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Three Times the Fun!

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My sexual experiences were all pretty much 'straight up and down' until one fateful night when a reluctant agreement to give my ex and her best friend (let's call her Kate) each a back massage turned into an outright threesome! Since then I've come to discover the incredible turn-on of threesomes, exhibitionism and all it encompasses.

We repeated the experience several times in the few years following, and I've kept in very occasional touch with Kate since. We've been completely open about what 'floats our boat' and we (obviously) share some fantasies so there's no secrets between us. One night out of the blue a few years ago I got a call from Kate with a very exciting proposition, which I subsequently accepted, but that's a story for another site.

However my last encounter with her, not so long after that, is what I'm about to relate to you.

The exciting proposition I mentioned involved Kate's best friend, who I'll call Linda. As best friends, they talk about everything and I soon found out that there wasn't much that Linda didn't know about *my* sexual desires. Far from being embarrassed, it excited me that Linda knew because, given what had transpired between us, it meant that I could talk freely to her about them too!

I got a call one Friday night from Kate, who was entertaining Linda and another of their friends who I'll call Jane. I had met Jane briefly on two occasions before, but didn't really know her at all other than to recall she was quite attractive. It had transpired that they had been talking about sex and Linda had even been telling Jane about our encounter.

Now Kate knew that I loved being watched by a woman while I jerked off. I was particularly turned on by the thought of being watched by a woman who had absolutely no intention of having sex with me, but none-the-less did want to watch me get off. Especially if I had never had any sort of sexual interaction with that woman before. Now multiply that by three!!!

This was a dream come true, and to have it offered to me on a platter was doubly exciting. I wasted no time in getting over there, it is a reasonable drive from home, worried that the mood would disappear before I arrived. I needn't have worried.

I made polite small-talk for as long as I dared. The anticipation was part of the buzz, and as we chatted it was always at the forefront of my mind what was about to happen. Just as I started to think it was time to get the ball rolling, and wondered to myself how I was going to 'break the ice', Linda noticed the growing bulge in my pants and suggested that it was something that I should take care of. Now. That was enough of an opening for me!

I stood, edging my way out from the couch to the rug in front of the TV. The lights were already dim and the girls re-arranged themselves to get a good view of proceedings. My attention was focused on Jane, because she was the one that hadn't seen me naked before, let-alone stroking my erect cock. Any nerves or embarrassment had long been masked by the way she looked genuinely eager to watch. I stepped out of my pants and removed my shirt, standing in only my underpants with a raging hard-on trying to break loose. I paused to rub myself for a few moments, soaking up the anticipation of exposing my cock to three attentive women. Finally, I took a deep breath and pulled my pants down to my ankles, and kicked them away. I watched Jane looking at my cock. What a turn-on!

I grabbed my cock and started to pull it slowly. I could tell that it wasn't going to take long, and the encouragement and cat-calls from the girls certainly helped. I still wanted this to last as long as possible, so I took it very easy. Despite my best efforts, I could feel that familiar warmth begin to grow from deep inside. I had to all but stop for a moment.

'I don't suppose...', I began, my voice trembling with the adrenalin pulsing through my body, '... that you girls would take your tops off for me?' Rather than answer though, Kate simply began unbuttoning her top. Now I did have to stop wanking, because two more strokes and I would've cum then and there! Linda wasted no time in following suit, and if I wasn't going to blow before, the sight of Jane unbuttoning her top would've been the icing on the cake! It wasn't long before I was staring at three beautiful, though very different, pairs of naked breasts!

Kate, by no stretch of the imagination fat, was none-the-less the most solid and had a very nice pair of (I guess) D tits as appropriate with her stature. Linda was more athletic, and I would have to say possessed the most perfect tits I have even seen 'in the flesh' to this day! Probably a C, but unbelievably firm-they just sat there! Jane was by far the slimmest, even too thin, and her A boobs were testament to this fact. But mouth-watering all the same!

By this stage I had seen everything that I had hoped to see, and set about relieving myself of a very full load of cum. Suddenly I realised that I was going to make an awful mess in Kate's loungeroom, and knew that it wasn't going to be acceptable. I stopped my wanking to express my concerns to Kate, and she jumped up to fetch a box of tissues from the kitchen bench.

As Kate reached across to hand me the box, I had a wicked thought. 'I don't suppose you'd do the honours for me, would you?' I asked her. I had little doubt that she'd agree, but before she could answer, Linda gushed 'I want to watch Jane do you!' This caught me off-guard, so when Jane took the box from Kate and made her way towards me, I was stunned. At least Jane wasn't going to have to work very long...

By now I was in seventh heaven and threw caution to the wind, no refusals from here-on in could spoil the experience. Before she got started on me, I asked Jane if I could come on her tits, and then lick it off. She had absolutely no hesitation in agreeing, and after handing me the box of tissues, knelt down in front of me, her face inches above my now aching cock. I felt her tiny hand wrap around my rock hard cock, and I rolled my head back and closed my eyes in preparation to cum. But after a few pulls she released her grip. I looked down at her to see her wriggling out of her skirt-no doubt not wanting to risk me cumming over her work clothes. Now she wore nothing but a black G-string. She turned back to my cock and grabbed it with both hands.

As she jerked away I looked at both Kate and Linda, immensely enjoying the spectacle of their friend wanking me. In moments I again felt that familiar feeling, but this time did nothing to resist it. I started buckling at the knees and didn't have to tell Jane I was about to cum. She pointed my cock at her breasts as the first spurt rocketed out-draping a line of cum from her cheek down to her boob. She rose a little as subsequent eruptions covered her little tits. I did my best to remain standing as she wrung the last drops from my cock. She looked up at me with a smile and she knew I was spent, releasing my still-hard cock to sway on its own.

I kissed her on the cheek, taking the first taste of my own cum, then immediately lowered my mouth to her nipple. It was small but hard, and I began to work on it with my tongue.

I'd like to think that things may have gotten a lot more heated from that point onwards if I'd persisted, but they didn't go much further than that. I didn't even want it to-at least not that night-I wanted it to be just about my masturbation fantasy, nothing more. In hindsight perhaps a missed opportunity, nothing further has happened between any of us, as most of us have moved into permanent relationships since then.

Not long after this happened, a (female) friend asked me to recount a blow-by-blow description of events, and she got off masturbating while I was telling her. She wants to be included if there is ever a repeat performance. Hope you find it equally stimulating-and perhaps experience it yourself some day!



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