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The Teen Camping Experience

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A story that I've been working on for the last couple of days about an experience in my high school days. Took me a while to finish, because I would always masturbate while writing it up. Enjoy!


I have known my friend Dave since I was in seventh grade. He was in fifth grade at the time, so I didn't think much of him. He was just an annoying little fifth grader. Three years later, he was a growing eighth grader and I was a sophomore in high school. We were both in boy scouts and this is how we had come to know each other.

One weekend our troop took a camping trip down into a public camping site outside of our hometown. I was reluctant to go and I didn't necessarily look forward to what was in store. Little did I know what would happen that very night.

I had become very fond of Dave and some of the other eighth grade boys in our troops. It just happens I was kind of aroused by all of them, even though I wasn't gay. They were all handsome, cute boys. Dave, however, out of all of them wasn't the most handsome, but the most awkward. But he and I had become good friends and that is when I started taking an interest in his sexuality, knowing him best out of the boys.

That night I teased him about masturbating and penis size. He joked back and told me he had a 7' dick, to which I was turned on even more, I wanted to know more. My fascination with penis size is something I still have today and something I am proud of. I have a 9' dick, and I'm not afraid to show it if I have to. Back then, I had about a 8 1/4' dick and I teased Dave that I was bigger than him. To which he responded, 'I have no doubt in that. Do you have a ruler?' I could tell he was hinting at something.

That night I had brought a tent, but I didn't want to sleep alone on that cold November night. I asked Dave if I could tent with him, he responded with a certain yes. I grabbed my stuff, and chucked it into his two man tent.

That night when we went into his tent, it was a bit of a tight squeeze, but Dave didn't mind, and neither did I. Dave and I started talking about everything from penis size to masturbation techniques. Despite telling me, he wasn't really sure what his size was, so I told him I'd help him measure it. 'Do you have a ruler?' he asked. I shook my head. 'But I do have my dick.' A bit reluctant at first, he pulled down his pants to reveal his already hard cock. There it was, gleaming at its full length. I pulled down my shorts to reveal the hard-on already for about five minutes. Just talking with him made me hard.

From a quick glance, he already said, 'You're bigger... for sure,' his jaw stuck open in awe at the size of my nice dick. Slowly, I started to rub my dick out in front of me, taking off my t-shirt and pulling down my pants further. Dave joined me. Earlier we had talked about cumming, and he told me that he was real quick when it came to masturbation. I followed up my question with whether or not he had done this with another guy. To which he responded, 'Hell no! But I will for sure after this.' I could tell he really enjoyed it. We got up on our knees, we put our dicks side by side facing each other, and we compared sizes. I was a good 1 1/2 inch bigger than him, but I still wasn't to make him feel good about himself. 'You're a good 6 3/4 or 7 inches.'

I took the next step. I asked him, 'Have you ever gotten a handjob before?' He started rubbing his dick harder, he shook his head. He responded with great interest, 'Have you?' I shook my head too in response, no I sadly hadn't. 'Would you mind if we rubbed each others dicks?' Dave asked. 'It's not gay, we're just wondering what it feels like.' I asked the question initially, hoping to get this response.

I responded with a quick grab of his dick. He responded with a grasp of my cock. My hand, bigger than his, took up almost the entire shaft of his dick, while he could fit two hands on my dick. 'Man! It really is big! I wish I had a cock like yours!' he exclaimed. 'Don't worry, in time with growth you just may,' I responded. I started moving my first up and down his cock, and he returned the favor. I used my pinky to massage his smooth gooch area and explore his asshole. I wasn't used to stroking such a smaller dick, but really it wasn't that much smaller. He was pretty good at giving a handjob, a skill on which I complimented him on. That handjob was probably the most pleasure brought to my dick in a long time. Dave started moaning. 'Get ready, I'm about to cum.' I started stroking his dick faster and faster. He moaned loader. He let out a long moan as he climaxed all over ours chests and my hands. He really was fast to cum. I had barely been stroking his dick for two minutes.

I took a bit longer to cum. He continued to stroke his hands up and down my large, veiny dick. He milked my pleasure with every stroke of his hand beating up and down on my cock. Suddenly, I climaxed all over Dave and I, covering the tent with my hot, sticky cum. Dave and I just sat there for the next 30 minutes, basking in the glory of what just happened, and stared at each others beautiful bodies.



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