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The Maid and I

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Last night I had to go and pick up Elle's good friend Nikki from a Maids and Butlers party one of her friends was holding. I picked her up at about 3:30 in the morning much to my disagreement but Elle was taking our next door neighbour to the airport at 4am so I had no choice. Anyway the house was about 20 minutes or so away so I had some time to think about well random thoughts in general.

I arrive there and Nikki is waiting for me out the front, with a few friends of hers, so she gets into the car.

On the drive back Nikki puts one hand on the steering wheel over mine and says 'You know what? I've always had a crush on you ever since we first met'

I was taken aback by this and all I could say was 'oh really?'

'I've just never had the guts to tell anyone else, Elle knows but that's it' She then goes red and starts giggling.

My heart starts racing and her hand is still on mine, for about a couple minutes there is utter silence till Nikki breaks it again.

'There is something else I know about you, apart from your glove sex fetish thing *starts giggling for a moment* I know you love my hands'

She then puts one finger to her lips and flutters her eyes.

I respond by saying 'well yeah I do actually'

Now here I'll describe them to you, mind you she is over 6 foot tall so everything about her is long, but oddly has a good sized chest, anyway in comparison her hand overall is twice the size of mine and her fingers are long and look really sexy, and her fingers are longer than most people I know.

'you especially love them with these maid gloves on don't you?' she questions me. I say nothing but its obvious to her that its true. She then places the hand that's on my hand onto my crotch, thus making me hard. I look at her and give her a dirty look as if to say not now while I'm driving. She quickly moves it and apologizes.

'But I've made you hard now haven't I?'

I nod

'The best thing about my fingers, is that they are long enough to stimulate me during masturbation, almost like I was having sex.' She laughs and then puts one hand on her cheek and stares at me for the rest of the way home. We get stuck for about half an hour in road works but amazingly not much else was said between us, I had the radio going so it's not like it was silent. When we get home, Elle is there to greet us. Nikki says she is tired and immediately lies down on the sofa bed and we head off to our room.

'I thought I'd tell you this, Nikki has had a crush on you since the first meeting' Elle tells me. 'I know she told me all about it on the way home' I reply. 'Did she tell you everything?' Elle asks me.

'What do you mean?' I'm puzzled by this. Basically as long as it was okay with me, tomorrow morning when she goes out for her walk, she is going to let Nikki have her way with me. I was stunned by this but I agreed and at the thought of Nikki in her outfit coming onto me I became hard.

'That's exactly what I need' Laughs Elle and puts her gloved hand on my crotch and pulls out my cock (tonight's gloves were latex gloves) and masturbates me silly (I wont go into detail here as its not part of the main story)

At about 6am Elle gets up to go for her walk and tells Nikki that it's ok and leaves. As soon as the door shuts Elle races to the bedroom and jumps onto the bed. I have a morning glory so I am already hard.

'Hey sexy, ready for my sexy fingers?' I nod my head and I let her have her way with me. She tears off the bedsheets and takes off my boxers to reveal my erect cock. She then strips down to just gloves and sits in front of me, legs wide open.

'I know you love my gloved hands so I'm going to turn you on even more'

Nikki stars circling her pussy, occasionally putting a finger in, getting herself wet and ready for finger penetration, which doesn't take long.

What amazes me is that how many fingers she puts in to start with, she goes two fingers first then finally manages four fingers, going all the way down to the bottom knuckles. She is moaning heavily and sounds like she is about to orgasm. At near peak she takes out her fingers, goes next to me and starts grinding the bedsheets

Just watching her breasts flop back and forth makes my just erect cock, go fully erect. She then moves to the edge of the bed and finishes herself off by doing one long drag.

She wipes her hand on the bed sheet to get any wetness off the glove.

She then puts my cock and balls into her hand. I groan slightly.

'Oh I love it when you do that, you love the touch don't you, and by the looks of things you love me touching your balls with my long, sexy fingers. My hand just engulfs your manhood' All I can say is 'uh-huh'

She puts the other hand on the topside of my cock then starts moving both hands back and forth really slow.

'Why is it that you love gloves and my hands?' she asks me.

'For gloves, its just always been a thing I've had, as for your hands, well they are unique and I love long sexy fingers. I just love it how your hand can cover my entire cock, I mean your fingers are that long that they touch my balls' I tell her. She is still moving back and forth slowly on my cock, but her fingers moving over my balls, gets me hot and I tell her that those gloves are the best and they feel awesome on my balls.

She laughs and continues slowly, stimulating my balls in the process.

She continues this for another ten minutes as I lay back on the bed. I spread my legs open more for her, and at that moment I unload a huge load onto her gloves, which surprised even me.

'I knew that would happen if I kept doing that, but it doesn't stop there' she tells me. She then massages the inside of my leg, next to my groin, I open up my legs as far as possible. She rubs with her thumbs, moving back and forth.

She then grabs one hand and almost grabs my cock, but she puts her fingers on one side and thumb on the other and massages in the same spot where she just was and then again cups my cock and balls in her hand and slowly massages it like before. All of this is really sensual for me and almost doze off.

This has gone on for about half an hour when Elle comes home. She is wearing her jogging gloves which have weights in them, and they are full fingered ones, that are red and black.

Elle stands there in the room, watching us as she unzips her pants. With me feeling left out, I look around for some gloves and spot Elle's winter gloves on the side dresser, to which they are just out of reach. Elle sees this and walks over and hands them to me. Nikki changes her position so I now can start playing with her pussy but still doing what she was well doing.

Nikki makes me move over to near the edge of the bed, so I now can reach Elle properly and I put my other hand onto her pussy. I start thumbing down her pussy, putting my thumb horizontal, while positioning my fingers so I'm almost holding her as such. Nikki stops massaging me and I continue thumbing both girls, occasionally slipping my thumb inside.

Wanting to let us be again, Elle then tells me to do the clit flick

(For those that haven't been following, its just so that Elle gets off really fast by me going for her clit, why this is so, I have no idea)

So she lays down on the end of the bed and grabs a heap of bed sheets and blanket and I start going for the clit flick and as she already is stimulated its a lot quicker, she shoves a heap of blanket over her face and grabs onto my arm forcing me to go harder onto her, she arches her back and screams into the blankets.

(She tells me that when she screams it helps with her orgasm. Also any stress she has and releases everything)

Elle leaves the room still masturbating herself and Nikki then starts going at me again. She massages the same way as she first started but slowly getting faster. She gets at a pace where its nice and rhythmic, Nikki then lays down next to me, and just has one hand going over my cock, making it go up and down.

She is doing it as such a way that she goes over the underside on the way up and pushes it down and goes over the topside when she moves her hand down. I stare at this for a while, seeing her sexy hand and fingers rubbing my cock, its like I'm in heaven. The sexiest hands of a women I have ever known, masturbating me, I'm in such a state that I can hardly believe that this is happening.

Elle then comes in and sees what Nikki is doing to me 'Enjoying it?' she asks, smiling. 'Ooh yeaaah' I respond, in pure relaxation, still staring at what my cock is receiving.

I look over at Nikki, and there she is smiling at me, resting her head on the pillows. She then puts one of her sexy gloved fingers to her mouth and I just cream myself. The come actually gets 'sprayed as such, because as her hand was going down, I came, so it sort of left a trail, which went down from my stomach, down onto the bed, and a bit on Nikki's glove.

She then sits up and cups both of her breasts. I am staring at her sexy hands over her breasts and I get horny over this, she slowly them moves one hand to near her pussy, just having it in front of, she lays back and rests her hand on her pussy. I'm just going crazy horny at this.

'God damn I can't believe how crazily sexy you and your gloved hands can be' I say to her. She then takes off her gloves and does the same position, to which I just absolutely come hard over.

After cleaning up and getting dressed, She says she has a dvd at home with a heap of high quality pictures of her doing poses such as she did before, in various outfits, specially ones that wear gloves.

After breakfast Nikki calls a taxi and gets a lift home.

I kind of feel a little guilty at how I get turned on by Nikki, but its just as well I got satisfied that way instead of going behind Elle's back and cheating on her.

But Elle still remains number one to me and I'm totally honest in the way I feel about Nikki, and I think that's changed a bit now but as long as I remain honest, I think that there won't be any troubles.

Sorry for the length but I hope you all enjoyed it.



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