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The Smell of Many Women

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Used panties................


For as long as I can remember I have have been obsessed with used panties. I can't even remember why, though I do know it started in my mid to late teens. My Mum was the local busy body, she knew everybody and they knew her, if anyone we knew well, or even just reasonably well, who went away on holiday, my Mum would look after their house for them, feed the cat, water the plants. As a bored teen lad I would often go with her, and as she watered the plants outside I would pick up the post and put it on the table etc. This usually left me alone in the house. I remember, I think, the first occasion I came across some knickers, it was a neighbour, a mid 40's housewife, I snuck upstairs and, with heart pounding, went into their bedroom, in the top drawer next to her side of the bed I found her underwear.....wow, nothing like my Mums knickers I'd seen on the washing line a million times or more, these were silky, lacey. I didn't do anything with them other than look, and then put them away and left. But as I walked along the landing I noticed the laundry basket at the top of the stairs. I lifted the lid, peered in and there, right on top were two or three pairs of her silky knickers, but used. Instinctively I lifted them to my nose and smelt her pussy scent. I didn't masturbate with them, just smelt them and put them back, but that was my first fix of what became almost an addiction.

Ever since that day I have had literally hundreds of knickers from every shape, size and age of women. Friends, colleagues, clients...yes clients, family, Mother in law, sister in law, and most have been used. I have taken some real risks to get my hands on my bounty, nearly got caught a couple of times, but simply couldn't resist.

I love that feeling of seeing, smelling and tasting forbidden fruits, smelling and tasting the pussy of women I had no chance of ever having sex with.

In my younger days I would blow my load in the crotch and put them back in the washing basket or drawer!! But as I got older I figured the risk of being caught was greater if I left 'evidence'.

It's a real buzz as well to sit with friends, meet them in the street, sit next to them in the office and think, I've smelt and tasted your pussy, tossed myself off while doing it and you have no idea. I chat to their husbands and think, if only you knew I know what your wifes pussy tastes like, it's a real buzz.

Because of the availablity, my Mother in Laws knickers have become a stable for me, she is a young mother in law, had my wife when she was only 19, so is still very attractive. From what my wife tells me, her Mum and Dad have next to no sex life, but I know very well from having raided her laundry basket, something turns her on on a regular basis, even if it's not my FIL. Her knickers can have the thickest, creamiest pussy juice ever sometimes and a taste to die for. Many is the time I've blown my load with her knickers in my mouth tasting and smelling her pussy as I cum, fantastic.

One occasion sticks in my mind, we arrived at the in laws to go to a party, she wasn't ready, I greeted her and hugged her as we usually did, as we did she pulled me in close, and I gave her a cheeky little squeeze of her bum, felt her knicker line and milked the situation for all it was worth, in fact I think she felt it was getting inappropriate and let me go, but I had more than a good feel of her lovely tight arse. Later she went up and got ready. Before we left I went to the toilet, and stopped off at the laundry basket, inside, right on top, a pair of her knickers, black, silky, lacey and very wet!! I took them into the bathroom and went about my usual business, I feel sure they were wet from our earlier embrace, lovely, what I wouldn't give to be able to give her what my FIL isn't, the idiot.

Anyway, that's a bit of my life with used panties, I have many many more, one day I'll share them with you.



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