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Third Base

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Third base
This story is not as exciting as some of the others that I have read here, but it is absolutely true. First I need to set the scene. It was the summer of 1989, when I was 16 and had had little sexual contact with girls (1st base, occasionally 2nd). One of my best friends' (Kimberly) little sister (Kathleen) was playing in a youth softball league. Kathleen, or Katie, was 12 1/2. Kim was almost 15. I went to one of the games and noted to myself that she wasn't very good. She was very small, about 4'9" at the time. After the game, I offered to help her improve her hitting and fielding. The next morning, Kim, Katie and I went to the ball field. I hit her some grounders (warning: foreshadowing - she played third base). Then I pitched to her some and gave her some pointers. Kim was shagging. After a while, we all went to sit under a tall shady tree. That's when it started.
I did not plan this at all. Kim and I sat facing each other at a perfect angle (for me anyway). With just a casual glance downward, I could see up her shorts!! She had white undies on, but they were pushed off to the side a little. I could clearly see her pubic hair and just barely a little bit of labia. It took all of the control in my hormone-infested body to not cum right then and there. I got hard (who doesn't get hard the first time they see "it"), but was able to conceal it with my glove. After a little more practice, we went to my house as I had offered to buy pizza for lunch. My parents were working and I am an only child: empty house!!
During lunch, Katie excused herself to go to the bathroom. While she was gone, I told Kim what I had seen earlier. She was embarrassed, but only at first. Just talking with her about it got me hard again, and she noticed. She started rubbing my upper leg and I followed suit. By the time we had reached the upper inner thigh, Katie was back. I was rock hard. Kim's nipples were visibly hard and we were both beginning to sweat. We were busted!! "What are you doing?" she screamed.
"N-nothing," we both stammered. "You two were makin' out, weren't you?" "Not really," I said. "Not yet, anyway," I thought. "Yes you were! I won't tell ... but only if you let me watch." I was stunned. This was a twelve year old little girl!! She had started growing breast buds, but still! I wasn't thrilled about the concept of making out with her big sister while she watched. Kim finally agreed, she clearly did not want her parents to know. We resumed rubbing each other, starting at the crotch. She slowly unzipped my shorts and pulled them off along with my underwear, freeing my bulging erection oozing with pre cum. I pulled off her shirt and unhooked her bra. I started to lick, kiss and suck her average sized (for her age) tits. She started to slowly stroke my cock. After a few minutes, I went for the promised land. I moved my left hand onto the front of her soaking wet panties and started rubbing. I slipped them off and laid her on the couch to get my very first glimpse of live pussy. At this point, she stopped stroking my cock which was good because I was close to cumming, but I didn't want to yet. Her pussy was unremarkable, much like those I had seen in "Playboy" etc. But it was right there and dripping wet!!
As this was a new experience for me, I went slowly to savor each moment. I explored every inch of this young virgin pussy. I rubbed the outer labia until they started to unfold exposing her luscious inner lips and clitoris. She softly moaned as I rubbed her clit and inner lips, her juices coating my hand. It was about this time that I glanced over to Katie. I was going to ask her if she was enjoying the show. What I saw made my jaw drop.
She was buck naked, diddling herself in the same way that I was working on her sister!! The nipples on her tiny breasts were poking straight out. I could also see the glossy sheen of her juices on her peach fuzz covered pussy. I tapped Kim and motioned for her to look. Her mouth went wide open as well. "That little horny toad," she exclaimed. I was close enough that I could grab Katie while still pleasuring Kim. I pulled her a little closer so that I could have access to her pubescent mound as well. My first touch of her clitoris sent shivers down her spine. She panted, fell back onto the floor and leaked out some girl goo onto my hand. I was having the time of my life!! Two virgin pussies, in my hands, begging to be enjoyed. I slowly inserted a finger inside Kim's vagina and started feeling around. I must have hit her G-spot because she cried out and started trembling violently. I could feel her vaginal contractions around my finger as she drenched my hand with her love fluid. I slowly eased my finger out and went back to her clit. She pushed my hand away, obviously still too sensitive after her massive orgasm.
So, I focused my attention on Katie. I moved my Kim-cum-soaked hand to Katie's nipples and started rubbing and squeezing. All the while I was continuing to work on her tiny pussy with my other hand. I explored her in much the same manner as her older sister. I was hesitant to insert a finger. What if I ruptured her hymen? She was pre-menstrual age (I figured and later confirmed). How would she explain blood to her parents? I finally decided to use my pinky. I reasoned that it wasn't much bigger than a tampon. After a few seconds of inner vaginal stroking she also came, writhing and moaning with delight.
By this time, Kim had recovered and was on the floor next to me squeezing her nipples and playing with herself just enough to keep her juices flowing. Unfortunately, my poor neglected cock was now soft.
Kim scooped some of her juice, lathered it onto my dick and resumed stroking. It didn't take long for my erection to return. Kim continued pumping away, pausing occasionally to lubricate me with her copious fluids. When Katie recovered, she joined in the action. They alternated: Katie would stroke for awhile while Kim worked on herself to keep the lubrication coming (cumming?). Then Kim would smear her juice on to my dick and masturbate me while Katie fingered her own sex. After about ten minutes, I announced that I was going to blow. They both moved in closer and received a shower of steamy jizz on their tits and faces. Completely spent, we all just laid there for a time.
Eventually we showered together (relatively uneventfully) and cleaned up our mess of cum. Then they dressed and went home. (It was only a couple of blocks away.) I never did have sex with either of them (to date), but we all had an afternoon to remember playing around "third base." - submitted by Kevin



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