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Thought I was alone ...

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I thought I was home alone, so I decided to masturbate ...


I'm back home after graduating college. My parents are both busy, so I have the house alone most of the time. Last week, I was getting out of the bathtub, and I became very horny while drying myself off. I have a good body, and sometimes just looking at it turns me on. I'm not conceited, I just get turned on easily. I didn't bother getting dressed since no one was home, and I went into the den. I didn't want to go all the way upstairs to my bedroom. I'd been in the downstairs bathroom for my bath, because it's the one with the garden tub, with the jets that always relaxes me. Besides, no one ever goes into the den. My goal is to have masturbated in every room of the house before I move out. We have a big house, and so far, I've only done it in my dad's office is on the other side of the house. Of course my bedroom, and all four bathrooms. I've only been home since Christmas, and I have to be careful because even though my parents aren't home, the housekeeper is here four times a week. I never know when she'll be here. But the den is what we call it, but it's actually the library and no one goes in there but the housekeeper to dust. It was her day off.


I looked around and saw the desk, the leather desk chair, and on the other side of the room, the leather couch, and two matching chairs. The room is cozy, but I wasn't sure where to start. I crossed the room and sat in the chair behind the desk. I spread my legs out and put them on top of the desk. I'm kind of short. I'm 5'1" so I was closer to the desk that most people would have been. So I moved the chair up to a more comfortable seating position and my pussy was facing the door. I'd locked it, just in case someone came home, but I didn't care at that moment anyway. My nipples were hard, erect and my only wish was that someone could suck them. I touched my pussy, that was now throbbing and wet. I leaned my head back, and my long hair hanging loosely behind the back of the chair, and I raised up my hips. I was finger fucking myself, and before I knew it, I began moaning. It had been a while since I'd had time alone and I was ready to cum hard.


I slowed things down, and played with my nipples, ran my fingers lightly over my body and the tingles that ripped through me felt so good that I closed my eyes and leaned back again. I knew I was about to cum even without touching my pussy because I was so out of control. I moved my hand down to touch myself, to stop the throbbing, and I thought I heard something, but realized it was just my own moans. After rubbing myself with one hand, and finger fucking with my other, I had an explosive orgasm that kept my body shuddering for several minutes. I had smaller orgasms after, so the feeling just continued. I'd squirted a little, something I'd recently learned, and I had a mess on the desk.


Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw my neighbor standing in the doorway. He'd come by to borrow some documents from my dad. He's in law school, and he's been interning for my dad. I didn't know this until later because although we were neighbors, we never talked to each other. We weren't friends. He's a year older than I am, but I know very little about him. My parents had told him to go on in through the backdoor, by the pool if I didn't answer the door. They said I'd probably be asleep. He had witnessed almost everything. The noise that I'd thought were just my moans had been him walking in. The door hadn't been locked, and he'd heard me making noises in the den, and followed the noise until he found me.


We just stared at each other. I didn't have anything to cover myself with, and I was too stunned to move. I looked away, but as I did, I noticed the bulge in his pants. He was hard. I just kept staring, and neither of us saying anything. He reached down, and rubbed his cock through his pants. I watched him as his pants got tighter and he had to unzip, and let his cock out. He was big, and my pussy started throbbing again. As he stroked himself, I started rubbing myself again, and this seemed to turn him on more. His body started bucking and he let out the loudest moan I'd heard from someone who hadn't even made a sound since he'd come in the room, and as he shot his load his knees buckled, and he leaned against the doorway for support. He kept moaning, and watching me. I sped up, and came again, this time I did it with my eyes opened, watching him and my moans were more throaty and more sexy. His eyes never left me.


After our bodies stopped the spasms, we pulled ourselves together and I walked out of the room, passing him without saying a word. I just rubbed my bare ass across him as I slowly walked passed him, to let him know I wanted to play again. He just looked at me with an awed expression. That was last week, and he hasn't been back over. Although I wouldn't mind, but this time, I would like to feel his hard cock inside me.



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