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The Weekend That Changed Everything

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This is a true story and may be a little long but I assure you it is worth the read. I had never thought of myself as an exhibitionist until the mother of the boy who was dating my daughter (Mandy) decided to stage quite a two family vacation. She and my wife are best friends and they thought it would be such a great idea for both of our families to share a cabin located on a nearby river. They rented the cabin for a whole week and left on Monday morning for the 3 hour trip to the cabin. I had to work late so couldn't leave until Wednesday night late. I ended up arriving around 3am on Thursday morning and was feeling pretty frisky upon arrival due to my technique I use to stay awake while driving.

I usually masturbate to stay awake and I will bring myself almost to climax 30 or so times before finally letting myself go over the edge unless of course I happened to be seen as was this time and the gal who was driving flashed a flashlight on me from her car as we were traveling down the highway around 70mph. A lady friend was driving for her and she would flash on and off her flashlight into passing cars. I noticed a light shining from their car to others for a few miles and it took me a while to figure out what was going on. When I did, I got very aroused at the thought of being seen utilizing my 'stay awake and alert' technique. I spead up to get closer to their car and then passed them on the left so they could get a better view. I was not disappointed and neither were they by the look on their faces. Unfortunately, their excitement in catching me pushed me over the edge as I couldn't hold off stroking my member for everything it was worth and shooting' all the way to beneath my chin.

They motioned for me to pull over but I was afraid of what might happen so I just sped up to finish my trip. When I arrived I was super horney and my wife was super pissed off because I couldn't take off work earlier and be there the whole week. So, as a million other nights, I jacked off in the shower and went to bed frustrated. I was awakened to a VERY NICE surprise. At first I thought it was a dream since I had only been asleep for about three hours. I was getting the best hand job I had ever gotten before. She had me in her grip with only the lightest contact slowly deep long strokes to my 7 incher. I am normally 1-1/2' thick but I think I made it to 2' that morning. I didn't dare open my eyes for fear it was a dream since in 15 years of marriage I had only received 10 or so handjobs from her total during that whole time and they were lousy at best..

That is when the curiosity began to get to me. The stroking of my tool by the hands around my dick were so skilled. Where had she acquired this new found skill? Had she been practicing on someone else or was this a dream after all? I opened one eye and that is when I got the shock of my life. It was NOT my wife but Mandy! I pushed her away for fear of getting caught and up to that point, I had never been unfaithful to my wife. She kept pleading with me to let her finish me off and Oh how I wanted her to do just that but FEAR of getting caught was too great so I literally pushed her out of the room and locked the door behind her. She quietly pleaded with me to let her jack me off till I came but I was just too afraid of the fall out from getting caught so I did what any scared guy would do, I quietly jacked off to her pleadings thru the door. Wow, what a load!

After I got my composure back and felt it was safe to leave the bedroom, I quickly went into the bathroom which was a quick right turn at our end of the hallway. The other family had a bathroom at the opposite end of the same hall which will prove quite strategic as this story continues. After I was got a shower I went into the family room of the cabin and could see everyone out back cooking breakfast on the grill overlooking the river. I went down and said my hello's and caught Mandy out of the corner of my eye and she had her arms folded but was very subtly rubbing her nipples thru her shirt. Or at least that is what I thought she was doing. After about 5 minutes of that she put her arms on top of the picnic table she was sitting at and removed all doubt of what she had been doing because her nipples looked like they were tent poles about to tear thru her shirt. I was amazed that her husband didn't notice what she was doing but she sure did notice the raging hard on she had given me. Mandy was large breasted and she loved to show off her cleavage which she had plenty of.

I ate breakfast and quickly excused myself to do some laundry but the real agenda was to go jack off once more that morning. The site of her teasing her nipples was unbelievably arousing. I didn't take me long to stroke to another climax right into the sink while I watched myself in the mirror. That is one of my favorite places to masturbate is in front of the mirror. Anyway, I cleaned up and proceeded to do the laundry I didn't have time to do before I left the house when Mandy came up behind me and reached around to grab my dick thru my shorts while I was standing at the washing machine. The washer and dryer were in the hallway right across from my room, the kids two rooms were in between Mandy, her husband and ours. I freaked out again but she kept assuring me that her husband and my wife and all the kids had gone swimming in the river and they wouldn't be back for a while so I should let her finish what she had started earlier. I refused again of fear of getting caught and retreated once again to the safety behind my locked bedroom door. I couldn't believe it but just her talking like that had given me another enormous boner.

I waited until I felt she had left and slowly opened the door and looked left down towards her end of the hall. Finally, the coast was clear or at least I thought. No sooner than I put my hand on my bathroom door that I heard Mandy loudly whisper to me to turn around and tell her if I liked what I saw. I turned around and could not believe what I saw next. She was in the doorway of their bathroom at the opposite end of the 35 foot hallway and her robe was opened and she was rubbing her shaved pussy with her left hand and licking her right breast while pushing it in her mouth with her right hand. I almost came at just that sight. I so wanted to fuck those big tits myself but again backed into the bathroom out of fear. I was afraid but not stupid, her visual vantage point was right by the family room and she could see the door in which the kids and our spouses would come thru when they finished swimming. I cracked the door enough to watch her finger fuck herself but was a little nervous about her watching me fuck my fist. I know that sounds silly since I was Mr. Exhibitionist with the two ladies in the car the night before but after all, they were total strangers I would never see again and this lady I would see on a regular basis.

She noticed me crack the door open enough to watch her which aroused her a lot and she began to frantically thrust her fingers in and out of her love hole. I was stroking my dick for all it was worth and quickly lost all my inhibitions and opened the door to give her an equal show. Her eyes got as big as my dick was thick and we both came at the same time which didn't take too long. As she came and came and came, she almost fainted in her bathroom doorway from the intensity of her orgasms. I on the other hand think I shot my first shot over three feet in front of me which caused her to have another orgasm. She told me about that later that night.

Speaking of later that night, my wife was still giving me the cold shoulder, as she usually did pretty much all of the time so I decided to get a work light from my truck's tool box and try to find out why my little Chevy S-10 was running so rough on the trip the night before. It was almost dark and I was about finished with checking all of the spark plugs when I heard a knock at the window directly across from me. It was Mandy and she was in her bedroom. She was mouthing to me to watch what was about to happen. She carefully anipulated

the mini blinds so I could see in but no one in the bedroom could see out. It was then that I saw her husband come thru the door and he ripped off her shirt and bra letting loose her wonderfully full tits and he quickly dropped his pants and underwear to the floor exposing his raging 3' hard on. NO wonder she was so fascinated by the size of my dick which I always considered to be average. Her husband's was so small. She tried to take him into her mouth but he just wanted to jack off and cum on her tits like there was no tomorrow. All the while she was fingering herself under her skirt as she sat on the edge of the bed. It was probably only a couple of minutes when he finished jackin off shooting jizz all over her beautiful tits. As abruptly as he entered the room, he pulled up his pants and left the room. She got up off of the bed, locked the door and then came to the window. I quickly returned to the work under my hood because I didn't want her to know I had watched even though she had set the whole thing up for me to watch them from the beginning. She opened the window and asked if I enjoyed the show. I responded, 'what show?' She came back with, 'yah, right!' Once again, this women had made me so fucking horney, I didn't know what to do. I had wished that it had of been me jacking off on her tits instead of her husband but I just was too afraid to make a move.

I didn't have to wait any longer though for as I was hurrying to finish putting the tools away so I could privately took off to the river and once again release my load, Mandy came outside and told me that if she knelt down on the side of my truck which was not exposed to the cabin, she could stroke me off while I appeared to be working on my truck from that side. I no longer refused and she got down and unzipped my pants so fast and pulled my tent pole out and started stroking it like I had remembered earlier that morning. I couldn't believe how aroused I had been and was. It only took about 4 or 5 minutes of her skilled hand motion to bring me to one of the biggest orgasms I had ever had in my life! While I was pelting the back of her hair and face with stream after stream of cum, I no longer gave a shit if anyone caught us or not. There were many other exploits which took place before that weekend was over but that is another day and another story because writing all of this has made me remember just how good it was and my keyboard won't set level due to the hard on I have to now take care of.



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