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Tony Taught Me Everything

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I have only had one same sex experience in my life but I often think about it and wonder if I could ever have another experience as pure as that.

I was 13, the other boy was 14. I forget the how and why's but for some reason I spent the day at this boys home. There were no parents around. We had walked down to a public pool and swam. As we were leaving we talked to some girls and the other boy, Tony knew. I remember that one of the girls had really big boobs for a girl her age.

On the walk back, Tony joked to me that the girl with the boobs had been looking at my dick. Being an innocent lad, I did not understand what he meant. Tony said that it was obvious that I had an erection and she was looking at it through my bathing suit. I realized that he was right; I did have an erection and tried to cover it up by holding the towel in front of me.

When we got back to the house, Tony and I went to his room to change out of out wet things. As I did I saw that Tony also had an erection. We stood there and looked at each other's penises. I was a bit larger than Tony but he had some hair that I lacked.

Tony asked if I wanted to jerk-off with him. I had never masturbated before but had heard the term. I said 'you go first'. He made me promise I would after him.

He sat on the edge of the bed and placed his fist around his penis. He moved it up and down so fast I could hardly see his hand. Within a minute he had ejaculated a thin stream of semen onto the bedspread and carpet.

'Your turn' Tony announced and sat me down on the bed. I recall feeling the warm semen on my butt as I sat down.

Not really knowing what to do, I copied Tony's method. I grabbed my now hard penis and squeezed it tightly while pulling up and down rapidly. It actually hurt quite a lot and I stopped after a few seconds.

Tony must have realized that I had never done this before and said 'let me show you' as he sat down beside me. I watched as he moved his foreskin up and down with his hand, fascinated as his penis grew long and hard again.

After a moment, he gently took my cock in his hands and showed me how it was done. I did not understand what was about to happen but I liked it. He stopped and I said 'keep going'.

Tony gave me a strange look and said 'do you want me to finish you?' My face must have answered as he took my cock again and stroked me to my first orgasm. When I came I shot a small drop of clear semen high into the air, landing on Tony's leg.

Tony and I spent the rest of the day in his room taking turns jerking each other off, watching the other masturbate or doing it together.

Tony explained everything he knew about how men and women had sex, girl's anatomy and all the ways he masturbated. I was amazed. It was like a door to a whole new world had been opened.



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