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The Sign Read 'Massage'

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I'd pass this house with that big sign out front morning and evening going to and from work. It had the single word 'Massage' on it. Curiosity finally won out one evening.


This was back in the early 80s. I drove pass this house on the highway every day going to and from my job. Out front stood this sign reading 'massage' and after dark it was lit. I always wondered what went on in there and what it was like and I had thoughts of what it might be like in there. I had grown to be so curious.

Then, on this one day we had to stay late and finish a job that was promised out and it paid overtime. We got out of there around 8:30. I was driving heading home and typical of me probably thinking about 'getting some' that night of course referring to my wife. So, I was probably sporting a 'semi hard on'. Up the road I could see that lit up sign and I had earned some extra money with the overtime and I at last gave in to my curiosity and took the exit. I got to that house and there were no cars out front so I pulled in.

I went in all nervous and excited wondering what it was going to be like hoping my ideas were right. I went in and was greeted by this pretty Oriental lady that was probably in her late 20s. She explained the prices and I took the 30 minute massage and paid her. She took me to a fairly dark room telling to me take off my clothes and lay face down on the table. She left the room.

I took off my clothes but left on my boxer shorts and laid down. See soon returned and had removed her robe and was wearing this see through nighty. As she walked over to me all I could see was the beautiful exposed legs of her's. My hopes were sure picking up about what I might be in for. She proceeded to start on my feet and worked her way up.

She finally told me to turn over. I did and I knew there was no way she could miss my erect cock in those little shorts. She again started with my feet and worked up. When she finished at my shoulders, she looked at me and asked 'do you want anything else'? I told her 'yes', looking down at my shorts. She asked 'you have more money'? I told her 'I have $5 in my pocket'. She said 'I'll be right back' and left the room. I got the $5 from my pocket. She returned with a warm wash cloth in her hand.

Well, it sure looked like this place was every bit the place I thought it was and things were going just as I had hoped they would. She took the $5 and went to removing my shorts. I remember how good it felt laying there showing my hard cock to a strange woman. What man doesn't get a thrill from this. She then poured some oil on my cock and her hand. Then she wrapped her soft hand around it. I told her 'go slow' wanting to enjoy this all I could.

Without asking, I reached over putting my hand on her beautiful soft thigh. She didn't refuse or say anything so I knew this was OK. I continued to rub her thigh and then ran my hand to the 'Y' touching her pussy. Here, she backed off telling me 'need more money for that. You just feel legs, OK'. I went back to feeling her legs and her soft ass as she slowing jerked me off. It wasn't long and I felt it coming on. I remember raising my hips off the table and she went to jerking it a little faster. She knew I was about to come. I finally went to shooting my cum and at the first shot she said 'uhh, lots of cum'. She continued to milk my cock of cum until I couldn't take it any more. She then took her hand away and got the warm washcloth cleaning me off.

I left feeling totally sexually satisfied. I remember thinking 'I sure hope my wife doesn't come on too strong tonight', I knew there was no way I'd be able to perform after this. I let her know how tired I was as soon as I got in. I, on occasion, went back to visit this house and that pretty Oriental lady. I later found out she was Korean. All I knew was she sure knew how to make me feel good and she herself sure felt good. A perfect combination, I'd say.



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