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The Rash

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this was when i was 15 also a bit m+f


when I was 15 I came out in an itching rash on my arms and shoulders and I had to go to the medical centre. Now our medical centre you see the duty nurse for anything minor but if they decide they cannot deal with it you see the doctor.

I went in for my appointment which was at 3.40 pm and sat till It was my turn, as it happened I was to see the male nurse, when I went in he asked who was with me as you are supposed to have someone with you if under 16, I told him that I was alone as no one could get time to come after a bit of wondering and me telling him I would be 16 in 2 months time he said ok close enough.

he told me to strip to the waist and he examined my arms and shoulders and said it was also on my back,although I had not felt any itch on my back, he asked if my legs were ok and I said they were ok but he said to remove my trousers so he could make sure, after taking my trousers off I now stood in nothing but a pair of tiny white briefs.

he started touching the backs of my legs and worked his way up till he came to my briefs and said my legs were ok, but he should check if I had any more rash so I had to remove my briefs, I was now standing completely naked and he gave me a good examination, missing nothing, he told me to lay on my front on the couch and part my legs,after I had done this I could feel his hands on my buttocks pulling them apart and felt his fingers on my anus and the slipping in between my legs till he was touching my balls, I started to get hard at this and he told me to lay on my back.

turning over my erect penis was stand upright into the air and he now proceeded to give it his full attention and was slipping the foreskin back and forward after a while I could take no more and told him I was going to cum , he just said on you go and with that I shot a stream of cum into the air and over my stomach, he cleaned me up and told me to get dressed.

he gave me cream and said to come back in a week and he would see how my rash was. that night when it came time to put my cream on I done my arms and part of my shoulders but needed a hand to do the rest.

going downstairs in my pajama bottoms the only one in was my mum, so I asked her to do the rest.

she done the parts of my shoulders that I could not reach and my back, when she came to the waistband of my pajamas she slipped them down with no warning and proceeded to rub my buttocks and back of my legs, she said to turn round and as I did so I put my hands over my penis but she told me to take my hands away as she had nothing new to see, but when I took my hands away I was fully erect and she said that this was a surprise as I am uncut and was about 13cm [5inches]at that time, she said very nice and started rubbing cream on my penis but had to stop as I told her I was ready to explode so giving me some paper tissue she carried on but next thing I shot the lot into the tissues, later on my dad came into my room and mum had told him he just said well done you are getting near to becoming a man and he hoped that I had as much fun with my penis as He had when growing up.

next I will tell about going back to see the nurse



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