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The Summer of Susan

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I was waiting at a traffic light when an incredible older blonde walked across the street in front of me. I say older because I was 18 at the time, in retrospect I would have to say that she was in her early thirties. She had long curly hair that came down to the center of her back, she had the sexiest legs I have ever seen and she carried herself with the attitude of a real vamp. I was hypnotized. I lived in a small town in Pennsylvania and was surprised that I had never seen her before. I was snapped from my trance by the honking of horns and suddenly realized that the light was green. I went around the block and passed her as she walked by the Town Park to her car. I stopped and stared; she noticed me and only smiled to herself. Then she drove off. The next day I went looking for her again. Like clockwork she was crossing the street at the same time, this time I was early and saw her walk from the side door of the local bank. She was a teller there! I quickly parked my car by the park and waited. Watching her approach was pure sexual tension! She was cool, and smooth and was every bit a lady. My dick was hard and begged to be released; I cautiously removed my member and began to stroke him up into a raging hard on. I tried not to move too much, I didn't want her to know what I was doing. She passed me on the opposite side of the street. I knew she could feel the weight of my sexual stare. She slowly drew her eyes up to meet mine and gave me a polite 'hi'. I ejaculated and rolled my eyes up into my head. When I opened them up again she was in her car and leaving.

This is going to be a great summer. It wasn't long before she figured out what I was doing. It seemed to make her a little nervous at first, but she never did call the cops so I knew she was digging it. We settled into this game where she always left the bank last; she would walk down the street and slowly walk past the driver's side door of all the parked cars. I parked my car so she could approach from behind. I would watch her approach in the side view mirror. I would stroke my dick in plain view; all she had to do was glance down as she walked by. Everyday I gave her a view of my raging cock; I would always cum just after she had passed the door. She would hold her head up and walk like a true lady, knowing that some kid was jacking his dick to her. One day my timing was off and I came just as she was next to the door. A long ribbon of cum flew out of the window and splashed on her dress, I heard her gasp, falter and quickly regain her composure. From that point on I always tried to cum just as she was walking by and looking down. If it were a good wad, she would moan approvingly or if it shot out of the window she would give a soft giggle. It took a while, but I found out her name was Susan. I'm glad she was patient with a young pervert and played along. She made that summer one of the best ever!

Susan and I spent the rest of the summer playing our little game of jack and peek. Soon it was August and I would be leaving for Penn state. I wanted to say something to her, but never dared. We had rules to this game, one was you never took the game home and the other was that I let her pretend that she was a victim and not a participant. Less than week before leaving for college, it was a Friday, I put a note under her windshield wiper. I wrote, 'Please wear that sexy red satin blouse that I first saw you in, and when you get next to my car door, drop your keys and slowly pick them up.' My heart was racing as I saw her take the note off her windshield and read it inside her car. Would she really do what I asked her to? It was the longest weekend of my life, to make it worse, I didn't jack off to her at lunch, and I waited until closing time. Like clockwork she left the bank and started down the street. My heart skipped a beat and began to slam in my chest, she was wearing that super sexy red blouse! She seemed to be walking extra slow. I watched her in the mirror as she systematically glanced down into the driver's side window of every car she passed. My heart raced when I noticed she was carrying her car keys in her right hand. Was she really going to do it? I had made up my mind that I was going to cum all over her face and hair if she decided to kneel down next to the car. To ensure my angle of ejaculation, I was sitting on a pillow that raised me to the edge of the window. When she reached my car door she dropped her car keys and slowly kneeled down to pick them up. I was staring at the side of her sexy head. I was jacking my dick like a mad man and just before cumming I let out a loud low moan, and Susan turned to face me. I had arched my back and my dick was pointing out the window and at her up turned face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly parted. My boiling seed spewed from the end of my raging dick and splashed across her face and into her silky hair. First one ribbon and then another. I came so hard; I thought my balls were going to turn inside out. I dropped back into my seat, exhausted and Susan stood up, straightened her skirt and walked down the street with my cum dripping from her face and hair. I left for school the next day, by Thanksgiving I was home and Susan was gone. I guess she got a better job.



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