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Told to Stop

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first post was At Last I was Caught 13 Jan 2003


I mentioned I would post a few more experiences, Im still loving your site. I thought I would tell you about when I was around 16. I told in my last post I lived with my grandmother, and had no other men to talk to family wise. I used to go to church with my Grandmother and often spent time with the priest, it was during some of our *man to man* talks he told me how evil it was, what a sin it was to *abuse myself*. I hadnt really told him, and he made me think that God himself had been giving my secrets away.. I tried to stop masturbating.. this wasnt easy, I was jerking off at least three or four times a day and could have done it more. I was always horny, and what had been a discreet and easy to hide boner at 11yrs old had suddenly within a couple of years became a thick throbbing full eight inches. After one long and threatening sermon I swore I would try. I didnt want to go to hell after all and I supposed the Priest knew what he was talking about.. I woke up the next morning with the burning hot tingly needing to piss and cum hard on..Normally in the mornings I sleepily stand legs spread over the toilet bowl cock in hand and see what was more urgent the piss or the cum..sometimes I only needed to give it a good hard few strokes and I was sending thick bursts of semen into the bowl, getting light headed and shaky legged while trying to aim straight when the flood of morning piss escaped. So there I lay.. my cock seemed to be on fire, my balls seemed about to burst, I must have stood over the bowl legs spread for five minutes, forcing myself to piss with a rock hard cock..
I spent all day trying to cover up the rigid swelling in my pants. I had to try though, I had made a promise.. How would I look at him next Sunday if I couldnt even last a day. Usually when I came home from school I would go to my room to *study* which was the time for a slow leisurely wank, indulging in fantasies of some girls I had seen that day. I am not circumsized and I used to start off real slow by just squeezing and pulling my foreskin forward, holding it closed and feeling the hardness try to force its way out. I still like to play this way, seems the more attention I give to just rubbng and pulling my foreskin the more precum I get. I tried to read, but my cock was pulsing, my balls hurt. From four orgasms a day to ...nothing. Somehow I got through the next hours. playing some football. doing chores etc. Now I was in bed, where i usualy slipped off my shorts and lay on my stomach, pressing into the matress, then sliding a cool pillow under myself raising my ass and spreading my legs so my balls would swing with the rythym. I lay awake for hours, every image in my mind getting more and more complex.
I persuaded myself it would be OK to just lay on the pillow ass raised if I didnt fuck the pillow, I lay , unmoving my cock twitching and throbbing. I rolled the pillow double and raised my ass higher but still didnt move, just the pulsing of my cock, my mind became aware of the cool air on my ass. I opened my legs wider and wider, I didnt know what to do with myself. SIN SIN., it kept going through my head. I knew I couldnt touch my cock.. he would know for sure and my soul would indeed be damned for all eternity!!
I buried my face down on the bed and suddenly wanted to feel the cool breeze from the window on my ass even more. I reached behind me and opened the cheeks of my ass, then I had a feling a need a desire I had never had before, I wanted to feel something deep inside me. I couldnt stop I slid a finger into my ass, I dont think I was breathing.. Suddenly my cock was squirting more cum than I had ever known, my anus was in a series of intense spasms gripping my finger which I had in up to the knuckle, it was so intense so breathtaking, it felt like my balls had been shot up through my shaft. my ass was still throbbing, it seemed my finger was now in a vice, the feeling as I pulled it out was something I have never forgotten and Im sorry to say hasnt been matched since, it seemed every nerve tingled, and I felt a sudden heat all over my lower belly and cock. I had wet myself..
I can only say, I have a lot to thank that priest for, had it not been for him I may never had discovered what would become one of the greatest and most erotic games I was to continue playing for over 35 years *W*



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