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The Second Time

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After our first time mutually masturbating each other I wanted to clarify a few things....


'We need to talk about the other day', I told her. 'Let's go somewhere where we can be alone.'

We were both in high school and had been going together for over a year. She was a 'good Catholic girl' so I assumed our sexual life was going to be limited, since 'good girls' saved themselves for marriage. Keep in mind this is the early 70's, nothing like today. All I had been able to accomplish up to the previous week was being able to feel her size b cup breasts under her shirt. But last week everything changed. During a lengthy make-out session while I was feeling her soft tits, she started to rub my erect penis through my jeans! I have never been so pleasantly surprised in my whole life! She then unzipped me and grasped my dick firmly and began stroking. I immediately shoved my hands down her shorts and massaged her clit. It only took about 5 minutes and both of exploded into orgasmic heaven! We both cleaned up and were exhausted.

This weekend we were down at a beach club her parents belonged to. It was a old coal strip mine (coal is just under the soil and they would just use giant steam shovels and take it away) so there were many man-made small lakes and hills. The club made the largest lake a beach for swimming. The rest of the lakes on the property were for fishing and camping. We found a secluded spot near the back of the property, got out of my car, put a blanket on the ground and I began the conversation.

I said we had to talk about what happened last week. She immediately started to cry and started speaking in short quick sentences, so I knew she was upset. 'I'm so sorry. I'm so embarrassed. I don't know what came over me. You must think I'm perverted. I'm so sorry!' I said 'No, you aren't getting why I wanted to talk to you. Last week was wonderful, the best day of my life! I don't think you strange, you're normal like me. I wanted to see how far you wanted to take this' She looked surprised at my statement and stopped crying. I said 'I don't want to get you pregnant, so going 'all the way' isn't going to happen. But there are other ways to satisfy each other.' I was trying to sound mature, like I was in charge and knew what the hell I was doing. In my mind I was praying that she wanted to try everything under the sun with me. I was so happy that I got jerked off by my girlfriend the week before!

She looked at me, smiled, and began to strip off all her clothes. I had an immediate erection and she then started to unbutton my shirt and told be to take off all my clothes too. I had never been naked with another woman before and our embraces felt great! I went for her crotch and began working her clit again and she went for my penis with youthful fervour. About 20 minutes after we both came I was solid as a rock again from just laying naked in the sun next to a 16 year old blonde. I knelt next to her and jacked off onto her beautiful breasts. She totally liked that.

We spent the next five years masturbating ourselves, each other, and threw in some other different sexual fun too. Alone in our hotel room on the first night of our honeymoon she could honestly say that she was a 'good girl' that saved herself for marriage.



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