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The Most Orgasmic Day

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This is a follow-up story on two prior stories I had written. You might want to check them out to know how the following came to be.

This story is about the most orgasmic day of my entire life. I had just gotten a clit vibe and a book about female masturbation as a gift. I worked in a motel as a maid one summer and this particular day it was very hot temperature wise. It was a short day because there were not a lot of guests. I asked my boss if could use the pool and have a room to change and shower in. They really like me so he said yes.

I went to one of the third floor rooms that overlooked the pool, it was my plan to read the vibe instructions and buzz one out while spying on Ben the pool guy, before heading out to the pool. The vibe I had been given was a water proof kind, I guess you could insert it into the vagina, but it is not really made for that. I was a virgin at the time and I liked inserting things enough to apply a little pressure, but never to the point of pain. The vibe has several speeds and patterns. I could not wait to try them all out.

Stripped naked and sat by the window. Ben had just arrived and he immediately stripped down to his surfer shorts. He had quite a tan by this point in the summer and as he worked, his skin glistened with perspiration. He looked like a Greek god. I started with the vibe on the lowest setting and in less than a minuet I had cum. I was a little disappointed that it happened so fast, but given recent experience I knew I was capable of more so I tried turning it up. The medium setting was too much for direct contact. The High setting was like Woah! No Way. I tried the patterns I one I settled on started out slow and ramped up to full speed in like three second cycles. It was exquisite torture. I stuck with this for two more orgasms, over the course of 15 minutes.

All the time I was fantasizing about kissing Ben, and having him lick every erotic place on my body. When this was done I was a sweaty mess. I decided to take a shower before going to the pool. I took the vibe in the shower with me to access the water proof feature, scared to death that I might damage it. I had no way to replace it. The book about masturbation showed using such a vibe in the bath so I tried it in the shower. I didn't expect to cum because I was kind of tapped out from before, but I came again. It was the first time I ever came standing up. It was totally different when it was over it was all I could do to remain standing. After recovering I shaved everything. It was such a pleasure not having a sister primping or peeing or ragging on me for taking too long. I though about going for another O after I shaved my slit and anus, I had never done that completely bald. Doing it after orgasm is easy, because my lips were inflamed and easy to hold out of the way. They should teach this to young girls. I guess they all learn anyway.

I put on my bikini my cool aunt had gotten me (mom would never let me ware to the beach). I took a travel magazine and the book about masturbation to the pool. The travel magazine nicely hid the object of my reading pleasure.

Even having jilled and showered I was leaking to distraction reading the book. I had only tried one of the things the book suggested. I was getting hornier by the minuet. It got to the point that I either had to take a dip to cool off or go back to the room to get off again. So I got up and used the jumping board to go in all at once. I must have been really hot because despite the pool having been heated, the water seemed ice cold. I literally took my breath away. I struggled over to the latter and climbed out to recover a little from the shock.

I had developing A cup boobies at the time as I looked down, my nipples were sticking out and hard as marbles. I tried to hide them as best I could as I went for my towel. But being the only person in the pool at the time I had Ben's full attention. He busted my chops about it, so I just wrapped myself in a towel and went back to the pool to dangle my feet to make my second entry more gradual. Ben had A pretty big tent going on, so I decided to tease him about it saying he must be horny, I suggested he take a dip and see it the cold water didn't have some effect on him as well. My little brothers used to run through the sprinkler nude and the shrinkage was evident even for their tiny penises. I figured for sure. Ben would do the same.

Ben struts over to the jumping board and announces a cannon ball. He jumped towards me and proceeded to get me soaked. Ben came to the surface and sharply fought to catch his breath. I challenged him to get out and prove he still had a hard on. I thought he must have lost it because he just stayed in the water. I was getting mad because I knew I was right and that I would have teasing rights if I proved the water had an uncontrollable effect on him as well, a much more embarrassing one. I was now more accustomed to the water temperature, so I dove in and tried to pants him. He was able to fight me off fairly effectively, but in the struggle, It was apparent as I fought to get his pants down that he had a huge hard on. He warned me that it was a lot easier to get a Bikini top off, than boys shorts, so I gave up, and swam to the edge of the pool.

As I approached the edge, I felt a rush of warm water on my leg and crotch. I felt wonderful. I located the source it was a return line from the filter and heater. It was only a few degrees warmer but it was very relaxing. Just then a mother and two small kids came to the pool and Ben got out greeting them and giving them some foam noodles and a ball to play with.

Ben was occupied with the new swimmers, so I decided to experiment with the water jet. If I put my toes on the bottom of the pool where it met the side I could raise myself just enough to put my clit right in front of the jet. I further supported some of my weight on my arms which allowed me to hold myself tight to the jet. After a couple minutes I felt the tingling of another approaching orgasm, I reached down and pulled my bikini to the side and let the water pound directly on my clit. I imagined that this must be like the tub faucet masturbation described in the book. I let my head fall back and just let it envelope me. I was just coming back to earth and looked up to see Ben standing right over me. He said the warm jet is pretty awesome isn't it. I don't think he knew that I had cum, because he said you should get out and put on some sun screen. You look like you are getting red. I am fair skinned and burn easily, but not from 30 minutes in the sun it was the flush of orgasm that made me red.

I told Ben I did not have sun screen, he let me use his. He watched intently from his lifeguard chair as I applied where I could reach. I did it slowly and erotically to see if I could get another rise out of him. It was hard to tell because he was seated, but there were tell tail sings as he kept shifting in his chair. I went over to him and asked him to put some on my back. I know he wanted to, but he did not want to get up and show his tenting shorts, especially with other people around. I pleaded and he said if I stood on the foot rest of his chair, he would do it. He was very nice. It felt wonderful. He took his time and was not at all inappropriate (unfortunately). I would have loved to hop up on the seat with him and feel his bulge, but he said that was not allowed.

So I went back to read my book. I could not put it down, more people showed, I was oblivious. I looked up after a while and there must have been 30 people in and around the pool. I felt completely horny. I noticed my nipples were showing the effects. There were two teen boys about my age who were staring right at me. It was kind of hot, and kind of creepy, at the same time. They came over to talk to me, and really started creeping me out. They want me to go back to their room with them. I made it clear I was not that kind of girl. I got my things and headed for the building. I think they thought I was playing their game. The started following me back to the building. I turned and said 'you see the life guard' I waved to Ben and blew him a kiss, 'that's my boy friend, unless you want to be part of what he vacuums off the bottom of the pool, I suggest you get your jollies somewhere else.' Ben blew a kiss back. It was great knowing the power that my body had in a bikini had. It was exhilarating. I could not wait to get back to the room and try some of the things in the book.

I did not want to mess the bed, so I headed for the bath room. The room seemed cold now compared to the out side my nipples were almost painful in their hardness.

I turned on the heat lamp and applied lotion to my sun reddened skin I imagined it was Ben doing the honors. I was so horny my juices were running down my leg. I turned on the tub adjusted the water just right and got my vibe. I wanted to see how many times I could cum. The memory of the pool jet fresh in my mind it took no time to get my first orgasm. I did not let up I went for another and less than a minute later I had another. The third one took a long time but was the biggest. I don't know how long total I was under that water stream, but I know the water would have been ice cold if I had been at home.

I closed the drain and filled the tub with water, as hot as I could stand. I grabbed my book and read two more chapters. The last two chapters were about jilling in public, and mutual masturbation. The water was a bit chilly and I looked like a prune when I got out. I looked in the mirror at my slit. I was red and inflamed. It reminded me of raw meat. I cleaned the bath and went down to tell the desk clerk, the room was ready to rent. I thanked the boss. He said as long as there are rooms available I could do it anytime, just to remember to put the room available when I was done. I went to bed that night before the sun went down. Between work, the sun, a BUNCH of orgasms, and hot relaxing bath. I was tapped out. I had a day like this about once a week, but never as good as the first.



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