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The Pleasure Of Peeing My Underpants

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When I was pretty young I remember wetting my pants at my grandma's house. Being a little kid I didn't think much of it at the time but I do remember my grandma kindly saying something like "Not to worry, in the right circumstance there's nothing quite like having a nice warm wee in your undies."

I didn't really think about that again for a long time until I hit puberty. I was suddenly obsessed with my own little pussy and the things it did to me. The puffy lips, the weird curly hair, my sensitive clitoris and the slippery wetness that plagued and pleasured me almost constantly. I started to think about peeing in a whole new light - anything that came out of or touched my private little spot was suddenly so erotic.

One lazy weekend I spent the afternoon by myself exploring the creek that runs along the bottom of our backyard and I slowly realised I needed to pee. I was in the bush kind of far from our house at that point so I tried to ignore the urge but the feeling grew and grew. Scrambling around the trees and undergrowth, I jumped down from a rock and felt a tiny spurt of pee spill out. I pulled the crotch of my shorts aside to check my blue underpants. There was a small dark stain.

I thought about running all the way back up to the house but it wouldn't be quick because I was barefoot. In my constant state of semi arousal, another idea had popped into my head anyway. I remembered my grandma's words about "having a nice warm wee in your undies". That thought sent a tingling shot from my clitoris right up into my belly, like I suddenly understood what she'd meant.

In the tiny clearing in the tress, I pulled my shorts right off. I stood with my legs slightly apart and I pulled my blue underpants up tight over my whole vulva. Then I peed.

Grandma was right, the feeling was blissful. Warm, wet, naughty - I watched the dark patch spread across the fabric and the pee trickled out. I felt every swirl of liquid against my pubic hair and swollen clitoris. I was peeing my pants and I loved it.

The pee gushed from my undies and splashed onto the leaves until I was totally empty. I could see my erect clit sticking out under the wet fabric. I touched it - it was so sensitive. I pulled my soaking undies off and hung them on a branch. They were wet with more than just pee, my pussy was incredibly slippery with sweet wet arousal.

I started to masturbate, circling my fingertips gently over my swollen clit and sliding through the wetness. I stroked my pussy for a very short time before I reached a pretty shuddering orgasm.

There are a couple of things I wonder about after that beautiful day down at the creek. First, I wonder if anyone ever came across my underpants hung on that tree (and subsequently, if they found my name scrawled on the tag). I wonder if they could have guessed what I'd done there. I also wonder about my grandma and if she was seriously trying to give me a hint about something that would really give me pleasure. I've often thought about telling her what I like to do but I've never plucked up the courage and it's kind of a hard thing to work into a regular conversation.

Peeing my underpants in the bush was the first of many, many sessions of peeing and masturbating for me. I still love to pee out in the trees or the backyard when I get a private moment. I love the feeling of my pussy out in the open air as I pee but I also really love the delicious feeling of "having a nice warm wee in my undies".



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