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Tickling and More

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In my neighborhood, everybody played in the woods that ran down along behind all the houses and down to and past the creek. Sometimes I could go in the woods and be alone all day, and other times all the other kids would be there too, and everything in between.

My sister and I teased each other a great deal and horsed around a lot, so it was no big deal that we went to the woods together to play, either just with each other or with other kids as well.

One warm summer day my sister and I were wandering around the woods as we usually did when no one else was there. As the morning wore on, I had to pee, and with it being to far to trek back to the house I just let it fly against a tree, as we had always done. Elaine, my sister, took this opportunity to begin tickling my ribs. I howled in delight but also started peeing on myself. I figured if I was getting wet, she should, too, so I wheeled around and started spraying her bare legs. I thought she would run away, but she stayed put and stared at my growing boner.

We had not seem much of each other naked since we were really little, so this was a revelation for her, especially with me being hard. Since she didn't say anything and didn't move, I just left it hanging out in the air, even though I had finised. I was liking her looking at it.

After a bit, she said, 'My turn, now.' I protested, but she threatened to tell if I didn't go along with her. I didn't like the thought of getting peed on, but I did like the thought of seeing her pussy, now that I knew what it was for.

Knowing that girls sat down to pee, I asked how she was going to do it, and she told me just to lie down on the ground. I told her she better not get my shorts wet, so she told me to take them off, which I did. Then she took hers off and I could see what I had never seen for real before. Her pubic hair was not as thick as mine, but it was coal black while mine was brown.

She squatted right over my boner and her legs opened up to reveal that pink already damp slit and my boner was jerking with each heartbeat. As she peed on it, I shot stream after stream of hot cum into the air, some hitting her, and all of it landing on me.

She asked what that was, so I had to give her a quicky 'birds and bees' explanation. We went to the creek and washed ourselves, airdried, and put our clothes back on. We played the rest of the afternoon alone in the woods, with her asking about what had happened between us several times. We played show and tell a few times, then went on home to supper. My balls felt great, having cum without the benefit of human touch.

We went to the woods for several more days without bringing it up again, but my intent was to get her naked again. We were hampered, though, by friends being there, too, for several more days. Well, either that, or rain.

Without each other knowing, we started asking our friends about when they would be there, and finally there was a Thursday when it seemed everybody would be gone. We left that Thursday as normal, but on the way to the woods, I commented that I didn't know if anybody else would be there, or not. To my satisfaction, Elaine rattled off a list of those who would not be there that she knew of. She had been asking, too!!!

So, when we arrived deeply enough in the woods, and confirmed that no one else was there, I immediately announced that I had to pee. I went to a tree, with Elaine right behind me. I was expecing a tickle, but it never came. Then, as I was shaking off, she did tickle me. It didn't take me long to figure that she wanted to play again, but without the pee. So, I turned around without putting my cock away. She got closer and stared. I said, 'It's your turn,' and she stripped. So now, I was looking, not only at a dark bush, but also my first set of real tits. Gorgeous, firm boobs with pink nipples and areolae. So I took off all my clothes, too.

We sat down, feeling each others bodies and saying little. Both of us were dribbling out our sexes and our breathing was heavy. Finally, she said she wanted to see me cum again, and I told her it would need help this time. She asked how, and I started showing her with my stroking motions. I rubbed my cock slowly up and down and rimmed the head with my precum. I looked at her, and after a moment of staring, asked if she wanted to help. She did, so she started, as slowly as I was doing it. She kept asking when it was going to shoot and I told her to keep going and I would tell her. She was on her knees in front of me and I was sitting down with my legs outstretched and leaning back on my elbows. Then, I whispered heavily that I was going to cum and she jumped up and straddled my cock so that all the cum went on her pussy. That was the first time a girl had either touched or stroked my cock, so I must have shot 100 loads at her.

She then fell back on my legs and started rubbing herself, with me looking in amazement. I had no idea what she was doing, because I knew that girls could not ejaculate. She didn't say anything, but just kept rubbing herself. Then, she began furiously rubbing on it breathing loudly, and started jerking. As she finished cumming, she settled down, sat fully on my legs, looked at me, and said, 'That was soooooo good.'

Curious as I was, I asked what had just happened, and she told me what exactly she was doing, showing me her clit and letting me feel it. She never said that she was jilling, or that she had cum; but rather it just feels good and then it's like an explosion.

I told her that's how I felt when I shot, and we surmized that she had the girl version of what I had done.

The summer was over too quickly and there were too many friends around and too many rainy days, but we did more of that every time we were alone in the woods. As winter came on and it became too cold to be naked outside, we found a way to get together at night after our parents had gone to bed.

We continued our adventures well into adulthood and we progressed to more activities together. Since we both had learned each of the other's hot buttons, she was the best.



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