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The New Adult Theater

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I longingly remember the old days when every town had an adult theater which had been converted from an old neighborhood movie house. I had my first sexual encounters in those places and a variety of really hot experiences. But things have changed and now the only place that is remotely like one of those old theaters is a tiny 50 seat addition to an adult novelty and video store a few miles from my house.

I reluctantly visited the place that I often see from the thruway a few days ago. A friendly 30-something female clerk greeted me as I entered and I was embarrassed to ask for a ticket to the theater in the back. She was young enough to be my daughter. Once inside it took a long time for my eyes to adjust and I was shocked. The five men in the theater were more aggressive than anything I recall from the old movie houses. In the old days men would sit next to each other and masturbate or sometimes mutually masturbate. A very few would engage in oral sex.

At the roadside AAA theater the men were openly engaged in oral sex. They were all standing behind a half wall at the rear of the theater so it was difficult to see everything. But from the sounds it was obvious. Not wanting to engage in such aggressive and risky behavior I stayed in my seat near the back and alternated between watching the film and the men in the back, whose grunts and breathing were more erotic than the film.

After a few minutes of watching, a man who seemed to be in his late 60s came in and sat a few seats from me. He, like me, sat watching the men but he didn't join them. After a few more minutes both of us had our pants open and were slowly masturbating but with our penises out of view. Now we were both alternating glances between the movie, the men in the back and each other. After a half hour he moved to the seat next to me. He was thin and had white hair and when he sat down he made a comment about safe sex and that the guys in the back were definitely out of control. He asked if I ever went back there and I said no.

Then he took his penis out of his pants. It was huge and hard. Much bigger than mine. I couldn't believe how big it was, especially given his age. "Viagra," he said. "You should try it." After a few minutes he was touching me. He opened my pants and unbuttoned my shirt and began gently running his hands between my legs and my nipples, stopping at my penis only long enough to make it harder and harder. His touch was so erotic and so slow.

I lasted for almost ten minutes and then told him that he should stop because I was going to cum. He didn't stop. That was his signal to concentrate on my penis. He picked up his pace and simultaneously began masturbating himself wildly. We came at the same time, and as I did I bent over and bucked wildly against his hand. His cum oozed out but mine shot wildly up hitting my chin as I grunted and bucked against his touch. It was the biggest load that I had shot in a long time.

I quickly did my pants up, buttoned my shirt and left. Passing out of the store and past the counter the girl who had greeted me stopped me. "Better wait a minute she said. You don't want to go out like that do you," she continued. "Looks like you had some fun in there."

Looking down I noticed that I had cum stains down the front of my shirt. And this young girl was smiling and telling me about it. "Don't feel bad," she went on, "you are not the only one. But most guys have the stains on their pants."

I thanked her went to the men's room and washed myself. As I was leaving she said "you guys have all the fun. Someday I'm going to go in there and watch," she added.



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