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Things That Fuel my Fantasies, Part Two

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Part two of series


Flash forward a few years Jen and I had moved to the big city, Wanda and Don were married, but having trouble, and Wanda came down to visit us for the weekend. After a great night of music at the clubs, we returned to our house, changed into more casual clothes, and were drinking wine and talking.

By the second bottle of wine, we were getting a little rowdy, when Wanda says, "Lets have a tit show!" Again, my wife said no, but I liked the idea so much, my dick got instantly hard, and the head pushed out from the leg of my cut off jeans. Wanda noticed, and scooting over, patted the cushion between her and Jen. I took the hint and immediately hopped over to sit between the two girls. I put my foot up on the cushion against Jen, which forced my penis further out of my cut offs, and Wanda began playing with it.

We drank some more wine, talked and watched TV for about an hour. Wanda played gently with my dick the whole time. I got squirmier, trying to feel Wanda's boobs without being obvious, and trying to prevent Jen from seeing what was happening. Jen was getting squirmier with irritation. Finally, she announced "I'm going to bed. Are you coming?" I figured that I had better, and followed her back to our room.

I kept an erection the whole night, which prevented me from getting much sleep. Jen was also restless, but lay with her back to me. I got up a couple of times in the night to pee, hoping this would help. It didn't. All I could think of was sneaking into Wanda's bedroom, but I didn't dare I knew Jen was sleeping very lightly.

The next morning Jen said, "I thought you and Wanda were going to f**k right in front of me last night!" I played innocent. "What do you mean?" Jen said, "She was playing with your dick the whole night." I said "No way! I was pretty drunk last night, but I'd remember that!" Jen just shrugged it off, and later we all went out for breakfast.

At the restaurant, we met up with Carol, another friend, for a planned tour of the city. Wanda sat in the front of Carol's car, with Jen and I in the back, and off we went. Carol said she had to drop something off at her parents house first, so we headed south.

When we got there, Carol invited us in to meet her parents. I said, "No thanks, I'll just sit tight." Wanda said she would stay as well, but Jen went inside with Carol. Immediately Wanda turned around and reached between the bucket seats to play with my cock some more. I pulled it out, then pushed up her t-shirt to play with her naked boobs - nice 34-Bs with beautiful pink half-dollar areola, and hardening pencil-eraser nipples.

I still had not cum from the night before and was nursing a severe case of the blue balls. I usually do not drip a lot, but now I was leaking pre-cum like crazy. Wanda began licking it from her fingers, and said, "I wish I could get my mouth on it." "God yeah!" I moaned. Then I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, and we quickly covered up.

It was Carol's dad, coming over to invite us inside. We declined, saying that the other two should be out in a bit, because we had to leave soon. He left, and we continued fooling around until the two girls came back out.

I did not get to cum until late that night, after Wanda had left for home, and Jen had gone to bed, but the wait was worth it. I had one of the strongest orgasms of my life, with a massive ejaculation.

I still wonder what might have happened if Jen had said yes to the tit show, or if I had encouraged her by paying attention to her instead of Wanda on the sofa. And I often jack off remembering the first times Wanda played with my cock.



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