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The Panties

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I read a story recently in Solo Touch similar to this and that is the reason I am writing


Our fourteen year old daughter recently asked my wife and I if she could have a slumber party for a bunch of her girlfriends so we said yes. We have a rather large guest room over the garage complete with balcony and full bath. We even have a hot tub off the guest room. I told Janet that she could use that area of the house and would not be disturbed by us. I also knew that by using that area they would be safe from any boys who might try and crash the party, because the only access to it is the stairs in the entrance way as you come in the back door.

Well, the big night finally came and as each girl was dropped off by their parents, Janet met them at the front door and as they came through the house she introduced them to us. My wife and I knew most of the girls and their parents. I don't know if I had been too busy to notice or what but I was surprised and even shocked at some of the girls and their bodies. Several of them had bodies that could pass for 18 or 19 year olds.

A couple of hours after the party started Janet came down with her bathing suit on and asked me if I could come up and adjust the heat on the hot tub. That task is done from the little room that we use as a changing room. Hanging all over the room were the girl's clothes including panties. After spending a few seconds adjusting the heat I took the opportunity to sniff a few of their panties to see what those lovely young things smelled like. All of them smelt absolutely delicious but there was one in particular that turned me on like you would not believe. One particular pair of panties had a damp crotch and upon inspection it was easy to tell that the girl who they belonged to had recently had an orgasm with her panties on and had cum in her panties. The crotch was filled with girl cum.

I could not resist taking that particular pair of panties. My plan was to take the panties downstairs to a bathroom and lick and suck the cum from the crotch and jack off while doing so. I then planned to take the panties back and put them where I found them. Everything went according to plan except when I got ready to take them back to the changing room, the girls had got out of the tub and were in the process of getting dressed. There was nothing I could do.

Nothing was ever mentioned about a pair of panties missing and I was somewhat relieved. The next morning all the girls went home and everything was quiet. Over the next couple of days I sniffed and licked those panties and jacked off like crazy. I enjoyed some of the hottest experiences of my life with that pair of panties, all the time trying to picture the girl they possibly belonged to. I was convinced that I knew which girl the panties belonged to because there was one in particular who looked and acted a little more mature than the others. In fact I pictured her in my mind each time I jacked off. I was also wondering if she told her parents that she had lost her panties at the party.

By the fourth of fifth day there was no smell of pussy left in the panties so I had shot a large load of cum in them and threw them away. In a way I hated to see them go because they had turned me on so much, but I didn't want to get caught with them. The day after I threw them away I was walking through the house and I happened to hear my daughter on the phone as I walked passed her room. The only thing I heard her say was, 'I don't know what happened to my panties. I never did find them.'

I realized then that I had been jacking off for days while smelling my own daughter's pussy juice in her panties. I had licked my daughter's cum from her panties. For several days I felt guilty about what I had done. I still have some guilt but I also know that they turned me on. Yesterday while I was home alone I checked my daughter's computer. Maybe I shouldn't have but I did it anyway. I found some nude pictures of her. I can tell they are pictures that she made herself. Some were regular poses but some were of her lying on her bed masturbating herself. They were very graphic with her fingers buried in her pussy. I could not help myself. I went to the dirty clothes hamper and found a pair of her dirty panties and I jacked off while smelling her panties and looking at her with her fingers in her pussy.

Any advice on what I should do? I can't tell her mother what I have been doing. I wonder if anyone else has ever been in my situation.



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