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The Yellow Summer Dress (part 2)

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I apologize for not having had the time last time to finish my story all in one shot. I hope you like part 2. Also, thank you to everyone who submits their little adventures for all of us to enjoy. Even though it's anonymous, it's like we're having a giant worldwide jack off or jill off party with eachother......just imagine the show that would be


As we sat at the table across from eachother, the soft music of a french folk singer played in the background. We ate our food and talked, getting to know each other. We sipped our wine and looked into each other's eyes, knowingly. The tension was building and building. The longer we sat at that table just a few feet from eachother, the more it felt like we were two magnets just pulling towards eachother. Dinner was good but the dessert was going to be better.

I could not help it, I was rock hard. Sitting there drinking her in made my cock strain at my tight pants. Her raw sensuality was dizzying. I couldn't think straight as we continued our small talk. I had never been so horny in my life and I knew she was feeling something too. I was soon to find out the depth of her longing for me as well.

After we finished dinner, she invited me to sit on the couch. She said we could have our coffee and dessert there. She asked me if I wanted an after dinner liqueur. I chose a Grand Marnier, my favorite at the time. As I sat quietly enjoying the ambiance of the room with the soft music and candles I watched her in her soft yellow summer dress and how she looked so sexy in it. I watched her shapely legs and how the fabric moved around them as she walked. Soon, she came to me with my liqueur. I took it from her as I stood up and we both toasted to a wonderful evening. As I swallowed the sweet nectar, I recall hearing the chirping of crickets from the open balcony door. It was a hot steamy August night all right. I took both our glasses and put them down. I took her hands in mine and looking into her beautiful eyes, proceeded to thank her for a wonderful evening by kissing her.....

It started off as soft and sensuous, lips partly open, growing in passion with every second we were in contact. We were enjoying and savouring those first few moments when two people cross the border from being friends to becoming lovers. As our lips opened allowing access of our tongues into eachother's mouths we could taste the sweet lingering effects of the Grand Marnier. As we continued our embrace we melted to the floor still holding hands. We were kneeling in front of eachother as our passions grew. It was apparent that both of us had been waiting for this moment.

I cupped her face with both my hands as we kissed. Her arms wrapped themselves around me as our bodies tried to meld into eachother through our clothes. My hands continued their journey of exploration over this wonderful creature, caressing her hair and sliding down to the bare flesh of her neck and shoulders. Remembering my desire to kiss her with little love bites on that little spot, the nape of her neck, I proceeded to do just that. As I did she bent her head slightly back and to the side to give more access in a classic act of surrender and submission.

My hands were now exploring further. As they went down her back I could feel the softness of the material of the yellow summer dress. As my hands came to her hips I felt the outline of her bikini panties. This inflammed me further and I could not help myself from running my hands all around her bum. I just enjoyed those beautiful orbs as they filled my hands. I wanted to drink her in. My kissing her neck had also caused her to ignite as I did this. She took my face now in her hands and kissed my lips in return, letting me know just how much she wanted me. Exactly how much she really wanted me I was to soon learn. My hands were now on a mission. I could not stand being so close to her yet so far. I did not want to have anything between me and her, I wanted her so much. I wanted to actually touch her flesh and not the fabric anymore. My right hand quickly found the hem of her dress as we were still kneeling in front of eachother. I quickly found her bare leg and celebrated its softness. As I went further up our bodies moved slightly apart as if choreographed beforehand to allow me freedom of movement. As my fingers touched her inner thighs I encountered a virtual furnace of heat coming from above. My journey then met the hot and very damp gusset of her bikini panties. The mere touch of my fingers on her through her panties caused her to react. She thrust her hips against my hand. There was a hunger to be touched further. As I rubbed the outside of her pussy I could not belive how boiling hot she was. I couldn't wait any longer, I needed to touch her, there..... We both wanted me to.

I pulled the wet panty fabric aside. What I then encountered is forever etched in my memory. Her pussy was drenched, leaking hot girl nectar, leaking hot horny girl nectar. Her wetness answered my earlier question about just how much she wanted and desired me. Her wetness matched my rock hard cock. She was so open and wet that my fingers just slid in. I then started my in and out voyage in and out of her boiling cunt. AS I finger fucked her, her hips moved to meet my every thrust into her. She ground herself against my hand and soon I put three fingers to fill her up even more. Her hunger was unbelievable. I had never, ever been with such a hot and horny woman. The sounds coming from her throat were animalistic. These grew in intensity as we both worked towards its natural conclusion, her orgasm. She exploded, her come squirted down my hand and wrist. My three fingers had been filling her so much that every corner of her pussy was being stimulated including her G-spot. I'm sure that's why she drenched me so much.

After recovering with her head on my shoulder, she pushed me back onto the couch. She then hungrily pulled down my zipper and opened my pants to release my raging cock. She was ravenous. She wanted my cock like no other woman has ever done so. She pulled it out and proceeded to examine it, it's hardness, its shape and play with it (and she did other things not to be spoken of here). Ultimately she wanted to see me explode as well. She played with me up and down as I layed there spread eagled off the edge of the couch, my hand still wet from the cum of her orgasm. She had a great hand technique that stimulated that sweet spot on a man's cock. She brought me to the edge once and squeezed me so I wouldn't come. Pre come and some sperm leaked out. I was dying. She then started all over again. By this time I was feeling up her medium sized breasts that I had popped out of the elastic at the top of her dress. Her aerolas were pink and puckered with her excitement and her nipples were like hard erasers. Her chest had a sex flush. It was while I was pinching and pulling on her nipples that I came all over myself and her.......

We went out for a long while after that and explored every aspect of our sexuality together including jacking eachother off like we did the first time we were intimate. I remember her well.



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