nudged me. I looked to the car beside us; the driver and his passenger were level with our car.

I smiled, sat up in my seat and threw the hoody from my lap. I didn't care anymore, I wanted my fingers in me. I opened my legs furter, showing him a good view of my glistening pussy. I began fucking myself and playing with my clit. With curled fingers, I hit my g-spot and had to bite down on my lip to stop myself from screaming. He watched as my fingers plunged in and out of my pussy whilst my other hand rubbed at my clit.

I felt the familiar ecstasy of an orgasm approaching, and a familiar stronger feeling. I uncurled my fingers to stop hitting my g-spot and finger-fucked myself throughout my orgasm. As I relaxed into the seat, I noticed the people in the car next to me looking into the distance, obviously quite bored. The only way they could have known what had gone on in the car next to them, was that the two occupants had huge smiles on their faces.

My boyfriend leaned over and gave my pussy a quick stroke. He licked the cum off his fingers whilst I licked the cum from mine. We kissed again, the taste of cum strong on our tongues and lips. I relaxed into the seat again, opening my legs to give him a last view of me just stroking my pussy lips.

Once again, he nudged me then looked back to the road. I glanced over again, expecting to find the people in the car looking at us, instead finding a van driver, sitting high and mighty in his seat... and having a glorious view of my pussy. I quickly threw the hoody over my lap again and glanced up at the driver. He glanced down at me, then away.

I giggled to my boyfriend and asked him if he thought he saw. He was laughing too as he said 'probably'.

As I pulled my panties and jeans back up, I told my boyfriend I wanted to repay the favour. He said it was okay; we were almost out of the jam. I gave his cock a stroke through his jeans as he asked if I had fun. I told him I was having so much fun, I had to stop hitting my g-spot because I thought I was going to squirt. He looked disappointed. Ever since I'd told him I could squirt, he's wanted to see.

I plan on giving him that this week, but ssh, it's a secret.

Hope you enjoyed, happy jacking and jilling :)

Oh, and don't worry, he got something in return, something even better and something I can't talk about here ;)



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