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Love Solo Touch!


When I was younger the guy who lives across the street and I were talking about bikes, and he said something like, 'I wonder how it would feel to have a bike tire roll over your dick?' Of course that started a conversation that cascaded into several variations of, 'I wonder how it would feel...' Finally, I got up the courage to offer to help him try one, if he'd help me try one. The one we were both interested in is, 'I wonder how it would feel to rub the tip of your penis with sandpaper?' He found some sandpaper, and we went into my bedroom. My mom watches soap operas everyday, and so we knew we wouldn't be disturbed for an hour and a half.

After some minutes spent in doubt as to showing each other our dicks, we finally got naked. It wasn't hard to do, since we were only dressed in T-shirts, swimsuits and sandals, our usual summer wear.

We were both solid as rocks right away. He was totally hairless. I have just a few hairs on mine. His disk is quite small. Mine is regular size, I guess.

He just touched the sandpaper to my dick, and I knew right away, that wouldn't work! So, he suggested he just rub his palm against the tip of my dick. He did that, while holding my shaft with his other hand. My gosh, it was amazing! It wasn't the same as jerking off (which I've been doing for a year. I don't know how long he has been). It was torturous. I wanted him to stop. But, then I wanted him to start again. I can't really explain. It is like a deep, almost painful tickle. I had him do it for several minutes. The feeling settled down a bit, and I felt like I was going to cum, but I didn't. Weird! Then, it was his turn. Same thing for him. Then my turn again. He alternately squeezed my dick with his other hand, and held it loosely. When he loosened up, it became almost unbearable. When he squeezed again, I could take it much better. After perhaps six minutes, I came. Boy, did I come! One drip even got in his hair. Then I did the same for him for, well, probably six minutes also. He came. Only a few clear drops, but he certainly enjoyed it!

Since that time, we have had several more similar afternoons. We can't get enough. Neither of us wants to do anything 'gay,'although we don't have anything against that. So, we don't do any of the things guys might otherwise do. I guess you'd say we're just into this rubbing thing. We've done some ordinary jacking of each other, but this rubbing thing is just too cool! We've taken to doing it with a timer. Lately, we try to 'take it' for 10 minutes without cumming. We both usually last the ten minutes. We have done it with and without lube. Both ways are great. Once, without lube, we tried to keep going for a long time. We each quit when it started to hurt. Both of us ended up with sore spots on the top of our dicks for a few days. That was a drag, cause we had to jack normally. No rubbing until they healed.

I have noticed that this is something that can't be done alone. You won't allow yourself to do it-cause it is almost painful at first, and you naturally want to back away.

So folks, I recommend you get a friend and try this out! And, stick with it a bit. Although it feels torturous at the beginning, and you may need to have your friend sit on your legs to hold you down, it grows into the most special feeling in the world!

Have fun-Nobody Special



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