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The Story Continues

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This is the third chapter in my enjoyable sex life.


This is a continuation of my story of my sexual life that first began when my older cousin introduced me to the exquisite pleasure of masturbation when I was 13. Living on an isolated farm, I had little opportunity to associate with other kids so was very naïve and innocent about sex. My sexual education really began when, two years later I discovered a package of porno magazines that had been discarded on the roadside near my home. Over the next two years I not only grew physically but gained much experience in solo sex. I had no occasion to share sex with another person but lived a broad fantasy life as I experimented with ways to pleasure myself so that by the time I was 16, I had tried most every possible sexual thing a person could do solo. The porno magazines provided a broad range of sexual experience that I spent a lot of time exploring and practicing. I don't know if it was a result of the 'exercise' that I gave my penis but after four years of masturbation it grew into a magnificent cock. While it is soft, it is still pretty massive, measuring about four inches long and almost two inches thick. I have to admit that this may be somewhat of an estimate because when ever I feel it, it quickly will rise into full hardness. Fully erect, with its cockhead swollen into a shiny hardness it is nearly nine inches long and almost three inches thick. It truly is massive. In the years since I have observed many hard cocks but I don't think I have ever seen one so impressive.

Shortly after my 16th birthday, my masturbation teacher, my cousin stopped by our farm. He was now a long distance truck driver and was headed out on a trip across the country. He suggested to my folks that I come along with him to broaden my education by traveling to new places. I was all for that but secretly, I was pretty excited and in hopes that the trip would provide opportunity to show to him how I had grown since that first time he brought me to orgasm as just a kid and to experience him doing it to me again. I wanted to show him how my cock could shoot off just like his did back then and I wondered if my cock was now bigger than his had been. I was pretty sure it was but the memory I had of that first time was that he was huge.

I didn't know how he would feel about us fooling around again but knowing how much I had come to enjoy beating my meat, I felt sure that he still enjoyed it also. For the first day, we rode and talked and I kept wondering how to bring up the subject. I thought that maybe he would be the first to mention it but as we neared the end of the day he never even hinted at anything about sex. My cock had been hard all day and my pants were wet from the cock juice that had been flowing. I knew that when we had to get out of the truck, my hard on would be pretty obvious so I decided to approach the subject myself.

So, after there had been a lull in the conversation for a few minutes, I quietly said, do you remember that time you visited us about four years ago? Oh, yeah, he said, we spent three or four days with you didn't we. Yeah, I said, and remember that time we went swimming down in the creek? Yeah, it was back in the woods from your house wasn't it. Remember what you taught me? What was that, he asked. I sure remember, I told him. Oh, he replied, it was that memorable? Yeah, it sure was, don't you remember? Yeah, I guess I do, I think I know what you are talking about. I was hoping you would remember it as something really good and special, I told him. Well, yeah, it was for me, I didn't know how it was for you or if you would want to remember it, he said. Have you ever taught anyone else about that, I asked. No, I guess not, he said, just you. I sure am glad you showed me how, I said to him, it has really been good over the years, I told him. Oh, did you find someone else to do it with, he asked. No, I said, but I did it just the way you showed me and I really enjoy it. Oh, he said, so you still do it? Yeah, I replied, don't you? He was quiet for a bit then with a smile he said, yeah, every now and then. I have always remembered how big your cock was and how much cum it spurted when you came, I told him. He laughed, yeah, I remember too, I was a bit surprised myself at how much I shot off. I think you got me pretty aroused, he said and really made me empty my load! I can cum like that now, I told him. You sure had a big cock and I have been wondering if mine grew as big as yours. Probably did, he said. I sure have given it a lot of exercise, I told him. I would really like for you to exercise it for me again, I told him. He smiled, well, I am glad to know that it was a positive experience for you and something you would want to do again. I have wished lots of times that we could do it again, I told him.

I told him about finding the porno magazines and how I had learned from them and how much I had enjoyed making myself cum over the years and how often I had wondered if he was beating his meat while I was beating mine. I probably was, he laughingly told me. I told him about the pictures of guys doing it to each other as well as fucking girls and the girls beating the guys meat, I told him about how they sucked cocks and licked pussies. I was really aroused and I felt he was feeling the same. How many other guys have you had sex with, I asked. Oh, I don't know, a few, he said. But, I was the only one you taught it to, I asked. Yeah, just you, the others all knew about it and when we were in our teens we were horny as could be and always ready to make each other feel good and get it done to us as well. A friend taught me and over the next five years we had a lot of fun playing with each other. He is the only guy I told about the time you and I did it since he had been my teacher, I wanted him to know that I shared the knowledge. I would like to share with you all the knowledge I have learned over the past four years, I told him. Boy, I would like that, he said as he turned the truck into a truck stop that had an adjoining motel. I realized that we wouldn't get much sleep this night!!!



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