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The Taste of Myself

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I had the most wonderful masturbation experience last week. I was on a work-related trip and so had very little time to myself. Not surprisingly, after a day or two, I began to feel my clit throb and my cunt began to demand attention. Although I was busy with meetings and other matters related to work, I found it hard to ignore the sensations in my hyper-sensitive vagina and vulva. I even began to feel a dull ache in my lower belly from lack of stimulation.

Finally, I could not stand it any longer. I went to my hotel, one lunchtime, shut the door of my room, took off my clothes and massaged my breasts and belly. I looked at myself in the mirror. Not bad, I thought. I like the curves and contours of my own body. I opened my legs wide and looked at how my lips were visible in the mirror. I tend to wax part of my pubes and keep my lips and clit free of hair just so I, and my lover when I am with him, can see them.

Just looking at them in the mirror made me ache with desire. I had to touch myself. So I sat up in bed with my knees pulled up against my chest and put two fingers from each hand onto my exposed pussy from under my thighs. It was sort of like hugging myself. I kept my knees pressed together so there was a kind of pressure on my mound of Venus and on the hood of my clit. At the same time, that position made me feel my cunt was exposed and available. It's a great position.

I ran my fingers over my lips, teasing them and then dipped two fingers into my cunt to wet them. The juices were already dripping out. My vagina was ready and dying to be penetrated. I just left my fingers still inside me for a while. Then, I pressed against my G-spot for a few minutes, feeling its roughness and the impatient clenching of my vaginal walls. I thrust in and out, teasing the sensitive ring at the entrance to my cunt. I had to stop, lest the orgasm mount too soon. From time to time, I slowed down, moaning in pleasure, my head thrown back against the wall behind the bed. Then I took those fingers out and began to massage my clit with their wetness, while putting the other two fingers into my cunt. I opened the fingers wide, feeling my vagina stretch as I made then into a V-shape and then feeling the walls fold back on them when I brought my fingers back together. With the fingers of my other hand, I worked the whole of the vulva area and also my perineum, which really responds to being massaged. Although I can never get an orgasm from massaging the perineum, nevertheless, it is deeply pleasurable in a calming sort of way. It also helps for a build-up to orgasm, as it keeps the movement going in the genital area while also stopping my clit fro taking off too soon.

By now, my cunt was giving off that earthy, relentless odour of my desire that never fails to arouse me. Then I went back to the vulva, feeling the pleasure grow more intense as I moved up to my clit. From time to time, I used my free fingers to massage the valley between my inner and outer lips. I ran my fingertips along the curved ridges of my lips, feeling the electric thrill they produced. All the time, I was thrusting in and out of my now very wet cunt with the fingers from the other hand. The contractions of pleasure began to increase in size and frequency in my lower belly. The ache I had been feeling there turned into sharp pangs of pleasure. My clit was responding very fast. I felt the whole of my cunt was alive and powerful.

I began to feel as if I would explode. The contractions of pleasure inside my vagina were forcing my vulva to bulge out from time to time, as if about to burst. I felt the need to bear down, so that I felt the canal of my vagina slip down along my fingers. It was sort of the opposite of clenching my cunt shut tight. Suddenly, a shot of warm fluid flew out of my cunt, soaking the backs of my legs and the sheets. It took me by surprise, and I reeled from the intense pleasure it gave me. The wetness was very slippery. I kept going, rubbing my clit faster and faster and thrusting in and out harder and harder, helped along by the wetness of the ejaculate. My whole body was shaking with the frenzy of my movements. I could even feel the waves of pleasure spread from my cunt to my ass. Of its own accord, my cunt was contracting hard against my fingers, clenching them. Soon, I was doubled up and shuddering in the throes of the best orgasm ever. I know I must have screamed loudly in pleasure.

Then, slowly, I took my hands out of my cunt and put the four fingers into my mouth. Over and again, in the afterglow of the orgasm, I dipped my fingers into my cunt and then sucked my dripping fluids, rich and dense in taste. I cupped two fingers inside my cunt as if to make a spoon shape and scooped out the juices. My hand worked madly between my cunt and my mouth, lifting the juices to my lips. I wanted to drink every drop of my own essence.

Before I knew it, my clit was twitching back to life. My vagina was open and flexible, pliant and abundantly wet. It felt warm and relaxed. I dipped my fingers in and out, moving them from my mouth to my cunt and back again, while I opened my knees, and rubbed fast at my clit with my other hand. The more I rubbed, the more fluid there was to drink. I ejaculated again, this time, letting the fluid gush over my hand and drip down my wrist. It tasted sweet, like nectar. When the next orgasm rose up, it spread over me like a huge wave and I do not know if my hands were actually in my cunt or in mouth. Either way, I felt complete by the connection between my cunt and my mouth. I lay there, my legs open, one hand holding my still throbbing genitals, the other flopped on my belly. I rested, my cunt open and exhausted, fulfilled and giving.



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