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The Wednesday Club, Part 2

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Further reminiscences of a school masturbation club during the author's teenage years in England.


Jameson invited me to the old woodwork shed again, a couple of days later. This time, he wasn't alone. There was also a tall, quiet boy who was in my Latin class.

"Hello Miller," said Jameson. "You recognise Taylor, don't you? He just joined the Wednesday Club too. Do you mind if he stays?"

Taylor seemed slightly embarrassed. Feeling sorry for him, I tried to put him at ease by unzipping my trousers and taking out my own dick first, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Jameson was already as hard as a rock, and slowly stroking himself. He looked at me, and then at Taylor.

"Perhaps I can help you?" he asked. "Taylor is just a little bit shy," he said to me.

"It's okay," said Taylor, "I can do it." He pulled his zip down and took out his dick. I'd never seen Taylor in the showers, so I was surprised to see that he was circumcised. His dick was about the same length as mine, but he had no foreskin. I wondered how he was going to wank.

We stood facing each other, looking at one another's four-inch erections. Taylor cupped his pink glans with his hand and began to gently stroke. I started to pull my foreskin back and forth. We watched each other intently. Jameson stood nearby, his dick rigid. Then he reached out and put his hand round Taylor's dick, stroking very gently with the same rhythm. Taylor's eyes closed and he had a faraway smile on his face.

I'd never imagined being wanked by someone else, but my apprehension quickly gave way to a strong desire for Jameson to do the same thing for me, and I reached for his free hand, and wrapped it round my hard penis.

He held me firmly, but continued to stroke only Taylor's stiff dick. A couple of minutes passed, which seemed more like half an hour, and then Taylor gasped and said "Oh! Ohh! Ohhhhh!" I could see his penis pulsing inside Jameson's hand, but nothing came out.

Then Jameson turned his attention to me, rubbing me slowly and expertly to the second dry orgasm of my life.

"Now!" he said brightly after I'd caught my breath, "Who'd like to return the favour?"

Again, Taylor looked a little embarrassed, but fresh from my own orgasm, I was glad to repay Jameson, so I moved closer to him and took his long, thick dick in my hand. I was surprised at how hot it was. He put his hand round mine and showed me how to draw his foreskin back and forth with the correct rhythm. After a minute or two, he gasped and said "Slow down! Let go!" but I was caught up in the moment, and kept stroking.

Moments later, Jameson let out a grunt, and I felt his penis stiffen. My hand was on the down-stroke, and suddenly a sticky wet warmth filled my hand as he pumped wave after wave of semen into my palm. I lifted my hand and looked with fascination at this stuff, which was now dripping off my fingers. It hung between my fingers in gooey strands. I sniffed it, and then, without thinking, stuck my tongue into it. To my surprise, it was slightly salty.

"You can wash your hands at the sink in the corner," said Jameson. "The water's still on, even though this place hasn't been used in years."

I cleaned Jameson's sperm from my hands, wiping them dry on my trousers.

"Congratulations, Miller and Taylor! You've both survived your induction into the Wednesday Club. You can now come along to our regular meetings, which are on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes."

"So why is it called the Wednesday Club?" Taylor asked. I was thinking the same thing, but I was glad that Taylor had asked the question first.

"Well, when the Club was set up, years ago, the founders had a clever idea, in case a teacher overheard anyone talking about it. The Club really does meet on Wednesdays, but in Mr Campbell's classroom, and with the headmaster's approval. Those meetings are a kind of homework club where older boys can help younger boys who struggling with a particular subject. So, if a teacher hears you talking about the Wednesday Club, and asks what it's all about, you can always say that you're having problems with your maths homework, and you're going along to the Wednesday Club to get help."

Jameson paused to allow us to appreciate the cleverness of this ruse, before continuing.

"And you'll know when a boy is talking about the secret meetings of the Club, because he'll say that he's getting help with his General Studies. That's the Club's secret password, and you must never reveal it to anyone."



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