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The Ride

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My former roommate and lover told me of an experience she had with her 22 year old nephew. She enjoyed sex with men of all ages, but especially younger men. In her 40s, she still looked damn good and knew it.

Her nephew used to comment about 'his sexy Tante', the Dutch word for 'Aunt'. The nephew, let's call him 'Lars' was always flirting with my roomie, telling her how good she looked, how nice her legs were, how she smelled so sexy. She would always notice, too, that Lars had a hard-on, and that would secretly excite her. She told me that one time, thinking about Lars' erection stimulated her to the point where she had to masturbate, and afterwards, decided she would be willing to have sex with him, or at least some heavy petting, incest be damned.

During a family gathering, Lars invited his aunt to go for a ride on his motorcycle. Having a good idea what Lars was looking for, she went along, hiking her dress up, exposing her pantyhosed legs for all to see, receiving more than a few honks and whistles as she and Lars rode. Her arms were tight around his waist, and she could feel him try to maneouver his body so her hands would brush against his hard cock. She subtly moved her hands so this wouldn't happen, and would only tease Lars.

A few miles from the gathering, Lars turned into a wooded area, secluded from the road. He stopped the motorcycle, and got off. My roomie also got off, sitting on the bike's seat, her legs in plain view.

Lars faced her, his face flushed, and his penis causing a bulge in his pants. He stammered that he loved my roomie, not as an aunt, but as a woman. She approached him, put a finger on his lips, and said softly, 'Shhh.'

She took his hands and moved closer to him.

'Darling Lars, if you weren't my nephew, I would fuck you madly right now. But you are, and I don't want to be the one to corrupt you, especially since I'm your aunt. You need to meet a nice girl.'

He stammered in frustration, 'I don't care! You are beautiful and sexy, and I jerk off about you all the time! And I'm tired of it! Can't I even get a kiss from you?'

My roomie felt a rush of heat. 'Well, we are all alone here, and no one will ever know, will they? Promise not to tell?'

Lars nodded his head violently. My roomie approached her nephew, who was trembling with excitement. She wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing a hand behind his head, and tilting her face up to his. She pressed her lips to his mouth, and kissed him slowly and firmly. He moaned into her mouth, and she kissed him harder, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth, and probed his teeth (recalling how she kissed me the same way made me very excited at this point). Lars put his hands on her waist and pulled her to him. She felt his hardness press against her.

'I want you, Georgia. I want you now. You're the first, and I want it to be as good as you can make it!' He was hoarse, and trembling even more than ever. She pulled his head down to hers again, and kissed him, this time sliding a hand over his hardness. He moaned louder. She told him to take off his pants and underwear.

He did this, and she saw the drips of precum on the head of his cock. She debated about fucking him, but thought he wouldn't last very long, and of course, there would be the noticeable odor of sex on both of them afterwards. She was thinking about also sucking him, but felt this would end quickly too. She could always fuck him later when he was taught some self-control, and then it occurred to her.

'Darling, would you like me to jack you off? I'll put my arm around you, and kiss you while stroking you. I promise it's better than when you do it yourself.' Lars readily agreed.

Georgia told Lars to sit down. He did, his naked ass against the soft grass, leaning against a tree. She sat down next to him, put her left arm over his shoulder, and reached down to hold his stiff member.

'Sweetheart, you are so thick, I can't put my hand completely around you! But let's try anyway.' She shifted position so she could put a leg over his.

'Now you can't get away from me, darling,' she whispered to him as she began stroking him. His breathing immediately got more shallow and faster.

'Look at me,' she said. When he did so, she kissed his lips with the same passion she demonstrated before, and continued stroking him. She felt him shake, kissed him harder, sped up her jacking off, and then he broke the kiss to scream out in ecstasy.

After a few minutes, she cleaned him up as best she could with a napkin she found, told him that this would always be their secret and she would call him soon.



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