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To Bubble Butt-just Me

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Hope this meets your expectations


I have been considering your request regarding the intimate/specific details of a male's masturbation experience since I read your 'What I Want To Read' submission from 10/22. I am going to attempt to satisfy your request.

I just completed my most recent masturbation session a few minutes ago with you in mind. I wanted to commit each detail to memory in order to convey to you with words exactly what I felt and fantasized as I brought myself to climax. My cock is now spent, emptied, and a bit exhausted as a result of an extremely strong orgasm. I had practiced delayed self-gratification for several days previous to today in order to build up both my excitement at what I wanted to do for you and also to have a nice amount of my male juice ready to explode at my moment of climax. I did indeed have an extremely explosive orgasm as a result of my abstinence and using portions of your posting as my fantasy. More of that later.

I will describe myself to you. I am a 33 year old white male. My wife passed away a little over a year ago. Since then my sexual life has consisted of solo masturbation sessions. I'm not ready to move on to another relationship just yet.

I am 5'8' tall and weigh about 160 lbs. I keep myself in good shape with regular exercise. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am what somtimes is referred to as ruggedly handsome. Not my words but something I have been told several times through the years. I had several relationships with women prior to marrying my wife. I was married and faithful to my wife for eight years prior to her death.

My earliest masturbation memories are of being a boy and rubbing my penis against my pillow in bed at night. I most likely discovered the pleasant sensation of doing this by accident. When I first began to do this I don't recall having the spasms of a climax at the end. It just felt good. At some point in time, while doing this, my young boy's penis did experience the spasms of completion of an orgasm. I was pleased and surprised the first time this happened. Of course, these were dry orgasms as my body was not yet producing sperm. Once I discovered the orgasm part of this practice I was hooked. My pillow-humping practice became at least a bi-nightly event.

I smiled to myself when you mentioned your bubble butt. As a result of my early discovery of how good my penis would feel rubbing against a pillow

I developed a bit of a fetish for rubbing against a female's ass as one of my sexual turn-ons as I grew older. Not as an obsession, mind you, but as an alternative sometimes to conventional intercourse and/or oral sex. Fortunately for me, both my wife and a couple of my girlfriends prior to that did not mind catering to that whim of mine. They would lay on their stomach, I would mount them from behind and just rub myself against the soft, smooth skin of their shapely asses. Some of my strongest orgasms have been experienced in this manner. I am most definitely an ass man. Not to cross any lines here, but the thought of rubbing against your 'bubble butt' would be quite a treat. Mmmmmmmm...

Around the age of thirteen the guys I hung around began to joke and kid each other about 'jacking off.' I had all ready figured out that my pillow humping was a form of what I now knew to be masturbation. What I didn't know was that there were other ways to manipulate my cock to bring on those incredible spasms. Yes, I was older now and began to think of my penis as a cock. A more grown-up term, if you will.

My friends would do a jerking motion with their hands when talking about this 'jacking off' practice. What's up with that, I would wonder? I decided to find out. I might mention at this point in time I had begun to have wet orgasms and was quite proud of my body turning into a man. Of course, as a result of now shooting off cum when I orgasmed, I learned to lay a towel over my pillow case prior to fucking my pillow. No need to leave tell-tale signs on my pillow case for my mother to discover. I had all ready found out that masturbation was taboo in the conservative home I grew up in. That's a story for another time. I would rinse the towel myself afterwards and hide it. I probably wasn't getting away with anything, but at least I thought I was.

I was curious and determined on finding out if I could bring on my orgasm spasms with my hand rather than my pillow. I can remember vividly the first time I laid in my bed and decided to use my hand instead of rubbing against my pillow. I might mention I had my own bedroom with all the privacy I could ask for. I did not have to worry about being quiet or secretive behind the closed door of my bedroom.

I guess it's time I describe my cock for you. I wasn't fully developed yet at that time in my life. I had a modest amount of pubic hair with more to still grow out in the next couple of years. My cock at the time was probably no bigger than 5' when hard. What man wants to share his penis length when flaccid? As a grown man my cock measures just short of 7' when hard and aroused. Not too big, not to small. I am a bit thicker than average, at least that's what I have been told by the women I have been with. I do know the head of my cock is a bit bigger than the norm. I have seen a few porn movies in my time and have spent time in a few locker rooms, and yes, I have stolen glances at other men's equipment to compare. I have a nice plum size purple head at the crown of my cock. I don't think any woman I have been with has ever been disappointed. I am not circumsized, however, I keep my little guy meticulously clean at all times. I was taught that at a young age. Actually, I am glad I am not circumsized. I'm almost certain that the sensitivity and pleasure in my cock head is enhanced by that fact. My cock head being covered when not in use, is much more sensitive when uncovered and in use. Betcha that's true. But back to my story..

I lay on my back in my bed as a young boy. The idea planted in my head by my buddies of 'jacking off' with my hand. My young cock had all ready become half-hard in anticipation of what I was about to do. I lowered my right hand and slowly and gently grasped my cock in my hand. I was becoming more rigid by the second. My skin so soft covering the hardness of the bone beneath. I have always been fascinated on how skin that is extremely soft to the touch can cover something as hard as a fully aroused male cock. An extremely unique contrast I believe.

I gently began to squeeze my cock. Gentle pressure, slow squeezes. In a few short moments I was fully aroused. My cock was as hard and long as it was going to get at that young age. As I began to fondle myself I fantasized the same thing as when I humped my pillow. I had never been with a female at that point in my life. I had never seen a naked girl/woman in real life, only the pictures in the dirty magazines my friends and I had managed to get our hands on. The Internet was not yet around. The thought of a naked woman standing there by my bed for me to look at was my only and most exciting fantasy at that time in my life. I imagined what her breasts would look like. I preferred smaller to medium size breasts. Less intimadating than some of the larger breasts I had seen in the magazines. I imagined what that secret place between her thighs might look like. Soft downy hair covering that mysterious slit. I had a very limited fantasy imagination indeed. It was enough, though.

With my naked fantasy woman playing in my mind I commenced with an up and down stroking action on my enlarged teenage cock. I fiddled with how firm or how gentle to squeeze. This was a brand new experience for me. A life changing experience. A new way to bring on those wonderful spasms of pleasure. Could I make that happen? My fantasy woman watched and whispered words of encouragement to me. 'I want you to cum for me, Billy. Such a nice cock you have for such a young man. Are you going to spurt some of that white cream for me? Will you do that for me? Will you?' Oh yes, I had her talk to me:-)

I continued to stroke up and down. I was trying to mimic the motion I saw my buddies use when joking about it. Something didn't seem quite right. But what? My hand was dry and wasn't sliding in a fluid motion. What to do? Duh, put some moisture on it, Billy. I brought my right hand up to my mouth and filled my hand with saliva. I dropped my hand back down to my cock and gripped it with my now slippery hand. Ah yes, the missing ingredient.

I recommenced with my ministrations. You have to realize once again I was doing this for the first time. I had to experiment. I had to improvise on an act I had never done before. With a firm grip on my cock I began to stroke once more. My hand slid up and down, up and down. When my stroke reached the head of my cock, the skin on my uncircumsized head slid up and down a bit on my cockhead. Whoa, that felt nice! My cockhead then and still is extremely sensitive. Trust me when I say that enhances the pleasure of my sexual activities.

I caught on to the motion, speed, and firmness of grip quite quickly. A medium strength grip, an alternating squeezing motion, fast for a few strokes, slow down for a few strokes, at the top stroke bring my skin down partially over the head of my cock to enhance the pleasure, remoisten my hand every minute or so. Oh yeah, I was figuring this out real good.

Perhaps four or five minutes into my virgin manual masturbation foray my efforts began to pay off. My hand was bringing on the same sensations my pillow had provided prior to this time. I lowered my left hand to cup my tight balls. Oh yes, that added to the pleasure. I could sense a sensation at the base of my cock that my cum/juice/cream was starting its' journey up the inside shaft of my cock. A fraction of an inch at a time. I started to get very excited. Oh yeah, this is going to work. I'm going to be able to spurt my cum in a new and different way.

How do I describe the final minute or so with you, bubble butt, on my first orgasm that I manually accomplished. Let me try.

I wet my hand one last time. Once more I took my cock firmly in hand and began to stroke myself to climax. My fantasy woman was encouraging me. 'That's right Billy, you can make it cum for me, can't you? Such a nice big thick cock you have for such a young boy. So nice. I just know you're going to shoot off nice for me! Shoot it fast, shoot it hard. Will you do that for me, Billy?

My fantasy woman fuelled my desire. I was going to reach my goal. Yes, I was! I could feel the vibrant tingle of my cream/juice moving up the inside of my shaft. Closer to the edge, closer to the top. Obviously I knew nothing about edging at that time. Heck no. I wanted to cum!!!! It was about to happen.

My orgasm was seconds away. I was not going to quit stroking. Faster my hand moved. The skin on my cockhead moving back and forth adding an almost unbearable pleasure to my sensitive head. I could sense my cum move into my cockhead. I could feel my whole body tense in anticipation of what was about to happen. I knew the first spurt was about to fly.

UUUUUGGGGG...I started to cum, bubble butt, I started to cum soooooo hard. The first spurt had to have gone at least two feet if not more. Followed by a second spurt just as far, and followed by a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth spurt. Each wonderful spasm followed by another. My fantasy woman urged each spurt out of me till there were none left. I released my hand from my cock. The white cream that had erupted from my cock just a moment before was on my bed, on my stomach, on my arm and hand. Quite a mess to be sure. I relaxed on my back and I'm sure smiled contently. That was good, that was very, very good I thought to myself. The first of many, many, many self provided orgasms I would treat myself to in the coming years. That was a good day!!

I just realized I began to tell you this about my most recent masturbation experience in specific detail and got side-tracked into sharing something totally different. I hope I did not disappoint you. Am I on track with what you were hoping for? I would really appreciate it if you could let me know your reaction to my submission. Whether you did or did not care for it. My feelings won't be hurt if you didn't like it. If you did like it I can follow-up in the future with the masturbation experience I orginally set out to send. Please leave me a message in the comment section of this site and I will react accordingly.

Take care,




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