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Tickle Games With Sis, Part 3

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Continued from Sept 17


A couple of days had past since my little sister Mariann and I had our first mutual masturbation experience. Just to recount, I woke up so horny that morning that without thinking I put my hand down Sis's pj's and started tickling the tiny lips of her sweet pussy. It got me so worked up that I finally took Sis's hand and wrapped it around my cock and had her give me one of the best hand jobs I had in my whole life. I think it freaked Sis out, but after she had the night to think about it, she decided she liked it. I knew Sis really liked it since the next morning she practically begged me to tickle her again. I complied, but I desperately wanted Sis's hand stroking my cock again. Since Mom was at home all I could do was play with Sis's pussy, hoping to not get caught.

For the last couple of days all I could think about was Sis's peach fuzz covered pink pussy and what I was going to do the next time we had an opportunity to play. I was jerking off into Sis's used panties every chance I could, just waiting for the next time she and I could be alone. That afternoon I got home from school first and found a note from Mom that she wouldn't be home until late. I knew Dad wouldn't be home for a couple of hours and I started getting real excited that this was my chance for Sis and I to play again. I started doing my homework on the couch in the living room thinking about how to approach Sis so that I wouldn't seem too desperate.

Sis finally came in from school and my heart started beating in my chest. Sis came over to the couch looking extremely cute and sexy in her blue school jumper and white knee socks, holding her books in front of her. Sis asked where Mom was since she must have noticed her car gone from the driveway. I explained she wouldn't be home till late. Sis was making small talk while I checked out her butt as she flopped on the couch. When Sis landed her jumper was about about mid thigh giving me a great view up her skirt. I was getting a perfect shot of Sis's pink pantied covered vee and my cock started to come to attention as my mouth went dry. Sis continued chatting away while I checked out her panties, pretended to do homework and trying not to get caught. Finally Sis got up and went to her bedroom to change out of her school uniform. I decided to give Sis a few minutes before I put my plan in action, since I wanted to time my entrance just right. I thought I would have a better chance with Sis and things would be less complicated if I walked in while she was still in her undies, before she had a chance to change into another outfit.

I waited a few minutes before casually walking down the hall to Sis's room. Sure enough Sis was in her panties, her uniform on the bed as she turned and said 'Hi'. As I walked into the room I lightly said, 'Hey, guess what time it is?'. Sis replied, 'What time is it?'. I took Sis by the hand, 'C'mon, it's time to get tickled'. Sis took my hand and responded, 'Oh, ok', she made it seem like she didn't want to, but I could tell by the way she took my hand that Sis was as eager as I. I led Mariann to the couch as we sat down side by side. I was really nervous, but didn't hesitate as I put my hand on Sis's panty covered pussy and started petting. Sis's pussy was incredibly warm and soft and I started concentrating on the obvious cleft in Sis's tight pink panties as I petted at the top where I thought her clit might be located. After a few minutes I took Sis's panties off and dipped my finger between her tiny moist lips. I was in heaven once again as I stared at her pussy while making light circles with my middle finger in Sis's pussy. I could feel Sis's delicate pink flesh dancing on my finger tip as her lips moved in rhythm with my finger. Every so often I would slide up the middle of her pussy and circle Mariann's little button of a clit. I could tell by Mariann's breathing that she was enjoying herself, but I wanted to hear her say it, so I asked Sis, 'Does this feel good?'. Sis could barely talk, but she managed a 'Uh huh', I could tell it was feeling great to her. By now my cock was ready to explode and my pre-cum was flowing. I stood up, undid my belt and jeans and pulled them below my knees. I reached over and took Sis's hand and put it on my cock and started moving her hand up and down. After a few strokes, I took my hand away and Sis continued moving her hand up and down by herself. I said, 'That's right, just keep doing it like that until the white stuff comes out again'. I went back to stroking Mariann's pussy, while she stared at my cock while moving her hand up and down. Sis's hand was warm and she held my cock with just the right amount of pressure, moving her hand much slower than I did when I jerked off, but I liked it a lot. I knew Sis stroking me at this speed would make me last for a while and as horny as I was, I was in no rush to have this end. I alternated between watching my finger playing in Sis's pussy and Sis's hand stroking my cock. Her small hand barely fit around my cock and the sight was very exciting.

My pre-cum was flowing and running down the back of my cock as Mariann stroked me slowly up and down. My pre-cum was about to touch Mariann's thumb and the thought of it touching my sister was extremely hot. I pulsed my cock to make more pre-cum as it finally touched her thumb and flowed over. Mariann watched as my cock jumped in her hand and continued stroking not losing a beat. I was getting close and I wanted to cum with my sister. I asked Mariann, 'Did you cum yet?', Sis responded with a, 'Huh?'. I knew right then that Sis didn't know what cum meant yet. I asked, 'Did it feel good all at once yet?' Sis responded, 'I think so'. I still wasn't sure, but I knew I was getting close. Even though Mariann was stroking me agonizingly slow, it felt great and I felt the pressure building in the underside of my cock. As I stared at Mariann's pussy, I knew I was about to cum and it was going to be great. The first time Sis gave me a handjob, she got scared when I started to cum and and let go of my cock. It felt good, but I knew it would feel much better if she stroked right through my orgasm. I didn't want Sis to let go again, so I said, 'The white stuff is gonna come out again, this time don't stop moving your hand until it all comes out, ok'. Sis said, 'Ok'. I was ready to cum, but Sis was stroking me so slow that she had me hanging on the edge. I was almost ready to beg her to let me cum. I opened my legs a bit and raised my hips as Sis moved her hand up and down and after a few more strokes, the cum started flowing out of me like a fountain, before my cock even started pulsing. Then the pulsing started and I was cumming like I had never cum before. While I twirled my finger in my little sister's pussy, Sis continued stroking away like I had told her, the cum flowing over her hand and onto my belly. The cum finally stopped but my orgasm didn't stop. I continued to pulse while Sis slowly worked my cock up and down. Thankfully, Sis continued stroking me until I finally said, 'Ok, I'm done, you can stop now'. I took a breath since I was almost ready to faint, my orgasm was that good. I continued playing with Mariann's pussy while I basked in the afterglow of my orgasm, hoping to give my sister an explosive cum like I had just experienced. After a few minutes of playing with Sis, I told her, 'Mmmm that was good, thanks' and went to the bathroom to clean up. I was really happy and couldn't wait to try other stuff with Sis. I really wanted Sis to cum with me, but that would have to wait till another day.



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