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Tommy Started Getting Nasty

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I told my boyfriend about what happened to me when I was 12 years old. He told me about Solo Touch and that I should write in about this and tell everybody.


I was a very innocent 12 year old when this happened. Three houses up the street lived Tommy. Tommy was 15 at the time. He and I had often played with each other as we were growing up. On this day we were both out of school for the Summer. It was late morning and I was out in front of my house playing when Tommy came walking by.

He stopped and asked me 'want to come over and see the new game on my computer'? I said 'sure' and followed him to his house. We got in and sat side by side playing the game together. Then I noticed Tommy's free hand was between his legs and moving. I thought to myself that he probably needs to use the bathroom. Then Tommy said 'my dick is so big and hard'. I didn't know what he was talking about. I looked down again and I could see that he was rubbing his hand on his penis thru his shorts and that it was big. I'd seen lots of little penises on lots of little boys but they were nothing like this.

I looked down again and this time Tommy moved his hand away giving me a good look at the big bulge in his shorts. I thought to myself that Tommy was being nasty and started to get up and go home. But, it all felt so naughty like too so I sat there looking. Tommy then asked 'wanna touch it'? I felt so naughty as I slowly reached over putting my finger tips on the bulge. Tommy moved back his chair a little giving me a better view. It was easy to make out the outline of his penis. Tommy then said 'go ahead and rub it'.

I put my hand over it and started rubbing it like Tommy had been doing. Tommy then said 'ahhh, that feels good'. I felt so naughty and nasty. Then Tommy reached down to the leg opening to his shorts and pulled it up uncovering his penis. It was sticking out now and was so big and hard. Tommy told me 'go ahead and touch it'. I again reached over touching it. It felt so hard and smooth.

Then Tommy asked me 'do you know what sperm is'? I said 'yes' thinking about the pictures I'd seen in books and on TV of course referring to the cells with the long tails on them. Tommy then asked 'do you want to see my sperm'? I said 'OK'. He then reached down putting his hand over mine showing me where to hold it and how to stroke it. When I get it down right Tommy pulled his hand away and said 'keep doing that and you'll soon get my sperm'.

Tommy then straightened up and raised his hips some off his chair. I continued to 'pump' on his penis. Tommy then went to saying 'ahh, thats it. I'm almost there. ahh that feels good'. I kept up my strokes a few more seconds and Tommy said 'Ann, I'm going to come. Watch and my sperm will shoot out. Ahhh' and this thick white stuff shot out of his penis and then another and another landing on the floor and on his leg. Tommy sounded out of breath and was breathing real hard. He settled back in his chair and told me 'that's called cum and my sperm is in it'. I put my finger tips in it and looked at it. Tommy said 'you can't see them but there in there'.

Tommy then jumped up pushing his penis back up into his shorts and was feeling guilty. He wiped up the cum from everywhere and he had me promise not to tell anyone about what we had just done.

This was 10 years ago and I've long since learned that what Tommy did that day was pretty natural for a boy. I've seen over and over how boys (and men) absolutely love to show there erect penises to the girl that got it aroused and hard and how they love to have us touch it and play with it. And it is also a thrill to them to have us see them shoot there cum. So Tommy was feeling and doing what most if not all boys love to do except that he was doing it with a younger girl. This was what made it so naughty and nasty.



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