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They Thought I Was Stupid

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I've been legally blind since I was five years old. What most people don't understand is that I am not totally blind at all. I can see images although very cloudy but if it is bright or if lights are on I can see outlines of people, furniture and doors etc. I've dated quite often and have had sex numerous times but am in a situation now that totally satisfies me. I decided a long time ago that I don't wish to have children and have always been overly careful about getting pregnant. Many of my boyfriends have had to deal with my fears and mutual masturbation was at times the only sexual outlet I gave into.


My present boyfriend is Jerry who I have been dating for over a year now. He knows how I feel and fully accepts how our sex is limited. A few times a week we begin maturbating each other. It started out simple but soon developed into a variety of ways to stimulate and satisfy each other. At present I have five different dildos and two vibrators with various attachments. I know he very much enjoys seeing me naked just by the way he has me in so many different positions as he masturbates or just titilates me. From the start he always has the lights on as bright as possible thinking I don't know. He also thinks I am completely blind and I assume, like he, most people think that my sight is totally dark.

A little more than eight months ago was the start of it. He came over one Saturday night and we just sat and had pizza and talked for awhile. He thinks I can't see a thing but he left my door open and a short time later another guy snuck into my apartment. I didn't even notice him until he walked by the lamp in my living room. I was nervous at first but realized right away that Jerry had let him in. I didn't know who it was but soon found out it is Jerrys cousin Brandon. I didn't say anything or let on that I knew someone else was in the room and was sure Jerry really thought I didn't know. I decided to see how far he would let things go and we soon went into my bedroom.

Jerry began to undress and made sure all the lights were on which he always did. I couldn't believe it at first but he was willing to let his cousin watch us. I hesitated for a moment but what came over me, I don't know. I undressed as I usually did and although embarrassed by what I was doing in front of his cousin, felt aroused by it. Jerry and I got into bed and kissed and touched each other for awhile and I was actually excited that Brandon was watching us. I had never done anything like this before and was suprised at myself for letting it go on. For the next hour or two we masturbated each other. Jerry could usually cum twice each night we were together but even after he was satisfied he always concentrated on satisfying me. He used both dildos and vibrators on me and at times had me in humiliating positions. For some reason it just aroused me more knowing Brandon was watching and I think I orgasmed more that night than ever before.

For the next few weeks he let Brandon in on two Saturdays and a Friday night. The nights Jerry came alone I was actually disappointed and oddly didn't have as many orgasms. Over the next month or so he had Brandon with him at least once every week. I wasn't sure at first but began to realize Jerry was letting Brandon use the dildos and vibrator on me. By this time I was overacting my blindness and would purposely bump into things when I got up to go to the bathroom or to get a drink. As I said, I can see images but still can't see anything clearly and often wondered if Brandon masturbated while watching or just looking at me naked. I just kept acting like I didn't know what they were doing. Then one night I guess Jerry decided to let me masturbate Brandon. I knew right away it was Brandon because Jerry insisted I masturbate him while he was standing beside the bed, which I rarely did with Jerry. As soon as I touched Brandons penis and scrotum I knew it wasn't Jerry but masturbated him just the same. Thats when it occurred to me that they must consider me stupid.

Jerry came over alone the following Tuesday and thats when I told him I knew all about it. He really was surprised that I knew and began telling me how sorry he was. I don't think he belieed me at first but I finally told him how much I enjoyed it when Brandon was here and said how it excited and aroused me more when he was. Since then the two of them come over at least once a week but lately twice each week. I masturbate both of them, sometimes twice, and now they both please me at the same time. I can't even explain how wonderful it is to be stimulated in so many places at the same time. I lose track of the number of orgasms I obtain and we now openly talk about it. They penetrate both my vagina and anus at the same time but I am also fondled as they do. One will use a dildo as the other uses the vibrator on me. As they do this they also rub my breasts and sometimes lightly spank me. I have never been so satisfied and its impossible to put into words how arousing it is. Sometimes when I climax it is almost violent and I worry that my neighbors can hear my gasps and moans of pure pleasure. I am so loud sometimes Jerry has to tell me to quiet down.

I never thought I would be capable of something like this but am anxious each time they come over. Jerry still comes alone but I try not to show my disappointment when Brandon isn't with him. I get aroused and masturbate alone sometimes thinking of how they pleasure me. Some of the positions they put me in are at times painful but I am usually so aroused at the time I never complain. I know they do this to expose me more to them and at times have me draped over the back of a chair or face down on my desk. One will hold my legs up and wide open as the other explores my vagina and anus either with their fingers or the dildos and vibrator. It sounds mortifying but it is so arousing to me I want to scream sometimes. I can't beleive it myself most of the time but I willingly allow them to do things to me that I never imagined or thought of. If it is something I don't like I tell them right away and they never do it again. There have been times when my vagina or anus is sore for a couple days but it is well worth it. I'm sure the two of them think they are taking advantage of me but I look at it as the other way around. Neither realize how much I anticipate them coming over each time. I certainly don't consider myself handicapped in any way and am perfectly happy with the way things have turned out. They still don't know what 'legally' blind means and think I see nothing at all. I just let them think whatever they want and never talk about it anymore. Even now I don't think Jerry believes that I knew Brandon was there that first time. He also doesn't believe I know when all the lights are on or that I know he purposely turns them all on when I'm naked. I have stopped, a long time ago, trying to explain things to him and just let him and Brandon think I am helpless. That way they cater to me and wait on me hand and foot. I think they both feel sorry for me but that doesn't stop them from taking advantage of my body, so to speak. I imagine I make them think that way but it is I who reap all the benefits.



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