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The Power of Suggestion

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Back in college, my roommate Carl dated this incredibly shapely blonde girl named Amy. We had two tiny bedrooms separated by paper-thin walls and a larger, common area for studying and watching TV. I heard them almost every night for months, fucking and kissing and jacking one another off and, most of the time, I silently released my load from my aching balls because the sounds turned me on so much. I could perfectly picture Amy's narrow waist and round, full ass bouncing on top of Carl's shaft and the vision made me squirt like only a teenage boy can squirt, from the bottom of my balls in wide arcs all over my chest and neck.

I got back early for second semester that year and Amy was back early, too. Carl was skiing out west with his family and wouldn't be back until the night before classes. I was surprised when Amy called me up and asked if I wanted to watch a video, but I was glad for the company because there weren't many students around. We had a VCR and a TV in our room-a big deal for those days.

Amy showed up wearing a heavy winter coat and a thick purple sweater underneath it with skin-tight leggings like girls wore back in the late 1980s. It was hot in the room and she took off the sweater to reveal a very lacey and very tight shirt that stretched around her full tits. We sat down to watch the movie and I put a pillow on my lap to hide my boner.

Halfway through the movie, Amy put her head on the pillow and ran her fingers between my legs underneath. I swallowed hard as my cock tightened and I wetted all over the insides of my boxer shorts. She didn't say anything, just snuggled into me. I was pretty sure she could feel me throbbing through the pillow. I was soaking myself with precum.

When the movie ended, Amy kept lying there even after I switched off the TV. I didn't know what to do. I was so turned on, but she was also Carl's girlfriend.

'Has it been a while?' she asked me.

'A while since...?'

'Since you had the kind of blow job I give your roommate every night?'

My face must have been comical, but my heart was pounding and my breath stuck in my chest.

'Can you imagine my lips on his big cock?' she asked.

'Amy, I...'

'I know what you're doing in there,' she said, pointing in the direction of my room. 'I've seen the paper towels balled up by your bed. You're playing with yourself while he fills me up with his big, big cock,' she said. 'Aren't you?'

She pulled the pillow away. My khakis showed a huge wet spot where my cock was standing straight up.

'Are you thinking about how Carl must feel when I play with his balls, Ken?'

I groaned.

'I bet you need to stroke that cock of yours,' she said. 'Do you?'

I meekly groaned again.

'Stroke that cock while you imagine your roommate cumming all over my big tits. Do you want to see my tits?' she asked.

'Y-yes,' was all I could manage. Was she really doing this?

She unhooked the shirt and let it fall away, showing a bra that cupped less than half of her breasts. Her nipples were hard and almost brown and protruding above the lacy seam of her bra. She was enjoying herself, obviously.

'Take it out,' she told me. 'I want to see it, and you need it so bad.'

I hesitated.

'You need it, don't you, Ken? You need to cum so bad for me.'

I unbuckled my belt and slid my khakis down past my ass to reveal the dark blue stains all over my light blue boxers. My cockhead was pushing the seams of my fly apart and Amy leaned forward and pushed my fly open and down to the bottom of my shaft.

'Touch it, Ken,' she urged me. 'Show me how you fantasize about me.'

I started loosely to grip myself. So sticky. So rigid. I wasn't going to last long at all.

Then she said: 'I want you to think about how big your roommate is. Do you ever look at his big cock?'

I said no, I didn't. The truth was that I had noticed how fat his cock looked lying flaccid in his jeans, but I'd never stared for long. It intimidated me a little bit.

'Oh yes, you do, little boy. Oh yes, you do. I need to look at it and I bet you do, too.'

I wasn't sure what Amy was going after but I wasn't concerned at that point. In a few more strokes, I erupted into a geyser of thin jism that sprayed all over the tops of her tits and her chin-she recoiled with a delighted giggle as I spurted again and again, soaking myself from the thighs of my jeans to my bunched up boxers to my t shirt. I was a mess of cum and Amy just giggled as she wiped herself off with her fingers and then onto my sticky jeans.

'Good boy,' she said. 'I bet you're going to notice that big cock now.' She pulled on her sweater as I collapsed, panting, and let herself out while I was still too hard to fit back into my jeans.

The funny thing is: I did notice cocks from that point on. And what I decided to do with Carl a few weeks later is another story entirely.



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