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Tong's Dong - Dorm Room

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The best way to jack-off in a drom room is to just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My name is Tom, I am a 19 year old college sophomore. I am 6'5' 230 pounds of pure muscle. I have a curly head of jet black hair and my eyes are deep blue. I am without a doubt a chick magnet. I am proud to be cut and I am a shower, and when it is hard it is about six and a quarter inches long. My roommate Tong is also 19. He is a 6'6' 235 athlete. He is a great looking black guy. Tong is a grower with a short fat dick. He is also cut and when he is hard he is just under six inches. You bet I kid him about me being bigger. When we walk around campus together we are known as salt and pepper.

Our dorm has locker room type showers and we love to find somebody in the shower and one of us get on one side and the other on the other side and the joke is. 'Hey Tong, What does the right ball say to the left ball?' Tong answers, 'Who is the penis between us.' We also love to walk butt naked down the hall to the shower with our arms locked over each other shoulders. We are both as straight as can be, but it is fun to see the reactions.

Just like every guy that is sharing a dorm room the question always comes up. How am I going to jack-off. At home I have my own room and never worried about jacking-off. My dad encourages jacking-off and virginity. I am a virgin and will be on my wedding night. At home I jacked-off at least once a day and twice on Saturday and Sunday when I had more time. On the second Friday of class I left a little earlier than normal before my 8:00 a.m. class. I was going to run by the gym and talk to a cute girl I had met and walk her to class. I had been away from the room for about ten minutes when I remembered I did not have my computer, thinking with my dick rather than my brain. Instead of getting to talk to the girl I had to run back by the room.

When I unlocked the door Tong was on his bed, butt naked, jacking-off. He did not notice when I came in the room because he had his legs spread propped on the bookshelf headboard facing away from the door and he was listening to his MP3 player. As I said I had been gone for about 10 to 15 minutes now and after I had been in the room for about 15 seconds Tong began to shoot cum all over his chest and stomach. After his orgasm stopped I walked over and pulled his earphone out of one ear. Tong looked and said, 'Why are you back?' I said, 'You turd.' I got my backpack and went back to class.

That evening when it got time for bed I stripped and laid butt naked on my bed and jacked-off. I figured that I better relieve the tension. Tong did the same thing. We have been jacking-off every night since. I sure am glad I caught Tong doing what I wanted to be doing myself. I had been jacking-off in a stall in the restroom, a really crappy place to jack-off.



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