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The One Eyed Snake

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Just wanted to say that I'm a big fan of Solo Touch and the fact that the folks here actively promote a healthy lifestyle involving masturbation! And, of course, I also wanted to share my own history of masturbating!


I grew up in a midsize city in the Midwest with my sister and my father. My sister is almost two years younger than me. Our parents are divorced and for most of our childhood our father had sole custody of us. While that wasn't a big deal most of the time, there were the 'to be expected' awkward moments where he wasn't sure how to handle things.

Even through those moments, I couldn't have asked for a better dad since he handled all of them like a champion... even when it came to the topic of sex and masturbation.

Our parents were divorced when I was only four years old. They initially had shared custody of me and my sister, but my mom had some problems that didn't look too favorably upon her having any custody of us. Needless to say, the courts eventually awarded dad full custody of both of us, with only supervised visitation for our mom. That was fine by me as mom was always mean and yelling when she had her problem.

Growing up with my dad as the only parent for me and my sister was a little tough. My dad tried to date a couple times, but things just never worked out. I can remember him being frustrated about it sometimes, but eventually just decided to put his heart and sole into raising us the best that he could. Looking back, that probably was more difficult for him than any of us could imagine, but he did a great job. He'd do his best to help us with our schoolwork, help us pick out clothes, and teach us about life as the necessity arose. He was always very open with us, no matter what the questions were that me or my sister asked.

Nudity wasn't an issue in the family as we often changed in front of each other in hotel rooms while on vacations. We had already had a basic 'birds and the bees' talk after we saw his penis and wondered why we didn't have one. The only thing that he was ever guarded about was his little bit of 'private' time that he took every night after dinner in his bedroom. I can recall him taking this private time almost every night as long as I can remember. If me or my sister ever asked him what he was doing, he'd always respond that he was either petting or feeding the one eyed snake.

Whenever we asked to see the snake, he'd usually just say no. But every once in a while he would say something like 'No, it's big and ugly', 'No, it's shy', or 'No, it spits if it gets scared or excited.' Being pretty young at the time, we really had no idea what the snake was. As I got older, I got more suspicious and more curious. As they always say, curiosity is what killed the cat. I sometimes would stand outside his closed door and listen to see if I heard any sounds that would give away what he was doing. Silly me, hearing him say 'Come on baby', 'Yeah, that's it', and 'Here I come!' made me think that there was really a snake in there that he was trying to pet or feed!

I can remember when I was 11 or 12 he would occasionally leave us home alone for a few minutes to run to the corner store or something. Me and my sister would both search his room for signs of the snake. We wouldn't find anything and would leave discouraged, but more curious than ever. Finally, I decided one night to end our curiosity once and for all. Dad went into his room after dinner and shut the door. I stood outside the door and waited for the sounds I was accustomed to hearing. Once I heard them I slowly opened the door a crack. I didn't open it very far, but in the small crack that I did open it I could see my dad lying on his back on his bed.

He wasn't wearing a shirt, and his head was tilted back almost as if he were sleeping. But, I knew he wasn't sleeping because I could see his arms moving and hear him making noise from time to time. Suddenly I felt my sister at my side trying to take a peek under my arm into the room. I let her stand in front of me as I cracked open the door a bit more. I was afraid to open it too far because I didn't want to get busted. As the door slowly opened, the rest of my dad's body was revealed. I think both me and my sister almost gasped out loud as we saw what he was doing. He was masturbating!

While that isn't all that shocking to think about now, at the time we were bewildered! First of all, the snake that he was petting and feeding wasn't really a snake, it was his penis. Second, the penis that we had grown accustomed to seeing from time to time was a tiny thing that just seemed to dangle there. Now, it was this huge thing that stood straight up and seemed to be hard as a rock. We watched for a couple more minutes as he rubbed, tugged, and pulled at it. The sounds that I was accustomed to hearing through the door were there too, only they seemed to have a whole different meaning. Finally, I heard one phrase that always seemed to come at the end of things... 'Here I cum'.

I could feel my sister manouvering in front of me for a better view. I could see everything pretty clearly from my vantage point and I was convinced that my dad was going to pull his penis off! His hand was pulling at it so hard and so fast. I remember in vivid detail the way that he was pumping his legs together, and the way that his balls bounced up and down as he tugged at his penis. Suddenly he grunted really loud, and that's when the 'snake' began to spit. White globs of 'spit' went everywhere. After a few seconds it stopped shooting everywhere and his hand slowed down. I realized that he must have been done so I went to close the door.

My sister, trying to sneak out from in front of me, accidentally bumped the door. The doorknob slipped out of my hand and the door swung halfway open. Dad obviously saw this and told us to come into the room. He sat us down and explained to us everything that we had just seen, and apologized for not being more open with us. He vowed never to hide anything from us again. He then said that he would leave his door open during his 'private time' until he was satisfied that our curiosity was taken care of. So, for the next couple of nights we would watch as he pet the snake until it spit! After a couple of days I lost interest in his nightly routine, and my sister got bored with it a few nights later. With our curiosity satisfied, I figured dad would have eventually started closing the door again. But, to my surprise and my sister's, he never closed the door again. While some might find that odd, I never found it to be all that strange. If anything, it's that openness that led me to regain interest down the road and to become the avid masturbator that I am today! And if you think that's bad, my sister's even worse! But I'll save those stories for another day!



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