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Too Much Noise Later

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My friend and I decided that meeting at my apartment was too risky after being observed by my son. For a few weeks we didn't meet at all and I avoided the swimming pool area where I knew she would be waiting for me and my son might be spying.

Finally, out of frustration and confusion, I asked her to meet me for coffee at lunch time close to where I work. We had a long talk and she told me that her feelings for me were confusing to her as well and that she had never had a physical relationship with another woman. Somehow that meeting helped us to resolve the confused feelings that I was having about my sexuality.

With a more relaxed attitude toward each other we began to meet at her apartment for dinner once per week, on the evening when my son was going to school. Those meetings quickly became sexual, with both of us taking off all of our clothing as we kissed, masturbated ourselves and each other and finally went to bed togeather. As we continued to explore this new physical relationship, we talked about how what we were doing was just one small part of who we were sexually, and that it didn't define us as lesbians. Neither of us has an interest in the club scene or seeing other women.

My only remaining problem is with my son who is now well aware of the fact that I am seeing my friend regularly and convinced that the two of us are having a sexual realationship, which I am not admitting to him. His reaction to that has been to be more open about his own sexuality in front of me. He is constantly letting me see him with an erection and sometimes openly masturbating in front of me. These incidents always seem to be accidental, but I know that he is doing it on purpose. Last week for example we were in the living room watching an evening football game on television and I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to see him furiously maturbating less than five feet from me on the same couch. He said that he thought it would be ok since I seemed to be sleeping. When I asked if football was arousing for him, he said that it was being with me that did it, even though I was not wearing anything that might be interpreted as sexy. When I asked him not to masturbate in front of me, he again wanted to know if it was disturbing to me because I was a lesbian and, he wanted to know exactly what I was doing with my friend.

He also repeated the message that I gave him when this all started that masturbating was normal and that I had done it myself, after which he wanted to know if I would masturbate in front of him, or at least let him see me without clothing. When I said no he again asked if this was because I had become a lesbian.

I feel guilty about having started all of this, even though it was an accident, and I am also confused by the fact that I find his sexuality arousing. He has been asking what he is supposed to do since I seem to have a regular outlet but he doesn't.



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