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The Ride

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I hereby state that I am well over the age of 18, 21 for that matter. M-Solo, outdoors This is a true story, really.


One of my favorite pastimes is masturbation. If you are reading this, it's pretty safe to say you like to jerk off too. This story started from one time when I stopped along a road to take a leak on a hot summer day and wound up pulling off a couple of the best loads of cum I had ever done up to that time. That started my fantasies about jerking off outdoors. Anyway, here cums...
I like to ride mountain bikes and on more than several occasions, I have thought about jerking off out in the woods. Usually I would just find a secluded spot and get over into the brush, strip down and quickly pull off a nice load. Well I wanted to make it a little more exciting. I had read about some naked bike rides and that started me thinking, I'll do my own naked ride.
I scouted out an area that would be good for this ride and I found a perfect place. It had everything I was looking for, easy riding, not too much brush and most importantly a wide-open area without any people around. I had been thinking about this all day so by the time I got there I was pretty hot. The night was very warm and a very light rain was beginning to fall. Perfect, I thought. I loaded up with bug repellant, got on my bike and started down the road to the trail. As soon as I got into the woods, I stopped and stripped down to only my shoes and helmet. The air and rain was warm on my skin, my dick started to get hard right away but I wanted to ride a little before I gave it the work out it was craving. I emptied my full bladder, the stream of piss arcing into the warm air. The pee was hot on my hands as I played with it and splashed it around. My dick was throbbing and hard as stone, but I still had a little riding to do.
I hopped on the bike and started down the double track lane. Crickets, frogs and all the night sounds of the woods surrounded me. My dick went soft since I was riding hard and my heart rate was up. The saddle wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, being naked. I rode for about 40 minutes or so. My lights made a tunnel through the night for me. After I had a good sweat going and was a little muddy and was well into the area and out into an open field, I stopped and turned off my lights.
I had been drinking a lot of liquids so naturally I had to pee again. It's kind of fun to just let your stream of piss fly without aiming. After I finished I started walking around just feeling the air and rain on my body. My dick was really reacting and I hadn't even touched it yet. I like to use spit for a lube and Coke makes the slipperiest spit so Coke bottle in hand I started out into the field, a half moon behind the light rain clouds helped my eyes adjust to the dark. I spit on my dick head and started giving it a little tease, my balls tightened and my cock pointed straight up. I was HOT.
Usually when I jerk off I get naked and download some computer pictures of two young women going down on each other. Lately I found a site with pussies dripping cum loads, that really gets my dick full of sperm and ready to empty all over my hand and belly. I fantasize eating the cum out of a freshly filled pussy but then I have to settle for just licking my fingers clean after I pump a load all over them.
Anyway, that night; I wasn't fantasizing about any cum loaded pussy or two little babes licking each other silly. I was just turned on and stroking my now really hard cock. I really fought the urge to make my seed fly right away and just kept walking and enjoying being naked out in the woods in the rain. Touching my hardon only to keep me happy. I had really slobbered my peter up with Coke spit so it was good and slippery running down my legs and all. Eventually I stopped and just started playing with it and enjoying the sensations. I spit on my nipples and got them worked up, I rubbed my wet body all over, peed some more. I like to use the tips of my fingers on my left hand to rub and pull the shaft of my dick on the underside. My right hand I use to play with the head. I am circumcised so I just 'polish the knob' as the saying goes with that hand, paying particular attention to the very sensitive spot right under my pee hole and poking into my pee hole a little with my little finger. The feeling was great, I was sweating from the ride, excited by being outside naked, the rain was light and cool on my skin, my dick had never been harder, my balls were tight and full, the Coke spit lube was doing the trick... then it started. It was one of those orgasms that lasts, first a light pump, a pause and a stream of clear cum, I licked that up, then another light pump, whiter semen, licked that too. Then the rip roaring pump, squirt, pump, squirt, pump, squirt, pump, squirt... My jizz was hot as fire on my fingers and when it dripped on my legs. My legs got weak, I dropped to my knees in the damp grass, my heart was racing, my fingers were coated with my cum. As my orgasm wound down, I kept stroking and milked every last drop of juicy seed. Usually the urge to lick and eat my own come goes away right after I come, but that night I licked it up and licked it around my lips and mouth. I wiped my fingers all over my face so the cum smell would stay. I must have looked like a coed with her first mouth full of blow job. Eventually I stood up. My dick was only a little softer, my balls only a little looser. The smell and taste of my own cum was strong.
I walked around a little, the rain brought me down a little from my orgasm high. I hiked back to where my bike was and with my dick now at half-staff got on for a little more riding. I stopped and squirted out another load on the road out of the woods. From time to time I go out in the woods and do it again, usually it's the sneak back in the bushes and shoot on the weeds thing but I always think of that wet night out in the field and a super load of cum. It is still one of the best 'rides' I've ever taken.
Wilson G.



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