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The Older Woman

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My story happened five years ago and I am just now telling it because I have just recently discovered Solo Touch. I was nineteen at the time and it was summer. My girlfriend Sandy and I were at the beach and I struck up a conversation with a lady next to us about dogs. Seems we were both dog lovers and had the same breed of dog. We talked off and on for most of the day and Sandy kiddingly made the comment to me that the lady was 'hot for my bod.' I just laughed. Marcie, the lady, liked to talk and I discovered that she was divorced and fifty years old. I was amazed at the terrific shape she was in at fifty. I even told her that I would love to look like her at fifty. As Marcie got ready to leave the beach she said if I wanted to talk some more, here was her number and she handed me a slip of paper with her phone number. For some reason, I thought about her for the next several days and on the Friday night I called her. Marcie invited me over for Saturday afternoon and offered to pick me up at a park near my house. I told my mom I was going over to a girlfriends house for the afternoon. I knew if I mentioned I was visiting an older woman, it would raise all kinds of questions from mom. She had a real nice apartment in the next town over from me.

Marcie offered me ice tea and we talked about a variety of things. I immediately noticed that she was dressed rather provocatively and I could just barely see a hint of her dark nipples under her blouse. Little by little I began to realize that Marcie was successfully seducing me. I was sexually stimulated and all kinds of physical sensations were going through my body. I wanted to unbutton Marcie's blouse and see her dark nipples. This was the first time I ever felt this stimulated. leading a sheltered life I had only kissed boys and men before and I let one guy feel me up outside my top. That's all I ever did at that point.

Finally Marcie said to me that she would love to kiss such a cute young woman such as me. I just said, 'OK.' Well, that was the beginning. She never said a word she just took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She stood in front of me and took off all her clothes. I just stared at her tits first and then her pussy. She had beautiful tits and no pussy hair. She took my hand and told me to feel how hard they were. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and they really were quite hard. I didn't know what to do at all. I just stood there. Marcie told me to take off my clothes and I hesitated for awhile and told her maybe I better go home now. Marcie smiled and told me that before she took me home why don't I just take off my top and let her see my small pert breasts.

I took off my top and she began playing with my tits and nipples. The sensations I was feeling around my pussy were amazing. She took one nipple and began to suck on it. Without thinking for a second I began to remove my jeans. Marcie then pulled down my panties. She ran a finger through my slit and I thought I would burst. One thing led to another and we spent over an hour on her bed. We did stuff I never even heard of before. It was completely wonderful. Near the end Marcie used her fingers to make me cum. I wanted to scream it felt so good and so intense. After I calmed down Marcie showed me what to do to her and I made a grown woman cum. I had cum all over my fingers from when she had me rubbing her clit.

That was my first sexual experience with a woman and one I will never forget. I called Marcie again about two weeks later and had sex with her again. Eventually Marcie told me that we couldn't do this any longer. That was five years ago. Now, I have had sex with males twice and sex with three different women all who were much older than me. I know I am not a lesbian but I do enjoy making love with a woman more than with a man so far. Oh well, maybe I'll call Marcie again.



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