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The Massage and the Message

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I've been a massage therapist for about 7 years. I've built up a nice clientele because my business is based on my going to people's houses to give my massage. Some of my clients are couples, and others are individual men and women.

My story occurs with the son of a regular couple. I suppose he was 19 or 20, average looking, average build, and quite slender. You get the idea. Just an average guy. The couple was out of town and had neglected to inform me not to show up for our regular session. When I arrived at their lovely home, I was greeted by their son who's photos I had often seen hanging on walls or sitting on the piano.

Since I was there and my time had been pre-paid, I offered to give him the hour's massage. He was a bit hesitant at first. I think he's very shy and introverted. After some discussion, he agreed to the massage and he disappeared into another room as I set up my massage table.

Soon he returned with a white towel wrapped around his waist as best he could. What he was using was hardly more than a hand towel, but it did the job of hiding his assets good enough. I had him get on the table and lay face down, and I asked him to loosen the towel so that he wasn't laying on it. I told him to just drape it over his buttocks. He blushed as I said the word buttocks.

When I began the massage I tried to strike up a conversation. Otherwise one hour can seem like six. And with guys, small talk also distracts them from other thoughts which can be embarrassing for both of us.

I worked on his neck, shoulders, back, arm, fingers, and was moving down to start on his feet and legs, and the towel fell to the floor as he adjusted himself. I retrieved it and folded it differently then laid it across his hips, now a little more exposed to my view.

I was working on his feet and legs and in doing so I parted his legs more in an effort to gain better access with both hands. As I made the adjustment and moved from the end of the table toward the middle, I got a view of his penis and scrotum peeking out from between his legs. At this point I asked him if he wanted me to massage his buttocks too and at first he said 'no thanks'.

I moved back down to the end of the table to do the other foot and leg and no sooner had completed that when I returned to the middle of the table. Again I asked him if he was certain that he didn't want me to massage his buttocks. I assured him that it was all very legitimate massage and that he would like it. He finally agreed and I removed the small folded towel.

As I was massaging his buttocks, he moaned ever so softly as not to let me hear it. And I noticed that he had lots of pre-cum leaking from the end of his penis. Each time my fingers came close to his crack he raised himself off the table a little bit, clearly indicating that he liked the feel.

Finishing his back side, I had him roll over so I could massage his front.

The little towel was on him in the right location, but he was obviously trying to fight off an erection. I pretended not to notice, but I smiled to myself as the small towel was moving up and down as his throbbing erection was building. He talked about something inane but he failed to distract my attention. I told him that I could see he was distressing about his erection. I told him it was okay and not to worry about it. I asked him if he would be more comfortable if I removed the towel entirely and he consented.

His penis was lovely. Like everything else about him, his penis was pretty average in length and girth. But his penis was definitely very straight-not bent in the middle or off to one side or the other like many. He clearly trimmed his pubic hairs because it was quite short and I could see some stubble. He had shaved the hair from his scrotum too.

Now his penis was fully erect and bobbing up and down. There were little pools of pre-cum on his stomach, as well as strings of it hanging from the opening in the head of his penis down to a couple of the puddles. And he had small rivers of pre-cum running down his side.

Well, I could tell this part of the massage was going nowhere until something happened. I told him he could excuse himself and take care of his urge, or I would be happy to relieve his anxiety and stress. I explained to him that I could give him a wonderful hand-job, prostate milking, and prostate massage.

Despite what happened later, the next thing was incredibly upsetting to me. He actually had the audacity to ask me if there would be an additional charge. He said he had to ask because he only had a little bit of cash with him. I recovered from the humiliation and made certain he fully understood that my offer was as a girl-not as a prostitute.

Even after the insult, I gave one of the best hand-jobs, prostate milkings, and prostate massages I've ever given. But that's another story for another time......



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