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They Knew What Was Up

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I have enjoyed Solo Touch and hope the letters keep coming, particularly about getting caught masturbating. I dont know why but these stories always seem to interest me and make me a bit horny too.

The two esperiences I have to tell are not exactly what most 'caught' stories are like, but here they are.

The first one happened when I was about 15 years old. I had been masturbating for about a year or two maybe at that point. I had no sexual experience other than kissing a girl and fondling a girls breasts. I had a small stash of Penthouse and Playboys that served my fantasies and I usually masturbated at night when I went to bed. I was having wet dreams regularly at that age and I have 3 brothers so I know my mom knew all about boys and what happens as they mature.

One evening I was taking a shower and of course rubbing my hard cock as I washed myself. In those days I had discovered the pleasure of touching my anus so when I showered I never failed to soap up a finger and play with and penetrate my back hole for fun. I was busy enjoying myself and masturbating, coming close to an orgasm but backing off when I felt myself get too close. Suddenly the door opened and my mom stuck her head in and said to get out, I was using all the hot water. You couldnt see through the steamed shower stall doors so I know she didnt see my hard penis. I stopped stroking my cock and told her I would be getting out right away. I thought it would be better if I waited to come in bed anyways, so I rinsed and shut off the water.

As I got out of the shower and began drying myself off, in walks in my mom again! My penis is huge and fully erect, so I try and cover myself as she is gathing up towels. Turns out she is doing the wash and then says to me, 'give me that towel so I can wash it and get another one from the cupboard.' Oh man, I thought, she is going to get an eye full. I hand her the towel and as she grabs it she takes a good long look at my hard on. I make a move to go get another towel, and I see her smile and as she leaves the bathroom she says, ' just dont play with it too much.' I was mortified, first that she saw my erect dick and second that she makes a comment about my masturbating. I guess I was too sensitive of a kid or something at that age, but I was totally embarassed with the whole thing. Its pretty funny now when I remember it.

The second story happened when I was visiting my female cousin, Laurie, who lives out of state. She was also 17 at the time this happened. Whenever my family visited family out of state I stayed with Laurie and her family as we were friends as well as cousins. I slept in her older brothers room when I stayed there and it was Saturday morning and everyone was sleeping in. There is a TV in his room so it was not unusual for Laurie to come in and sit on the end of the large bed to watch it. She asked if I was awake and would I mind if she turned it on. What she didnt know was that I woke up, kinda horny of course, and had grabbed one of her older brothers Playboys he kept hid in a large stack of various magazines. I had been looking through one and had begun to masturbate when I heard her approaching the room. I had time to hide the magazine and roll over onto my stomach to hide my erection. As we are sitting there chatting I am wishing my penis to go soft but her being there, wearing just a long t-shirt and panties, no bra, it was impossible for me to go soft. If anything, I was getting more turned on as her breasts jiggled under her shirt when she laughed or moved.

Finally I told her I had to get up and put on a pair of shorts and shirt, which were across the room. She said 'go ahead, whats stopping you?' I said matter of factly, I am naked under here and I know you'll check me out when I get up. 'No I won't, come on, afraid I am going to see little jimmy?', she teased. We went back and forth about this, her continuing to promise she would not look. Finally I was so turned on still and it even got me a bit excited to think of her seeing me and checking out my erect cock, I said' alright, enough, I am getting up.'

With that, I threw the covers off me, got up and made my way across the room. Laurie didnt say anything, at first. I made it over to my shorts and bent over to grab them when I heard Laure gasp. I smiled to myself, was a bit embarassed at the same time, but knew that she was watching my every move. I stood up, turned around and said 'is this what you wanted to see?' It was a huge turn on for me to see her eyes go straight to my penis. At first we said nothing, she just looked and I just stood there, hard as granite.

I decided to raise the stakes a bit and started to walk towards here. She got a nervous look, but never blinked as she stared at my sex as it moved back and forth as I approached her. I stood inches from her face, her sitting and me standing put my penis in full view. 'Do you want to touch it?' She reached up and put her whole hand around my penis, and it was my turn to gasp. I didnt have to ask her to begin stroking it and before long I warned her that I was cumming. With that, I shot a load all over her t-shirt as I groaned out loud. As I finished, and looked down at her and her big grin told it all. I thought at that point she was over dressed and said,' youre going to need to wash this,' as I pulled her t-shirt over her head and threw it on the floor. My hands went straight for her near perfect breasts and I caressed them for a while until we both realized someone could be getting up soon. She covered herself with her shirt, looked back at my nude body and grinned that huge grin again and walked out the door.

We are still close to this day, talking every once in a while. She is married with kids and when we get a chance, one of us will mention that day and we both laugh.



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