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The Mystery of Kate

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Kate is unutterably beautiful. She is tall, elegant, and radiates sex appeal. She is, however, unattached, and lives alone.

We are friends and work colleagues.


Girls notice things far more than men, I think. Kate always dresses well and keeps good control over her figure. She is tall, and a dress size eight. Although she does not have any romantic involvement, neither does she go out looking for any and yet.....

She dresses sexily. Usually, there is the outline of a thong visible, and when she wears trousers, it is worn high enough to be physically visible. Skirts, when she wears them are usually of the short, but very flowing style that gives the odd flash of panty or thigh. I have only known her wear one dress and that is short enough that, if she has to reach up for something at work exposes an ass cheek.

There is no doubt, that for a girl who is getting no sex, she does dress sexily.

I was giving her a lift home when my car finally gave in to its age and broke down a short distance from her home. We ran there in the pouring rain and arrived drenched. I phoned the garage who told me they would be able to collect the car and deal with it.

We sat in Kate's kitchen drinking coffee and dripping onto the flooring just talking about everything and nothing. Then I said 'Geez Kate! I am soaked through.' To which she replied with a giggle, 'Yes. me too. In every way.' My wide eyes made her continue. 'Oh Em, you must have guessed surely? I live alone. I haven't had a man in my life, or in ME for years now. I feel horny most of the time and when I get home from work, my first job is to jill off.'

Well, talk about free and frank confessions! I felt myself blushing and said 'Er, well, I suppose if you need to you better go do it.' Kate smiled and said 'See you in a minute then.' and left the room.

Knowing that she was jilling off somewhere in the house was ever so horny for me. I am not attracted to other girls, but sexual activity of any kind always gets me horny. I listened for a minute or two. What for, I don't know. Maybe I hoped to hear a moan or perhaps the gentle buzz of a vibrator. I admit, I was curious as to how she does it. I went to a boarding school and girls masturbated all the time. I learnt enough there to know that there is a massive variety in the way girls get themselves off.

So, I was in the kitchen on my own, and I figured what the hell. I slipped my own hand up under my skirt and into my panties. Not suprisingly, I was wet too. I leant back and got into a rhythm. I was getting a nice buzz, but not quite enough to kick me over the edge. I started to think about Kate's comment of being 'wet in every way.' I wondered how wet...what her panties looked like. (I LOVE getting wet. I love the way my sex can cream my panties...it is, to me a very powerful sign of my sexuality and power, knowing men will do almost anything to get a scent of me down there.)

I opened my eyes and noticed Kate's washing machine with it's door open and washing in it. I scooted over and found that it was washing waiting to be done. In there, I found the inevitable thong on the top. Clearly, Kate takes her clothes off and shoves them straight into the machine! I got back to my chair and resumed my fingering, this time with Kate's dirty thong in my hand. It was red with white cum stains in the crotch. Just holding them was nice, but on the spur of the moment, I smelt them. Just once. As I said, I am not attracted to other girls, but I do like pussy wetness and I guess a tiny part of me was curious.

The scent made me cum, I mean instantly and powerfully. When I opened my eyes, Kate was standing in the kitchen in her dressing gown staring at me with one hand in my panties and a pair of hers in the other.

Well and truly busted. I waited for the outburst and the end of our frienship.

She came over to me and took the panties from my hand, leant over and kissed me.

'Finally!' was all she said.

I left her house the following morning having discovered more about me and every inch of her. I also learned something that scared me a little. With what we did that night, I found that I wanted to do things that I would never EVER have dreamed of doing with a guy. Images, desires just popped into my head. And WHAT images! I am sure the rules of Solo Touch won't let me describe them, but the things I wanted her to do to me did, and I mean honestly, scare me.... they felt fucking amazing though.

Thing is, I still like cock and I have a boyfriend. Life just got a whole lot more complicated.



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